How To Make Mechanical Keyboard Quiet? Superb 6 Steps To Do It

Do you know how to make mechanical keyboard quiet? What is a mechanical keyboard? High-quality, spring-activated mechanical key switches are used in mechanical keyboards. Based on the keyboard’s purpose or user desire, these key switches can differ. In this blog, we also have an article about, best low cost chinese mechanical keyboard that you might want to see.

Mechanical keyboards are computer keyboards that have switches under each key, rather than the rubber membranes used in most common keyboards. Physical switches give mechanical keyboards a less “mushy” feel — every keypress can be clearly felt, making them perfect for precise and accurate typing.”

How To Make Mechanical Keyboard Quiet

Put They Keyboard On The Desk Mat

An easy method for reducing the noise from your keyboard is to place a desk mat under your keyboard. The noise is amplified by the vibration of your desk while you type on your keyboard. In order to reduce the noise, a desk mat should be placed under your keyboard. To get an excellent desk mat, all you have to do is go online and get one (unlike some of the other mods on this list).

Adding Foam Into the Keyboard

If you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves a little bit, then this mod is for you. One of the best ways to minimize the overall volume of your keyboard is by putting foam inside of it. In order for a keyboard to be completely silent, there must be no noise. You’ll need a screwdriver and some foam to complete this modification (which you can order online). Disassemble your keyboard and insert the foam between your PCB and bottom casing before reassembling it. This can be a simple or complex task depending on the keyboard you use.

Install O-Rings made of rubber.

O-rings made of rubber are a simple and inexpensive technique to reduce the noise level of your keyboard. They are a breeze to install and immediately reduce noise levels. Installing O-rings around the switches under your keycaps is a simple process.

To install the O-rings, just remove the keycaps and place them on the switches. This is all that is required. O-rings are available in a wide range of hues, including black, pink, blue, and even clear. Using clear O-rings will ensure that the RGB lighting will not be disrupted. O-rings work by reducing the sound of the switch when it is struck by a keystroke. They have a significant impact. You should be aware that rubber O-rings might make your keys feel mushy and uncomfortable to use. Due to the risk of making your keyboard worse, this tweak is not recommended for everyone.

Mod The Stabilizers

This is where things get a little trickier with the mods. These modifications involve more time and planning, but the results are well worth the effort. Keys like the space bar can rattle and shake if they aren’t properly balanced, thus the stabilizers assist keep them in place.

Improved (and quiet) stabilizers can be obtained by modding your existing stabilizers. The stabilizers will need to be bandaged, clipped, and lubricated as part of this fix.

  • Band Aid: In order to reduce the sound level of stabilizers, simply apply a small band-aid to the region where the stabilizer hits the PCB. In effect, the band-aid reduces keyboard sensitivity.
  • Clip: Clipping off the stabilizer’s bottom foot provides a more level and stable surface. As a result, the stabilizer is more stable and each keystroke is quieter. Less rattling equates to a quieter home.
  • Lubing: Reduce noise by lubricating the moving parts. There is friction when a stabilizer goes up and down and this causes vibration and increases your keyboard’s sound output. Reduced friction and improved acoustics can be achieved by using lubricant.

“The main difference between membrane and mechanical keyboards is how they feel.”


Lubricate The Switch

Lubricating your switches is a great way to lessen the sound of your keyboard, just like altering your stabilizers. Each switch’s feel and sound are significantly improved, as is the spring ping, by lubrication. With this method, your keyboard will sound and feel better than before. Every time you press a key, friction builds between the spring and stem of the switch. Vibration and noise are caused by friction. The lubricant will reduce friction, resulting in a quieter and more comfortable ride.

Replacing The Switches

A quieter keyboard switch is your best chance for quieting down a noisy keyboard with loud and clicky switches. The design of the clicky switch was to make it loud. The only alternative left is to swap them out for some that are a lot quieter. Linear, clicky, and tactile are the three primary types. A linear switch or even a tactile switch is your best bet for a silent keyboard.

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