Data Frog Wireless Game Controller Review: 5 Important Things To Know!


Have you ever found the data frog wireless game controller review before?

The Data Frog Bluetooth controller is the subject of this review.

Data Frog is recognized for its third-party controllers, which range from the classic NES controller…

…to the most recent PlayStation 4 controller. They’ve also lately released third-party consoles…

…which are essentially emulators for the PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, and other systems.

The Data Frog joystick was designed specifically for the PlayStation 4.

The product is marketed as a low-cost clone of the original Sony device with identical capabilities…

…according to the manufacturer. Despite the modest cost, the purchaser receives a fully functional game manipulator.

A wide range of color palettes is also an advantage. The maker offered eight distinct design options,

including gold, silver, blue, khaki, and others. Each future user will have the ability to select the best alternative.

We opted to order one of their controllers out of curiosity to see if it performed as well as their other controllers.

So, let’s have a look at one of their most popular controllers…

…which is available to the general public — keep reading to find out data frog wireless game controller review!

Data Frog Wireless Game Controller Overview

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  • Responsive
  • Super comfortable
  • Able to work for most emulators


  • Need to map controls for games with an app such as Octopus (not really the manufacturer’s fault)
  • Not very durable compared to other controllers
  • Abysmal packaging

Data Frog Wireless Game Controller Review: First Impressions

The first point of data frog wireless game controller review is about first impression.

The Data Frog controller is not packaged in the box, but rather in bubble wrap.

Some of the stuff inside came out crumpled, which was disappointing.

The following are the things that were discovered:

  • The controller itself
  • A user manual that is well written in English, but contains a few minor spelling mistakes. It contains the specifications, the tutorials on how to set up the controller for each device and how to take care of the controller.
  • A bunch of stickers which are used to stick the controller to make it look more appealing.
  • A USB cable to connect the controller to your PC.

The controller does not come with a guarantee, which means that if yours breaks, you won’t be able to get a replacement.

This is a huge oversight, as other reasonably priced 3rd-party controllers come…

…with a proper box. But, hey, maybe the controller can save the day, so let’s take a closer look at it.

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game controllergaming controller, or simply controller, is an input device used with video games or entertainment systems to provide input to a video game.”


Data Frog Wireless Game Controller Review: Appearance and Design

and next point of data frog wireless game controller review is appearance and design.

The game controller’s case is composed of plastic. The maker has included embossed rubberized pads…

…for easy operation, which prevent the fingers from sliding and provide a secure hold with the palm of the hand.

A row of keys in the front controls the character in virtual space. There are two analog sticks as well.

A round power button is located between them.

A cursory inspection of the Data Frog joystick reveals a little charging socket on the bottom of the casing.

keep reading…

Data Frog Wireless Game Controller Review: Setting up – Android/iPhone

The third point of data frog wireless game controller review is setting up.

Only Android (any version), iPhone (IOS 7.0-9.2), and Windows are supported by this controller.

So I decided to use my Android phone as a controller instead.

The controller can only be connected via Bluetooth, which I was able to do without difficulty using my phone.

After that, according to the user handbook, I must either scan the QR code (included in the manual)…

…or download the Game Center software from the website.

Data frog wireless game controller review
Credit: dribbble. Com

The ‘Happy Chick Game Emulator’ will be installed on your phone, allowing you to utilize the controller.

You may download and play a selection of games directly from the software while using the controller.

The games came from a variety of platforms, including the NDS, N64, PSP, and others.

One unique aspect of this software is that you can play ‘Network Battle’ with other users, which is very cool.

If desired, the software also allows you to customize and test the buttons.

I decided to test the controller by downloading one of my favorite PSP games, ‘Need For Speed: Most Wanted.’

Surprisingly, it works fairly well because the buttons are snappy.

The only emulation with which the controller has problems is Android games, with which it does not operate at all.

Data Frog Wireless Game Controller Review: Features

And for the next point of data frog wireless game controller review is Features.

Only the PlayStation 4 game console is compatible with the Data Frog joystick.

The gadget cannot be connected to a phone or computer because the manufacturer has not offered the necessary option.

Bluetooth wireless technology is used for the connection.

Despite the fact that the product is advertised as a clone, many consumers note a tiny change in the case thickness.

The Data Frog joystick is significantly thicker than the prototype, but it has identical functionality.

A number of add-ons are included with the joystick.

A little touch panel, for example, is installed here, allowing you to enter characters with your cursor.

Some applications that operate on the game console benefit from this functionality.

A light bar is supplied at the top of the enclosure for visual effects. As an added plus, the device’s designers…

…included a 3.5 mm headphone socket, allowing you to listen to your favorite games without bothering others.

Here’s the thing…

Data Frog Wireless Game Controller Review: Advantages and Disadvantages

The last point of data frog wireless game controller review is of course about Advantages and Disadvantages.

The joystick’s undeniable benefit is its inexpensive price.

This is a good option for those looking to save money.

In addition, the producer has included a sturdy case, as well as a built-in battery and simple operation.

It is recommended that you attach the controller to the console and wait until the battery is fully charged before using it.

Then hit PS + Share and wait a few moments. The gadget syncs correctly after ten minutes.

Buyers mention the inadequate quality of some structural elements as one of the flaws.

Many customers have reported low vibration, limited autonomy, and scratches on the case.

There are times when buttons are put incorrectly.

However, the goods’ appealing pricing balances the disadvantages highlighted.

The majority of joystick users are happy with their purchase and do not notice…

…any noticeable variations from the original Sony controller.

And finally…

Sum Up

Joystick Data Frog is a fantastic option for anyone looking to save money on a Sony original joystick.

The manipulator’s key advantages are its inexpensive cost, a wide range of body colors, and an integrated touch panel.

Of course, the low-cost equipment has drawbacks that become apparent during use.

The disadvantages include a lower battery capacity and a sluggish tactile response.

Most gamers, on the other hand, will be entirely delighted with all of the joystick’s functions…

…and will have a pleasant experience with it.


Despite some of the issues I’ve had with it, the Data Frog controller is capable of performing admirably.

Would I recommend this controller to a friend? If you’re looking for a cheap controller that you can use to play…

…emulators on your phone, I’d say yes for around $12. The buttons are responsive and the setup is not overly difficult.

However, if you want a controller that will function with your Android or iOS games, you should search elsewhere.

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