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Optical mouse vs Laser Mouse: Which is the Best Mouse for Gaming?

Do you recall the days of the mechanical mouse?

The mouse with the metal or rubber ball on the bottom was this one.

When you were lounging at your computer workstation, the ultimate instrument of procrastination…

…it was entertaining to toy with. However, because it was not the most accurate or long-lasting peripheral…

…the mechanical mouse period has passed. Most computer desks nowadays include one of two mice…

…an optical mouse or a laser mouse. If you’re a PC player, you’ve undoubtedly heard some discussion…

…regarding the best gaming mouse. An optical mouse is thought to be better for gaming than a laser mouse.

Is this really the case? What’s the difference between a laser mouse and an optical mouse?

The first two optical mice, first demonstrated by two independent inventors in December 1980, had different basic designs.

Optical mouse according Wikipedia

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It has LED lighting which helps you to use the mouse at night without any difficulty.

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ZUOYA USB 7 Buttons Wired Gaming Mouse is a highly responsive gaming mouse…

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The mouse has 7 buttons which can be programmed to perform multiple functions.

It has an onboard memory that stores the settings for each of the 7 buttons…

…so you can customize the buttons to your liking.

The mouse is compatible with all the latest operating systems and works on all the devices.

The design of the mouse is very unique and its compact size makes it comfortable to use.

The mouse can be easily used for gaming purposes and can also be used for office work as well.

The mouse has a USB interface which makes it easy to connect to the PC.

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Differences Between an Optical Mouse and a Laser Mouse

The name “optical mouse” is a little misleading. “1: a science that deals with the genesis and propagation of light…

…the changes that it undergoes and creates, and other phenomena closely related with it,”

according to the Merriam-Webster definition. [1] Mechanical mice, optical mice, and laser mice…

…on the other hand, all use light as a reference point. They’re all optics-based peripherals, in essence.

However, they employ light in slightly different ways.

How a Mechanical Mouse Works

The presence or absence of light is detected by a mechanical gaming mouse, for example.

A mechanical mouse has two tiny wheels, one representing vertical movement…

…and the other representing horizontal movement.

The rubber ball spins the corresponding wheel when you move the mouse.

Yes, if you move the mouse diagonally, the ball rotates both wheels.

Each wheel has spokes, as well as a beam of light that passes through the spokes.

When a wheel spins, it temporarily blocks the light beam. When a laser beam is obstructed…

…the mouse registers which wheel it was blocked on. After then, it instructs your computer…

…on how to move the pointer. [2] An optical mouse and a laser mouse are two different types of mice.

1. Imaging

Here’s a fascinating fact: both optical and laser mice are essentially video cameras.

A CMOS sensor is included with each mouse. Light is detected using a CMOS sensor.

It’s similar to the technology found in digital cameras.

The CMOS sensor records the surface on which you move your mouse when you move it.

It can identify which way you’re moving the mouse by tracking the movement of the surface.

The majority of the surfaces you use your mouse on are not absolutely smooth.

An interwoven fabric texture, for example, can be found on a mousepad.

It’s not visible to the naked eye, but a magnifying glass will help you view it more clearly.

2. Illumination

  • The light from your mouse shines down on the surface.
  • The surface reflects the light.
  • The reflection is captured by the CMOS sensor.

Because your mouse pad or desktop has an uneven surface…

…the reflection will vary slightly as you move it around it.

Your mouse evaluates the light variance in each image and then tracks it from image to image.

Are you familiar with stop-motion animation? You begin by creating a clay figure.

You take a picture while moving the clay figurine ever so little.

You move it again, just a smidgeon, and take another photo. You go through the motions countless of times.

It appears as if the clay figure is moving on its own when all the photographs are shown…

…back-to-back at high speed. The same principle applies to your mouse.

It keeps track of the light pattern’s movement image by picture and instructs your computer to move…

…the cursor one pixel at a time. It processes so many photos in a second that your cursor appears to move freely.

3. Surface Compatibility

An optical mouse’s LED light isn’t particularly bright. Most surfaces are impervious to it.

As a result, it has a tendency to be more contemplative.

After all, if light can’t pass through the surface, it will just bounce back. Isn’t that a nice thing?

Didn’t you state that the reflection is captured by a CMOS sensor?

Having a lot of reflected light must be beneficial.

If you use an optical mouse on an extremely shiny surface, such as glass, the LED may be too reflected.

The light pattern will be completely washed away if the reflection is too bright.

Any alterations in the light pattern will be lost on the CMOS sensor.

Optical mice don’t operate well on high-resolution displays because of this.

An LED light is substantially less strong than a laser. The laser can penetrate a variety of surfaces…

…including those that are glossy. There won’t be as much light reflected because part…

…of the light will penetrate the surface. There’s no need to be concerned about the reflections…

…being too bright for the CMOS sensor.

A laser lighting source has two advantages. A laser mouse can be used on shiny surfaces…

…as previously stated. The second benefit is that a laser delivers a more detailed reflection to the CMOS sensor.

A laser is powerful enough to bounce light off all of the nooks and crannies on top of the surface…

…as well as the underneath surface layers. The light variations in the reflections will increase…

…making it easier for the mouse to trace the movement of the surface.

Greater accuracy equals more detail – at least in theory.

It does, however, cause issues.

Acceleration is cited by PC gamers as the primary reason why laser mice aren’t suitable for gaming.

What is the definition of acceleration?

In an ideal world, you’d move your mouse over the mousepad…

…and the cursor would travel proportionally across the screen.

It makes no difference how fast you move the mouse.

The pointer only travels in relation to how far the mouse is gliding.

Sum Up

The mechanical mouse was entertaining to play with but not very accurate or long-lasting.

Most computer desks nowadays include an optical or laser mouse on their desktops.

An optical mouse is thought to be better for gaming than a laser mouse, but is this really the case?


And, that is for how to choose between optical mouse vs laser mouse.

How do you choose your gaming mouse?

Let us know your experience on the comment section!

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