Wireless vs Wired Mouse: Which One Suit You The Most? Best Workrift Recommendations (2022)

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 New to the gaming world? Not sure what mouse to get for yourself?

Here we going to break down difference between wireless vs wired mouse!

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According to wikipedia.com, mouse is

“A computer mouse (plural mice, sometimes mouses) is a hand-held pointing device that detects two-dimensional motion relative to a surface. This motion is typically translated into the motion of a pointer on a display, which allows a smooth control of the graphical user interface of a computer.”

Wireless vs wired mouse
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Gaming Mouse in General

Wired mouse are still superior to wireless mouse for gaming.

Wireless mouse lag behind wired mice when it comes to speed and performance.

Older wireless mouse can’t keep up with the high-speed data transfer offered by wired mouse.

Newer wireless mice offer comparable speeds to wired mice.

Wireless mouse are becoming increasingly popular among gamers.

However, there is still a large gap between wired and wireless mouse performance.

A lot of professional players still prefer wired mouse because they feel faster than wireless ones.

Wired and wireless mouse perform nearly identically.

Both options allow gamers to play games without having to worry about losing or damaging their mouse.

However, some people prefer using a wired mouse because it allows them…

… to use their mouse as an extension of their hand…

while others enjoy using a wireless mouse because they feel more comfortable…

… playing when they aren’t tethered to a desk.

A wireless mouse is a computer mouse that doesn’t need any cords to work.

There are many kinds of wireless mice available today.

Some of them use laser beams to transmit data to computers while others use radio waves.

These mice are popular because they’re easy to carry around and use.

Wireless mice are great because you don’t need cables anymore.

You don’t need to mess around with wires or cords.

Just put your mouse on your desk, turn it on, and go! But there are downsides too.

A mouse can get lost if you move it somewhere else.

And, sometimes, the battery runs out, leaving you without any more use of your mouse.

Here’s What Winston Said About Gaming Mouse

“Most of people don’t know that wireless vs wired mouse makes a big difference in gaming.

I never knew what are those differences, after I read workrift articles, I finally knew.

You just need to know what do you want in your mouse and you can find it later easily.”

Wireless vs Wired Mouse

The difference between wireless vs wired mouse is a matter of personal preference.

A wired mouse requires an electrical cord…

… while a wireless mouse uses radio waves to transmit data to the receiver.

Wireless mouse are lighter, smaller, and require less space than wired models.

Some people prefer wireless mouse because they’re easier to move around…

… and don’t get tangled up behind the desktop.

Both wired and wireless mouse work well with any device…

… but if you need to move the mouse quickly, a wired mouse works better.

Supporters of the wired mouse claim that they are significantly faster…

… and more sensitive than their wireless counterparts.

They also argue that they cost more than wireless mouse because they need batteries.

Wireless mouse that need batteries are annoying because they might get lost…

… or become unresponsive.

Batteries aren’t recyclable, which means they end up being thrown out instead of reused.

Technology is improving rapidly, and it does seem entirely likely that wired mouse…

… may eventually be placed on the endangered list.

Wireless mouse are becoming popular because they’re cheap and convenient.

But they’re also flashy and impractical.

Wired mouse are still better than wireless ones.

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Razer Viper Mini Gaming Mouse

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Wireless mouse are great for people who don’t need precision.

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Robotsky 2.4GHz Optical Mouse Gamer Mice for Notebook

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T-WOLF Q13 Rechargeable Wireless Mouse Silent Ergonomic

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You don’t have to worry about wires getting tangled.

You also don’t have to worry if someone else touches them.

Wired mouse are more expensive than wireless ones…

… but they’re still cheaper than buying a new computer.

Wireless mouse are more convenient because they don’t need batteries.

However, they’re not as accurate as wired mouse.

Keep on reading!

Workrift Mouse Review

Razer Viper Mini Gaming Mouse (Wired)

A Viper for every grip!The new Razer Viper Mini is a great gaming mouse.

The matte plastic shell makes it comfortable to hold.

The glossy trim gives it a professional touch.

The underglow is very attractive.

The Viper mini is small but still bigger then your average laptop mouse.

It’s a great mouse for claw or palm grip users.

There are a handful of physical differences between this new model and the original Razer DeathAdder Elite.

The DPI button is now located between the two main buttons…

… making it easier to access than before.

The thumb buttons have been replaced by four regular buttons.

The palm rest has been replaced by a smooth plastic material.

The Speedflex cable has been reduced to 6ft length.

The biggest difference is that the mouse feels more slippery in the hand due…

… to the absence of the rubber side grip.

The Viper mini has a much smaller range than the original Viper or the Viper ultimate.

It has a slower tracking speed. It has less sensitivity.

The switches are identical to the original Viper except they have a shorter lifespan.

Razer has made some changes to the scroll wheel, but it’s still not very good.

Compared to the original, it’s less tactile, slightly mushy, and more cheaply made.

Scrolling doesn’t feel any different than before.

Razer Synapse 3.0 is a pretty basic program that lets users change the sensitivity level of the mouse.

There is no option to change the DPI setting.

This is a very simple program that doesn’t offer many features.

Synapse is a software suite designed to enhance your experience while playing games.

You can adjust your colors, effects, and even change up the lighting.

The lighting is hidden when you play games, but you can still turn it off.

Optical switches are very sensitive, but they aren’t always reliable.

Razer says this new switch is much better than the old ones.

The Viper Mini lets you fire off single shots quickly by pressing buttons instead of clicking.

Your favorite mouse, the Viper Ultimate costs more, but offers many advanced features.

You sacrifice nothing in performance when using the Viper Mini.

The Mini is light, flexible, and easy to use. It has a great range of motion and feels solid in hand.

The lack of honeycombs makes it easier to press buttons.

It’s great for people who prefer a claw grip.

The Razer Viper Mini looks great on paper, but when you actually play it…

… it doesn’t do anything special.

You can’t see any differences in games or apps when using this mouse.

Wireless vs wired mouse

Wireless vs wired mouse

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And finally!

To Sum Up

The only difference between wireless vs wired mouse is only the connector.

When you buy a wireless mouse you will use bluetooth connection etc.

When you buy a wired mouse you will use a wire to connect your device and your mouse.

All mouse is basically the same but if you looking for more accuracy, you can choose wired one.

If you like something tidy and clean you can choose the wireless one.


Does our article help you to know differences between wireless vs wired mouse?

If that so, what would you like to choose when buying a new mouse?

Comment and tell us bellow!

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