The Reason for Tall Keys on Gaming Keyboards Plus 3 Best Picks on Work Rift You Must Have!

Reason for tall keys on gaming keyboards

Here we answer the question, “What Is the Reason for Tall Keys on Gaming Keyboards?” Read on to learn more.

One of the most important tools at your disposal as a gamer is your keyboard.

A poor keyboard is most likely to affect your gaming skills if it is not ergonomic and accurate.

Read on to discover what features you should be looking for when buying a new keyboard!

Many gaming keyboards have tall keys to facilitate people’s gaming skills.

Mechanical keyboards usually have this feature.

Gaming keyboards have tall keys for several reasons, including precision…

…the ability to press correctly, good feedback, and most importantly, comfort.

Due to these factors, mechanical keyboards are considered the best for gaming…

…because they prevent gamers from making mistakes.

Here are a few words from Joanna…

As for my new gaming keyboard, I enjoyed that it felt as good as my first mechanical keyboard…

…along with RGB and TBM’s contributions to finding a solid switch.

The fact that they could have left the user with the option to change the switches did not occur to me.

I wasn’t sure whether I should catch this MeToo zero or another one, but I chose this one.

Let’s jump right in!

What Is the Reason for Tall Keys on Gaming Keyboards? – The Benefits

There’s a reason why gamers prefer tall keys.

The following are some benefits of tall keys on a mechanical keyboard that can really help gamers.


Precision refers to the degree of control you have over the character you are playing.

You can better control your character in-game if you have tall keys on a mechanical keyboard.

You become more precise in your movement. Furthermore, you can control your movement speed.

Comparing a membrane keyboard with flat keys, you will notice…

…that you have no control over how fast or precise your characters move.

Correct Pressing

Tall keys in mechanical keyboards have the drawback that, once pressed…

…the actuation point appears after some time.

There is enough time to retract your movement…

…and stop yourself from pressing the wrong key.

Games require quick and appropriate reflex actions from the player.

When you press down on a key as a reflex action…

…you realize that you’ve pressed the wrong key before the actuation point.

This is why tall keys on a mechanical keyboard prevent you from making the wrong decisions.

Most of the time, you will be able to pull your finger away before it hits the actuation point.

Good Feedback

Gaming controllers are usually fitted with vibrations as well as haptic feedback…

…which is very helpful when playing games.

In order to understand what good feedback means, consider the design of a PS5 controller.

In the absence of vibrations or haptic feedback, a feeling of responsiveness…

…and immersion might be almost as good as vibrations or haptic feedback.

Mechanical keyboards have tall keys that make this possible.

This makes the game more interactive and immersive…

…by providing more feedback in the form of key click-clacks.

Why is a Gaming Keyboard with Tall Keys Special?

A gaming keyboard can be either a membrane keyboard or a mechanical keyboard…

…but the tall keys indicate the latter. The two offer different advantages to gamers.

There are, however, many benefits to having a gaming keyboard with tall keys.

Some reasons that make it special are:

  • The keypress is lighter, so it doesn’t require much force to activate the required key.
  • In addition, these keyboards are much more durable than other keyboards. The components they use last longer and can last up to 50 million clicks. In some cases, they have been used for 70 million clicks.
  • You have the option of using a “key rollover,” which means that you can press multiple keys at the same time and have all of them registered by the system accurately.
  • These are generally made of higher-quality materials, so they are more durable.
  • Keyboards are easy to maintain since they are easier to clean. Because the keys are removable, you can remove each one individually and clean them easily.
  • Gaming or typing is much more enjoyable with tactile feedback and a shorter actuation point.
  • With the variety of switches available on the market, you can customize your keyboard to your liking.
  • Many of these keyboards feature RGB lighting as well. Intensity, brightness, sharpness, and colors can be customized according to your preferences.
  • By providing a faster response time, these keyboards make gaming more enjoyable and smooth.

Are Tall Keys on Gaming Keyboards Good For Office Work as well?

Gaming enthusiasts benefit from the tall keys of mechanical keyboards…

…but so do office workers whose work revolves around typing.

Thanks to the tall keys of a mechanical keyboard…

…typing is easier thanks to precision, fewer chances of errors, and speedy feedback.

You can think of a typewriter as an example of old times.

The keys had a similar construction to today’s mechanical keyboards.

Instead of being flat, they were tall.

From this perspective, it becomes quite clear that this particular design…

…has always been easier to type.

In other words, tall keys on gaming keyboards are not just for gaming…

…but also for office work that involves typing.

“Think about all the old typewriters that were around before typing on a PC was a thing. There was a reason why the keys weren’t flat and while it did have a lot to do with the construction and the design of the typewriters, having those tall keys is better for typing. Again, it also has to do with feedback.”

David Sacks – Author at

How Do Tall Keys Enhance Your Gaming Experience?

In order to become proficient in any hobby, you need practice.

Your hobby journey and the results you achieve are highly influenced by the tools you use.

The same is true for gaming. By enhancing your gaming experience…

…tall keys on keyboards can help you become a better gamer.

Tall keys will improve your gaming experience for the following reasons:

  • With faster keys, you can execute quick actions as needed in games.
  • Tall keys are easily distinguishable due to their height. When you press one, you hear an immediate click. As soon as they hear the click, most gamers move on to the next key.
  • Most keyboards with tall keys feature backlighting. Due to the fact that gaming in dim environments is much more common, this is a very important feature to make the keys visible to gamers.
  • Because tall keys are heavier than standard keys, they won’t move when external motion is applied. When your keyboard moves from its position at the wrong time, you can prevent hitting the wrong keys.
  • The keyboards are portable, so you can easily take them to gaming tournaments or to your friend’s house for a friendly match.
  • As a result, it is a long-term investment since the keys make it more durable than the others.
    Some people find the customization option very appealing since they like to jazz up their desktop space.

Our Top Picks on Gaming Keyboard

Metoo Edition Mechanical Keyboard 87 keys

Reason for tall keys on gaming keyboards

With its sturdy build and affordable price, the Metoo 87 Key edition tops our list.

The keys are designed to look as if they are floating, giving it an attractive look.

A 500 million-time durability test has been conducted on the key to ensure long product life.

Users can access multimedia capabilities easily with the FN key combination.

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Redragon K530 Draconic

Reason for tall keys on gaming keyboards

K530 (also known as the “Draconic”) is, well, cheap.

This applies both to its price and more or less everything else about it.

Nevertheless, “cheap” isn’t synonymous with bad, and Redragon pulls off a lot here.

Nearly everything on the keyboard is made of ABS plastic and has a 60% layout.

This includes the case and the “plate,” the bit between the keycaps and the circuit board.

The result is a lightweight build…

…which is perfect for a wireless board that requires a battery and a few extra parts.

Rather than being particularly flashy or ugly…

…the keycaps allow the RGB lighting to show through while also displaying secondary functions.

You should be familiar with this design if you have looked…

…at the mechanical keyboard space in the past few years.

At this price, this board stands out because of its wireless capabilitie…

…similar to the Anne Pro series, and its modular circuit board…

…similar to the much more expensive Massdrop ALT.

As for the former: The keyboard worked flawlessly with multiple devices…

…and the battery lasted for an incredibly long time, even with the lights on.

To thank for this, it has a 3000mah battery, which is twice as large as those found in similar devices.

On the side, there’s a power slider and a manual switch for three different Bluetooth devices.

All nice features–a bottom-mounted power switch means I often forget…

…to turn the keyboard off and drain the battery all night.

There is also a USB-C port on the side, which is much more convenient…

…than the top-mounted ports on other 60% boards.

Meanwhile, you should also note that it is a USB-C port…

…and that the cable in the box is a USB-C cable.

That’s what it should be, but in a budget keyboard, it deserves praise.

Plugging the keyboard in gives you access…

…to the programming tool and a direct hyper-fast connection.

Software and programming on the K530 are a mess…

…so much so that I was glad to be done with it for not letting me use my favorite layout.

That’s a criticism that’s pretty specific to me, however.

Redragon’s ultra-cheap mechanical keyboard has a combination of Bluetooth…

…RGB lighting, and hot-swappable mechanical keys, all at an almost-shocking price.

For beginners looking to dip their toes into the world of mech boards…

…or for those simply looking for a cheap way to type wirelessly while on the go…

…Redragon has delivered a decent bargain.

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HyperX Alloy Origins Core

Reason for tall keys on gaming keyboards

Originally released at the end of 2019, HyperX’s Alloy Origins Core TKL gaming keyboard…

…featured custom HyperX Red linear mechanical switches.

Later, they released a version with HyperX Aqua switches…

…which was essentially their take on the Cherry MX Brown/tactile bump style of key switch.

There is now a new edition featuring HyperX Blue switches…

…and it’s one of the best gaming keyboards I’ve ever used.

The keyboard offers a sturdy build, sleek design..

…and excellent performance at a lower price than the market average.

In exchange for the competitive price, you’re not really sacrificing anything.

The box contains the keyboard itself, a braided USB-C to USB-A cable, and some documentation.

The Alloy Origins Core stands out for its excellent build quality.

Both the top and bottom of the body are built from aircraft-grade aluminum.

It’s built better than I expected for the price…

…and much better than many more expensive keyboards I’ve used in the past.

It has a sturdy, premium-feeling metal body and a very small bezel edge…

…so it won’t take up much space on your desk.

In addition to its smooth and rounded edges, the casing is solid…

…which enhances the auditory and physical feedback of the clicky switches.

These new HyperX Blue switches are a joy to use, whether you’re typing or gaming.

Their actuation point lines up nicely with their satisfying click, and they have a fast and precise feel.

As a result of the solid case, these switches have a great sound without too much ping…

…so if you’re looking for maximum feedback when you press a key this is a great option.

As well as the switches and keycaps, the build quality is excellent.

The stabilizers on the board work well, and the keys wobble minimally across the board.

The font on the keycaps is very clean.

The design gives the keyboard a luxurious professional look…

…with only the HyperX logo above the arrow keys…

…and HyperX insignia on the space bar indicating that the keyboard is a gaming product.

The secondary functions of each key are lit by the RGB function thanks to smart placement…

…and although some keys are more cramped visually than on other gaming models…

…having everything lit up makes it worth it.

With HyperX’s Ngenuity software, you can easily customize RGB lights.

YA user can save three different light and key assignment profiles to three…

…different hardware-stored slots under the F1, F2, and F3 keys.

If you have written these profiles to the board…

…you can instantly toggle between your custom settings with a key press..

…which is great for users who don’t want to run extra software all the time.

The lighting is bright, clean, and even across the entire keyboard…

…and quite eye-catching despite the black backplate.

Even during aggressive typing or gaming sessions, the keyboard remains stable.

There are large rubber feet on the corners and adjustable feet…

…of two different heights so you can tilt the angle to your liking.

The adjustable feet swing in and out with a prominent heft…

…and click that matches the rest of the keyboard’s build.

After just one hour of adjustment, the standard spacing and ergonomic profile…

…of the key caps helped me get up to full typing speed.

Check Price on Work Rift

Sum Up!

Does using a keyboard with tall keys make you a better gamer?

Practicing as well as learning are necessary to become an expert in gaming.

However, your gaming equipment is also extremely important.

In order to be good at gaming, you need to be able to move your hands comfortably over all of the tools you are using.

This is where a gaming keyboard with tall keys comes in handy.

There are numerous benefits to it when it comes to gaming that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Anyone looking to become a serious gamer should invest in such a keyboard.


Here we are at the end of yet another article about keyboards.

If you want to get good at gaming, you need to spend a lot of time training…

…and watching professional tutorials from professional gamers…

…regardless of whether you use a mechanical keyboard with tall keys or a membrane keyboard.

Consider checking out some of the other articles we have written about keyboards…

…one of which we have linked in this article.

I hope we can assist you in making a good decision if you are having trouble deciding.

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