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  • The 6 Best Gaming Accessories to Have an Excellent Gaming Experience! - Work Rift

    The 6 Best Gaming Accessories to Have an Excellent Gaming Experience!

    The 6 Best Gaming Accessories 1

    We will provide you with a list of the 6 best gaming accessories for your gaming setup in this article.

    Each gamer has their own style, which is reflected in the accessories they use.

    Gaming chairs and curved monitors can be expensive…

    …but gamers need to find items that suit their personal preferences.

    While some gamers prefer headphones, others use a special keyboard…

    …with certain keys replaced with buttons for faster gameplay.

    Among gamers who want more control over their games…

    …than a standard computer mouse can provide…

    …gaming mice are another popular choice.

    To help you decide what items are best for you…

    …this article briefly discusses some…

    …of the most common accessories used by gamers today.

    Let’s get started…

    What Gaming Accessories Do Gamers Need?

    Important gaming accessories are controllers, keyboard, mouse…

    …powerbanks, a streaming camera and mic, headphones, or a bunch of other techs.

    The bottom line is that your gamer setup should have everything…

    …that you use while you are gaming…

    …and to provide an accessible storage equipment that reflects your personal style.

    Whether you’re a PC gamer or a console gamer who adores video game consoles…

    …you’ll need some accessories to get the most out of your gaming experience.

    You will need to check them out individually to find gadgets and tools that you like.

    Once you have narrowed your choices down to a few options…

    …choose the one that fits your budget and is aesthetically cool and futuristic.

    Let’s go over what equipment PC gamers need for gaming.

    The 6 Best Gaming Accessories for Your Gaming Experience

    Gaming Backpack

    Choosing the right backpack type and material is crucial.

    A waterproof backpack will come in handy…

    …if you live in an area that experiences unexpected rain.

    Alternatively, you can choose composite material if you want a lighter load on your back.

    Make sure your backpack has enough pockets…

    …to fit some of the following portable devices and gadgets if you’re on the road.

    Mark Ryden Campus Backpack

    The 6 Best Gaming Accessories

    The Mark Ryden bag is one of the best laptop backpacks I have used…

    …for both vacations and daily use. Exactly why?

    Here are reasons why I appreciate the Mark Ryden bag so much.

    For almost five years, I’ve been traveling non-stop, and three of those years…

    …I’ve been a digital nomad. It’s important to have a luggage strap…

    …which other anti-theft travel backpacks often overlook.

    It’s essential to have a small baggage strap if you move from city to city like me.

    Anti-theft tool that is little known is the ability to attach your carry-on bag to your rolling suitcase.

    How does it work? Since attackers have to lift the bag from your baggage to disconnect it…

    …this protects against grab-and-run robberies in transit areas.

    Moreover, it allows for a more comfortable journey through airports.

    Travelers cannot live without it.

    Check Price on Work Rift

    Keep reading…

    Gaming Laptops

    This is a good reason to buy a quality laptop, since it’s your most important weapon.

    The size of your gaming backpack depends on how big your laptop is.

    Your backpack must have a separate pocket that can hold…

    …both the thickness and the size of your laptop…

    …regardless of whether you have a 17-inch Asus ROG or a 15-inch Dell Alienware.

    Gaming laptops tend to be bulky, especially the ones you build yourself.

    Gaming laptops have high specifications…

    …which are often too high for normal computing tasks.

    Although they look like ordinary laptops, the best gaming laptops are far from ordinary.

    They come with special processors, graphics cards…

    …and memory designed for gamers, and they should also come…

    …with enough USB ports to connect to their peripherals.

    A machine should have three USB ports, two are a little too few…

    …but this depends on your taste and what gadgets you intend to connect to your machine.

    Gaming laptops do not have to be the bestselling models;

    …there are also budget models, but it is wise to choose one that is worth the price.

    MSI GS66 Stealth Gaming Laptop

    The 6 Best Gaming Accessories

    MSI’s GS66 Stealth is one of the best in this field…

    …with great build quality and high-end features that match its high price.

    It’s an entirely different proposition than the GS65 we tested…

    …which had a much cheaper configuration and a lighter, slimmer machine with a few more features.

    The GS66, aside from the new components…

    …(which are also coming to competing laptops and are not exclusive to it)…

    …has less of an identity than its predecessor.

    While this is a portable, high-performance machine, its design is a bit dated…

    …and its performance isn’t quite as good as we expected given the GPU.

    However, the GS66 Stealth boasts plenty…

    …of advanced features and will perform well in any game.

    Despite the more standard design, the quality is still outstanding…

    …and extras like the 300Hz screen will make some salivate.

    It is, however, quite expensive, and the storage capacity is quite small.

    Hardcore enthusiasts with big budgets can only buy this game…

    …but they won’t be disappointed.

    Check Price on Work Rift

    Gaming Headsets

    A headset is a must-have gadget for all avid gamers.

    Gaming headsets provide a level of immersion that average headsets can’t match.

    Diverse models offer different specialties; Turtlebeach offers its stealth series…

    …which focuses on footsteps so you can hear your foes from a longer distance.

    Razer’s BlackShark focuses on enhanced communication clarity and noise cancellation.

    When choosing your headset, you should consider a number of factors.

    If you prefer role-playing and story-based games…

    …you need something with more immersion and better effects.

    To be able to focus on your surroundings when playing FPS…

    …you need crystal clear sound and noise cancellation.

    To stream, better communication options are required.

    In addition, you need to decide whether you want a wired or wireless headset.

    Wireless headsets should have long-lasting batteries.

    You should also choose a headset that is comfortable and durable.

    Whatever headset you have, your gaming backpack…

    …needs to have a compartment specifically for it.

    The headset may include accessories such as an aux cable…

    …a charging cable, or a separate mic, so these need to be accommodated as well.

    HAVIT Wired Gamer Headphones

    As this article did not cover Chinese gamer headphones, we should mention HAVIT.

    Aliexpress has an amazing selection of HAVIT headphones.

    More than 14,000 orders have been placed with a 4.8 rating.

    The headphones feature a 50mm Neodymium driver.

    The headphones have a surround stereo sound system and cool RGB lighting on the outside.

    They have a sensitivity of 109 decibels. They have a frequency response of 20Hz to 20KHz.

    The memory foam cushioning is comfortable on your ear as well as on the top of your head.

    A 53mm driver ensures you hear even the faintest sound when gaming.

    The microphone is detachable, and the headphones can be used wirelessly.

    Check Price on Work Rift

    Go on…


    Another weapon you can have, but it’s optional.

    It is convenient to use the keyboard that came with your laptop most of the time.

    Traveling requires your backpack to be as light as possible…

    …so a separate gaming keyboard might not make sense.

    For avid gamers, however, the best gadget is the one they are already familiar with.

    It has been said that our fingers have memories, so in a fast-paced game…

    …you want a device that your fingers already know where to press…

    …so that you can focus on strategy while your fingers run around.

    Therefore, most gamers would also want their keyboards in their gaming backpacks.

    Ideally, a keyboard should be durable, simple to use, and as compact as possible.

    However, it is probably the second biggest thing you can fit in your backpack…

    …which is why you should choose a bag that has ample space.

    The bag might not have a dedicated space for the keyboard…

    …but it should be large enough to accommodate its size.

    Furthermore, keyboards are generally durable, so they may not require a protective pocket.

    Metoo Edition Mechanical Keyboard 87 keys

    With its sturdy build and affordable price, the Metoo 87 Key edition tops our list.

    The keys are designed to look as if they are floating, giving it an attractive look.

    A 500 million-time durability test has been conducted on the key to ensure long product life.

    Users can access multimedia capabilities easily with the FN key combination.

    Metoo’s 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard uses the industry’s leading injection molding technology…

    …to ensure keycap characters will never fade or wear out.

    Check Price on Work Rift

    Gaming Mouse

    Your second weapon in your gaming arsenal is the gaming mouse.

    Because your mouse controls the entire movement of your characters…

    …you should choose it carefully. Wireless or wired mice are both available.

    Despite the fact that wired are considered to be more accurate…

    …and do not need to be charged, the wires can be a hassle.

    The wireless mouse is more convenient, but it needs to be charged or its batteries replaced.

    Additionally, a cheap wireless mouse may not be accurate and smooth in use…

    …so do your research carefully before purchasing one.

    In addition, the backpack must have a dedicated mouse slot.

    Your mouse needs to be kept in a soft bag to reduce shocks…

    …while its connection dongle needs a place in your backpack.

    AULA H510 RGB Gaming Mouse with 9 Side Buttons

    The 6 Best Gaming Accessories 4

    Get total control with the AULA H510 RGB Gaming Mouse…

    …with 9 Side Buttons no matter what game you’re playing.

    Provides you with the edge you need in MOBA/MMO gameplay

    AULA H510 lets you configure your mouse for everything from weapons to build customizations…

    …so you’ll always be one step ahead

    Ergonomic right-handed design with enhanced rubber side grips

    Gaming-grade tactile scroll wheel

    Check Price on Work Rift

    Mouse Pads

    Mouse pads are an essential accessory for gamers.

    Most gaming mice use laser technology…

    …which needs to be read by your computer’s optical reader.

    It will not work on a glassy surface like your laptop screen…

    …so the mouse needs something to rest on.

    The gaming pads are usually textured and thicker than normal ones…

    …which prevents them from slipping. In addition to gaming pads being larger…

    …than normal ones, gaming mice need larger pads.

    A few words from Darius…

    As a bundle with an aluminum mat, my new mouse pad is an excellent option…

    …but when the wrists started to hurt from tunnel syndrome, I went overboard and purchased it.

    Under the mat I had to purchase rubber lining but I got a whale for the mouse I needed.

    The raised mat can also be stretched out to hold cables.

    And now for our top pick…

    New RAKOON Wrist Rest Mouse Pad With Non-Slip Base

    This fabric of the surface is super soft, as it was made of eco-friendly materials.

    Spilled liquid won’t cause damage to the SBR waterproof lining.

    Slowly bounces back and does not easily go out of shape, providing comfortable support for wrists.

    These keyboard wrist pads and mouse wrist pads…

    …provide comfortable support for your hands and wrists and are compatible…

    …with most laptop keyboards, including gaming keyboards.

    The curved design of these two wrist rests fits perfectly around the wrist.

    They provide soft support to relieve wrist tension, fatigue, and pain.

    Avoid wrist damage and other wrist problems caused by friction between the wrist and the desk.

    Natural rubber is used for the bottom of the wrist rests which is certified by ROHS as non-toxic and non-toxic.

    The dense non-slip texture provides additional stability.

    They can be firmly fixed on the desktop to prevent them from sliding.

    You can work or play with a stable mouse.

    Check Price on Work Rift

    Gaming Controllers

    The controller is the weapon of choice for some gamers over a keyboard and mouse.

    It may take a little while to get used to controllers, but ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference.

    Controllers also come in basic and professional models, just like keyboards and mice.

    “Unlike the keyboard and mouse, the connection type in the gamepad is a very important parameter. It is necessary to immediately determine at what distance from the computer the game will take place.”

    Oleg Romanenko – Author at Gearbest

    A few of the best controllers available at the moment…

    …include the Xbox Elite, Nacon Revolution Series, Sony’s DualSense, and Nintendo Switch Pro.

    You can choose any backpack based on your budget and preferences…

    …but you should make sure there is a pocket for your controller when you choose your backpack.

    The best seller controller can be extremely handy, but it needs to be protected.

    For controller safety, a pocket with shock absorption is a must.

    EasySMX SL-9111

    Upon holding the EasySMX SL-9111 Wired Gaming Controller…

    …for the first time it’s immediately apparent…

    …how much inspiration the design team drew from the latest Xbox Wireless Controller.

    With its rounded, ergonomic shape and textured grips…

    …this smartphone is very reminiscent of Microsoft’s latest efforts, which adds to its overall comfort.

    The EasySMX SL-9111 Wired Gaming Controller was a great choice for me…

    …as someone who primarily uses Xbox controllers.

    The customizable buttons on the backside of the controller were another feature I appreciated.

    When it comes to first-person shooters…

    …I never want to take my thumb off the right stick or games like Monster Hunter:

    World that require a lot of inventory management…

    …based on the D-pad I’ve been spoiled by the paddles on the Xbox Elite Series 2.

    On the rear of the EasySMX SL-9111 Wired Gaming Controller are four buttons…

    …you can customize and two of them work quite well.

    In games like Overwatch and Dark Souls 3, I used mine for jumping and dodging.

    A series of LED lights around the face buttons and right joystick can also be toggled on or off for added flair.

    Even though it doesn’t necessarily add anything to playing games…

    …it’s a neat option for those who just want to make their controller look cool.

    Check Price on Work Rift

    Sum Up!

    You need the right accessories and gadgets if you want to be an efficient gamer.

    It’s important to find and buy the best gaming setup for your needs…

    …from controllers to headsets and many other items.


    It doesn’t matter if you are a hardcore gamer with multiple consoles…

    …in different rooms of your house or just someone…

    …who plays on a laptop after work every once in a while, there is something here for everyone!

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