Best Low-Cost Chinese Mechanical Keyboard – 3 Superb Picks on Work Rift!

Best low-cost chinese mechanical keyboard

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best low-cost Chinese mechanical keyboard

…on the market to help you narrow down your search.

You can either custom design your own mechanical keyboard

…or you can look through the list below to find one that suits your needs.

Inside mechanical keyboards, there are three types of switches:

…tactile and silent, tactile and clicky, and linear and silent.

Typing with tactile switches is great since they rebound easily…

…and linear switches are great for gaming because…

…of their fast response times and low latency.

Here are a few words from Anne…

As for my new mechanical keyboard, I enjoyed that it felt as good…

…as my first mechanical keyboard, in addition to the RGB and TBM’s contribution…

…to finding a solid switch. It did not occur to me to point out …

…that they could have left the users the option to change the switches.

It was difficult for me to decide whether to catch this MeToo zero or the other, but I chose this.

Let’s jump right in!

Best Low-Cost Chinese Mechanical Keyboard

Metoo Edition Mechanical Keyboard 87 keys

Best low-cost chinese mechanical keyboard

With its sturdy build and affordable price, the Metoo 87 Key edition tops our list.

The keys are designed to look as if they are floating, giving it an attractive look.

A 500 million-time durability test has been conducted on the key to ensure long product life.

Users can access multimedia capabilities easily with the FN key combination.

Key Features

Metoo’s 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard uses the industry’s leading…

…injection molding technology to ensure keycap characters will never fade or wear out.


  • Brand Name: ME TOO
  • Application: Desktop/Laptop
  • Language: English
  • Type: Wired
  • Operation Style: Mechanical
  • Style: Multimedia/Gaming
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Whether to support plug and play: Yes

“The best aspect of a gaming keyboard is the backlight. The Me Too Mechanical has about ten backlight modes, including the blinking lights, which look incredibly cool. There are many backlight effects, such as wave and blinks and also one touch. One touch is basically, the button you touch, lights up. You can also adjust the speed of the backlights as well.”

Tim Blue – Main Author of

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AJAZZ Keyboard

Best low-cost chinese mechanical keyboard

If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard that’s a tad more premium but isn’t too expensive…

…you might want to think about the AJAZZ. AJAZZ AK33 is an amazing gaming keyboard…

…that has many features users will love.

As far as looks and features go, this is one of the most feature-rich keyboards…

…we’ve seen at this price point. Below are a few of the features it offers.

In terms of design, it has a raised keyboard structure, which makes it ergonomically friendly.

There are 82 keys and it can be pressed up to 60 million times, so it can last a lifetime.

Aside from the Aerospace aluminum panel, the keys won’t wear out over time…

…because they aren’t printed like other keyboards; rather, they are part of the keycap.

Consequently, the top buttons of the keyboard remain intact.

Some of the buttons are placed closer for faster access…

…and it was designed specifically for gamers.

This is a really sturdy product, not made of cheap plastic.

The inside is made from aerospace aluminum panels.

Various coatings and laser engraving processes are used to make the metal texture shine.

Since each key has its own installation…

…it is great for typing and you will hear the click sound for every key.

This is great not only for gaming, but also for schoolwork.

Let’s look at the colors. It has the true RGB rendering of 1680 colours.

There are about 12 backlight modes that do not require a separate driver.

Depending on your requirements, these modes can be customized.

Having each key installed separately makes it easy to use multi-key functionality.

Normal keyboards have an 8bit processor inside…

…but the AJAZZ has a 32bit processor that has no lag..

…and is super real-time when you press the key, which is super important while gaming.

USB cables do not corrode and have anti-oxidation properties…

…so they can be used for a long time.

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Keep reading…

One Hand Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Best low-cost chinese mechanical keyboard

The one hand Keyboard. I am sure you have not encountered this before.

Gaming enthusiasts like their independence.

When you play first-person shooter games on the computer…

…like PUBG or Counter Strike, there are two things you will need.

A keyboard with WASD keys and a mouse.

In response to this, ALLOYSEED has designed a keyboard….

…that has only a few number keys along with the WASD keys.

The keyboard is the size of your palm and is built exclusively for gaming. It is of excellent quality.

Furthermore, the ergonomics of the product are fantastic, with a palm support and a wrist support extension.

There are 35+ keys and a rainbow backlight. You can easily turn it on and off.

The keyboard will come in handy if you are playing PUBG on your phone.

With a proper setup, you can connect your keyboard and mouse…

…to the USB connector on your phone and play PUBG with a proper keyboard and mouse.

It doesn’t mean it has fewer features just because it has fewer keys.

There are functions for muting, pausing, increasing/decreasing volume…

…controlling the music player and switching on the backlight.

The device is very portable and can be carried in the smallest of bags.

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Perhaps you are wondering…

How to Choose A Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

If you’re considering buying a gaming mechanical keyboard, you should consider the following:

  • Special Software: This doesn’t dramatically increase the price. This simply reprograms the keys and saves different configuration profiles which is useful if the keyboard is used by a few but multiple people at the same time.
  • Size: The best keyboards have 104 or 105 keys, a dedicated number pad, the alphanumeric section with QWERTY keys, and direction cursor keys. In addition to being wide and taking up a lot of space, full size keywords are of no use to gamers. The “tenkeyless” size is perfect if you don’t need a number keypad.
  • Design and material: The design and material of a mechanical keyboard is important, and a low grade keyboard will wear out quickly and cost more to replace.

A variety of plastics are used to make keys, including ABS…

…(acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and PBT (polybutylene terephthalate).

Go for the former one.

ABS plastic may cost a little more than PBT, but it has advantages…

…such as increased temperature resistance (300 degrees F), strength, and the letters won’t rub off.

Furthermore, two-component moulding keys are better…

…since they are more durable and do not easily scratch.

  • Keyboard Illumination: When playing a game, you’d still want dynamic illumination to indicate changes even though most models have bright backlighting. For instance, if you’re hit by a bullet, the keyboard will emit red lightning. If you’re trying to save some money, this might not be the best option.
  • Ergonomics: A gamer would look for a keyboard that is comfortable for long periods of time. If you’re playing for many hours, you can use wrist stand keyboards to keep your hands and wrists from freezing.

Smart key location enables you to rubberize the most used keys…

…(WASD keys) or not have a win key next to ctrl that minimises the active window on a single click.

You will be able to improve the way you play your game by using minimalist keyboards.

  • Manufacturer: The majority of keyboards are priced based on brand and not on quality. In addition, many of these brands offer high-quality software. You can find excellent mechanical keyboards at KPrepublic Store, Keychron, and YMD Tech.

Sum Up!

Gaming keyboards provide the best gaming experience.

Compared to normal keyboards…

…gaming keyboards have the following salient features. Here they are.

The best gaming keyboards are comfortable to use.

It cannot be tight, which is typical for typing keyboards.

There are gaming keyboards with programmable keys.

You can do this by modifying the key to suit your purposes.

Backlit gaming keyboards have different keys for different purposes, which can also be customized.

Gaming keyboards have a more ergonomic design as compared to normal keyboards.


This concludes our list of the 3 best Chinese keyboards available in the market.

You no longer have to wait to replace your old and outdated keyboard.

Find your ideal mechanical keyboard by researching your choices…

…comparing the features and performance, and weighing them against the costs


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