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The best chinese gaming headsets

In this article, you will find a quick guide to the best Chinese gaming headsets

…where we strive to narrow down your choices.

When all we want to do is cut our run short and lounge at home…

…music can soothe us, stimulate us, and motivate us to run the extra mile.

Those who love music also appreciate accessories, such as headphones.

An excellent pair of headphones is an absolute necessity, isn’t it?

What are your favorites? On the ear? Over the ear? Or perhaps a pair of slim earphones?

Whatever your preferences, there are plenty of headphones available on the market today…

…priced differently and offering various features.

There are dozens of headphone brands from China…

…that will blow your mind with their aesthetics, specifications, quality, and best of all, their prices!

We have selected the best headphones and earphones from China just for you.

Have a look through our selection and select which best suits you!

Here are a few words from Natalia…

Gaming is my brother’s favorite activity, and he’s a streamer as well.

Unfortunately, his headset broke recently.

A new gaming headset was on my shopping list…

…since his birthday was just around the corner.

I was unable to purchase the pricey ones, however.

I ordered a gaming headset made in China that has great reviews on the market.

Today my package arrived and he is very pleased…

…with the headset I bought, saying the quality is excellent!

Now let’s get started…

How to Choose the Best Gaming Headset

The process of finding or sometimes choosing the best model of gaming headsets is never easy.

It is even more confusing and challenging for new gamers.

Most headsets appear handy, efficient, and highly effective from the outside packaging.

However, with any product, you should not judge its appearance.

A headset that delivers effective sound is essential for serious gamers.

You need a model that produces exemplary sound and offers a wide array of user-friendly features.

Several models have emerged since the very first gaming headsets

…each with their own unique features (e.g. wireless, detachable mics, etc.).

Every headset promises comfort and great sound without any hassles, so that we can focus on gaming.

What criteria did you use when choosing your ‘best’ gaming headset?

Did a knowledgeable friend or a well-respected website recommend one to you?

When you were in the market for a good headset, I’m sure you had your own criteria.

For me, it was over-the-ear comfort, wired, and had decent sound reviews.

When it comes to choosing the best gaming headset model…

…you have to consider some factors that will help guide you to the right choice.

These are the top things you should look for when shopping for a new headset.

Platform Considerations

When choosing a headset, the first thing to consider is the platform you will be playing on.

In other words, what console or PC will you be purchasing this headset for.

Xbox One, Mac, PC, and PlayStation 4 are some of the most popular platforms.

The most important factor is compatibility.

Platform determines which headset model you will be using.

Not all headsets are compatible with all consoles.

What are the connector types, does it support USB or is it just an audio 3.5 mm jack?

Many USB headsets will work with consoles, but many 3.5 mm connectors won’t.

Pretty much everything works for PC (because they’re cool).

Sound Quality

This is one of the top features to consider.

For the best headset, high-quality sound is a must.

It’s always more fun to play competitive games…

…while hearing gunshots, footsteps, and other sounds.

It should produce 7.1 virtual surround sound…

…which is not available with typical speaker sets.

It is pretty fulfilling knowing what you’re buying is actually worth it…

…when you can test it out at your local shop (e.g. Walmart displays headsets for trialing)…

…and most local shops allow you to test out their models.

While online purchases limit you to customer reviews (which are useful)…

…you will also be able to review more detailed product specs and comparisons.


The best chinese gaming headsets

The amount of comfort a gaming headset offers is really dependent…

…on how long you intend to wear it (8 hours or so, am I right?).

Most comfortable headphones are those…

…that offer well-balanced sound as well as soft, yet holding ear cups.

The last thing you want as a distraction is a super uncomfortable headset on your head…

…if you’re like me and play for hours on end.

A rule of thumb for the best gaming headsets is…

…if it’s too loud or hurts your ears, it’s not worth it.

The headsets should be comfortable and lightweight in the ideal case.

During four, six, or more hours of gaming, you don’t want an anvil resting on your head.

Comfort is just as important as size and sound quality.

“Lighter headsets are generally more comfortable to wear over prolonged periods of time. However, this does not mean that heavier headsets should be dismissed entirely, especially since it’s the heavier headsets that are usually more durable and are made of higher quality materials. It’s important to point out that additional cushion padding can help mitigate the added discomfort that comes with the extra weight of a heavier gaming headset.”

Ray Ian Ampoloquio – Reviewer at

Keep reading…


Playing multiplayer games, team-based games…

…or joining the Battle Royal craze will require you to be able…

…to communicate with your teammates…

…so you will need a headset with a strong microphone.

Today, most gaming models come with decent microphones…

…not the best, but they’ll do the job in a pinch.

The key is to look for a mouse that has noise cancellation technology.

If you do this, your friends will only hear you…

…and not your cat, Mr. Fiddlesticks, trying to get your attention.

Good headsets come with software or are designed in a way…

…that lets you turn on and off the mic and its features.

The mic will automatically turn off if its boom arm is raised to a vertical position.

Chat can be disabled when you don’t need it…

…or if it was getting in the way of a single player game.

A mic can also be useful for things other than gaming.

For example, if you want to do long-distance Skype calls…

…or start a podcast about a guy and his cat, a mic will help.


In addition to the sleek and ergonomic design…

…your ideal gaming headset should have, it needs to be highly durable.

When you buy anything of importance, you want to be sure…

…that you’re making a wise investment and that it will last a long time.

Most high-quality headsets are made of more durable materials…

…such as steel and aluminum, high-quality plastic for its structure…

…and leather for its covering, especially the ear cups.

Headsets made of quality materials tend to last much longer and can withstand a lot of beating.

Ensure that you look at reviews that mention durability…

…what are they made of, do they break quickly after purchase or do they last for a long time?

From personal experience, I know that poorly built audio boxes get stepped on…

…leather straps over the cranium snap, and sometimes the microphone breaks.

By purchasing a headset with high durability today…

…you will avoid the cost of purchasing a new headset in the short term.

Go on…

Open or Closed?

Having open headsets allows you to still hear sounds around you.

This might be helpful if you aren’t playing anything too competitive…

…or if you want to listen to other sounds while playing (i.e. music of a Netflix show).

On the other hand, closed headsets are better for competitive games…

…(think Fortnite or PUBG) and will help you focus more on the action.

Those with closed headsets have the best noise cancellation capabilities…

…and block out surrounding sounds to keep you focused.

Wired or Wireless?

Depending on your gaming room setup, you can choose either a wireless or wired headset.

Connecting a wired headset will require you to deal with a variety of cables and ports.

Cables can be damaged, BOXES can be stepped on…

…and you have a lot more clutter in your room with wires crisscrossing everywhere.

Cables for wired headphones will only be so long, so where you can sit while playing may be limited.

Wireless headsets, on the other hand, are quite effective.

No need to worry about extra cutters, or cable length…

…because you can use them anywhere you want.

For wireless headsets, you will need a network connection…

…and you will need to charge them at least once a day. If the headset has a cradle…

…this makes it very easy to put it back on when you’re done.

If you hear complaints about sound quality loss over a wireless connection…

…pay attention to reviews to see if this is a common issue.

The majority of headsets have a good battery life, sound amazing, and are durable.

Here’s the main thing…

The Best Chinese Gaming Headsets

HAVIT Wired Gamer Headphones

The best chinese gaming headsets

HAVIT is a brand worth mentioning since we haven’t covered Chinese gamer headphones in this article.

Aliexpress is insanely popular with HAVIT gamer headphones.

They have more than 14,000+ orders with a 4.8 rating.

The headphones have a 50mm Neodymium driver.

The headphones have a surround stereo sound system and cool RGB lighting on the outside.

It’s got a sensitivity of 109 decibels. The frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 20KHz.

The memory foam cushioning is comfortable on your ear as well as on the top of your head.

A 53mm driver ensures you hear even the faintest sound when gaming.

The microphone is detachable, and the headphones can be used wirelessly.

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Xiberia Gaming Headset with Mic

The best chinese gaming headsets

These wired headphones are made with excellent quality material…

…and will last a long time even with rough and daily use.

The clarity is unmatched with these wired headphones.

They also look very good. A soft elastic band adjusts itself…

…to the wearer’s head size so that the headphones fit comfortably on the head.

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Benefits of Gaming Headsets

  • Simple and all-in-one solution

Traditionally, gaming headsets are designed for gamers…

…who are seeking a convenient and more portable solution for their audio gaming needs…

…allowing them to communicate and listen to the game without worrying too much…

…about the technical details involved in setting up multiple devices.

  • Adaptable, attractive, and convenient

The original gaming headsets were not designed to be worn casually every day.

Many of them featured aesthetics from video games.

Despite their popularity among gamers, due to their loud and gaming-inspired designs…

…they were less fashionable compared to traditional music headphones.

Recently, manufacturers have improved their designs.

Sum Up!

Only a high-performing headset model will allow you to fully enjoy gaming.

A variety of headset models and brands exist…

…and your choice depends on some of the factors we mentioned…

…such as the platform you use, the sound quality, what is comfortable to wear…

…the best microphone, good durability, and whether it is wired or wireless.

The buying process of a great gaming headset should take all of these factors…

…into consideration, but in reality it all boils down to personal preferences.

Do you have a favourite headset, one that makes you feel good…

…one that helps you get your game on, and one…

…that doesn’t interfere with your gaming experience?

If you consider the factors we’ve discussed before you buy, be prudent…

…do some research (e.g. read reviews, watch YouTube analysis videos)…

…and maybe just maybe you’ll find the best gaming headset for you.


All of the headphones reviewed above fall into the category of the best Chinese headphones.

They are durable and come in a variety of prices.

The low price does not imply that they won’t last long, however.

Doing your research is the best way to ensure that you buy the right gaming headset.

When looking at a product’s specs, beware of falling for the numbers.

They are often designed to deceive. Take into account the factors above as well as the specs.

We hope this article helped you to identify the features to look for in a gaming headset or headphone.

Make the right choice when the time comes! aCustomer reviews confirm that they are all worth trying!