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  • Logitech MX Keys Mini Review and Buying Guide: 3 Important Things To Know! - Work Rift

    Logitech MX Keys Mini Review and Buying Guide: 3 Important Things To Know!

    mx featured

    The luxury keyboard market these days seems to be dominated by bombastic mechanical keyboards…

    …the kind that fill offices and homes with a tappity-tap beat reminiscent of Fred Astaire.

    With the Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest, a $100 keyboard that keeps things sleek and light while focusing on quality…

    …and comfort, Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest reminded us that keyboards don’t have to be huge or loud.

    Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest has released the MX Keys Mini for individuals…

    …who desire Logitech’s top-of-the-line design without the intimidating width of a full-sized layout.

    Logitech MX Keys Mini Wrist Rest Overview

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    • Tiny size
    • Great typing experience
    • Customizable controls
    • Multi-device pairing

    Same Board, Now Fun size

    As the saying goes, the Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest does exactly what it says on the box.

    It’s roughly the same as the original MX Keys, but without the 10-key and control cluster.

    The only changes to the layout are a slightly narrowed function row to accommodate…

    …a Delete key and squeezing the arrow jets into a laptop-style double-stack in the bottom-right corner.

    Comparisons to Apple’s Magic Keyboard are unavoidable as a compact, thin wireless keyboard.

    The Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest, on the other hand, are more of a detachable version…

    …of a high-quality laptop keyboard, designed for desktop users who prefer something smaller…

    …and sleeker than the present plethora of clicky mechanical variants.

    Let’s hear the story about Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest needs.

    Words from Jack

    I think as a normal teenagers, i really love all about game…

    but it is not just kind of what games that a played…

    i need to complete my stuff to support my gaming activity.

    And now i need a Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest for my hobby.

    i don’t have much money so i need a cheap items.

    but where i can find the Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest Review?

    Finally I decided to read an article on the internet…

    about Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest Review, after I understand the advantages…

    and disadvantages of each Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest Review product,

    I ended up choosing one.

    And now i had a great Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest to support my hobby!

    gaming keypad is a small, auxiliary keyboard designed only for gaming.”


    The scissor switches have a lovely, if short, feel to them that won’t irritate anyone in the cubicle next to you.

    Despite the fact that there was only one keyboard angle option (and it was a practically flat one)…

    …I found that after a while I was typing faster and more precisely than on my favorite ThinkPad keyboards.

    The Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest doesn’t aim to do anything extravagant, like RGB lights or ergonomic…

    …curves that have been painstakingly explored. But it nearly flawlessly does what it sets out to do.

    The slightly recessed keys are easy to hit and center, the illumination is bright and appealing…

    …and the layout is so familiar that touch typists will not need to use it. Which is good, because shutting…

    …off the lights extends the battery’s life from a week and a half to five months, according to the manufacturer.

    keep going…

    Surprising Options

    The function row is an exception. Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest has wisely defaulted to some…

    …of the most regularly used features on modern keyboards, including media, volume…

    …and a few pleasant surprises like a microphone mute button and an emoji insert button.

    While the function row defaults to these tools, pressing Fn+Esc quickly restores your F1-F12 keys.

    If you don’t like the default tools, you can use the Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest Options…

    …software to change the F4-F12 (and Delete) keys to something else.

    These options aren’t limitless, but you can use them to start a bespoke app.

    With the F1, F2, and F3 keys, you can immediately switch between three linked devices, just like most of Logitech’s…

    …recent high-end hardware, and it’s compatible with the Synergy-like multi-device management application Flow.

    The keyboard is USB-C rechargeable, but it does not have a cable connection.

    While the Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest is clearly designed for a desktop…

    …its diminutive size makes it an unexpectedly good tablet companion.

    I used it with my iPad Mini and found it to be a useful addition to my portable setup…

    …especially because of the quick-switch keys and dual Windows/Mac key legends.

    It’s supposed to work primarily over Bluetooth, and I never had a problem with it…

    …but if the airwaves in your office are congested, you can alternatively couple it with a specialized USB Bolt receiver.

    Small Box, Big Price Tag

    Logitech MX Mini Keys Wrist Rest
    credit: lenovo.com

    Despite its dubious value, the Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest handily outperforms…

    …the competition in this niche of thin keyboards. It’s a joy to use, with super-comfy keys…

    …a clever and semi-customizable layout, and the ability to move between numerous PCs.

    It’s an obvious winner over the similar Magic Keyboard.

    We wish the smaller size came at a lower price, but those willing to spend the money won’t be disappointed.

    Connecting your computer to a television projects your activity onto the big screen and eliminates…

    …the need for a media streamer or a separate gaming PC. However, operating it from your couch can be inconvenient.

    Instead of balancing a keyboard on one knee and a touchpad on the other, a tiny Bluetooth keyboard is a better option.

    These ultra-compact keyboards contain real keys and resemble a smartphone turned on its side.

    They have the same key layout as a full-sized keyboard…

    …plus a little touchpad for controlling the mouse cursor on your computer.

    These small keyboards don’t require a USB dongle to connect to your computer…

    …tablet, or smartphone because they connect via Bluetooth.

    Their touchpad is only compatible with PCs, but it can help you lessen the amount of touch typing you do on mobile devices.

    Here’s the thing…

    What You Need to Know Before Buying a Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

    There are numerous things to consider when selecting the best Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest for you…

    …the following are the most essential ones that we considered while compiling this list.

    • Size: The term “mini” was defined as being less than nine inches long, or little longer than a smartphone held sideways. This size was chosen because it allows you to comfortably hold the keyboard in both hands and press each key without putting too much strain on your palm and fingers.
    • Battery: Every rechargeable battery is included in our list of tiny Bluetooth keyboards. Most manufacturers do not specify the battery life of their products, but if you turn your keyboard off after each usage and charge it once a week, you should be good. Backlit keys are available on some tiny Bluetooth keyboards; however, employing this function would drain the battery faster.
    • Compatibility: Because Bluetooth is an open wireless technology that practically every modern device supports — from gaming consoles to laptops to smart TVs — you can use any of these keyboards with almost any device in your home. If you want to pair it with a specific device, make sure it supports Bluetooth by reading the device’s documentation.

    And finally…

    Sum Up

    The Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest, despite its high price, outperforms almost…

    …every other tiny, travel-friendly keyboard on the market because to its superb…

    …typing experience, flexible wireless pairing, and software customization.


    The Logitech MX Keys mini wrist rest is a stylish and efficient tiny board with a few extra tricks up its sleeve…

    …for those who like the appearance and feel of a basic 60% design with a few more tricks up its sleeve.

    The only drawback is the cost. Despite the fact that the Mini is approximately…

    …half the size of the original MX Keys design, Logitech is charging the same $100 for it.

    (It also shouldn’t go unnoticed that this is the same price as Apple’s basic Magic Keyboard.)

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