Are One Handed Keyboards Worth It? 8 Superb Benefits Using This Keyboard

Are one handed keyboards worth it?  Have you noticed that most keyboards nowadays are designed for two hands? This is not to say that one handed keyboards don’t exist. In fact, they do and there are plenty of them out there. In this blog, we also have an article about one handed keyboard that you might want to read about it.

What is a one-handed keyboard? The name almost says it all. Sometimes referred to as a “keypad”, these are keyboard devices that don’t feature the typical 101-key layout. They are designed to be used with a single hand, from a single position.”

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What is one handed keyboard

One handed keyboard is a device that allows you to type on a computer with only one hand. This is useful for people who have physical disabilities or for those who are disabled in some other way. With the help of this device, you can use your mouse or any other input device with one hand. One handed keyboard allows you to type faster and more accurately than with two hands.

One-handed gaming keyboards, also known as gaming keypads, are an alternative to conventional keyboards. Keypads are compact and have all the buttons you need to game without taking up as much space as traditional keyboards. Most one-handed gaming keyboards allow you to configure macros and custom keymapping to your preferences.”

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Are one handed keyboards worth it?

So, are one handed keyboards worth it? One handed keyboards are becoming increasingly popular as they make typing on a smartphone or tablet much easier. The bigger the screen, the better, and many of the most popular models have screens that are at least 7 inches in size.

Benefits of using one handed keyboard

However, these keyboards aren’t for everyone. Some people find them awkward to use because of the fact that you can’t use two hands. Here are the benefits using one handed keyboards for gaming:

1) You can type faster

The biggest advantage of one handed keyboard is its ability to reduce fatigue. Using two hands takes up so much time that you may end up burning out before even starting to play. In comparison, one handed keyboards do not require as much energy from the user, which means that you will be able to type much faster.

2) It will prevent injuries

One handed keyboards put less strain on the wrists and shoulders. If you don’t want to risk an injury, then using a one-handed keyboard would be ideal. As long as you take care when using one-handed keyboards, there shouldn’t be any problems.

3) You will get things done

If you have been suffering from chronic wrist pain, then using one-handed keyboards might prove beneficial. When you use two hands to type, you naturally grip your phone/tablet with both hands. By using just one hand, however, you no longer need to hold your device while you type, which makes it much easier to access all the keys without having your hands cramp up.

4) It will improve accuracy

When you are holding your keyboard, you tend to shift your weight around to keep balance. While doing this, you also have to adjust the position of your hands, arms and elbows. This motion often leads to errors and typos. By avoiding this problem, you should be able to produce more accurate work.

5) It will save space

Many people like using the “two finger swipe” method to navigate through apps and games. Because of this, it becomes necessary to place their thumbs next to each other. Since these areas are hard to reach due to the size of smartphones and tablets, they become difficult to access. However, if you don’t have to worry about where to click, then you wouldn’t need to pay attention to where you are placing your thumb.

6) It will enhance ergonomics

As mentioned earlier, one-handed keyboards don’t require as much strength and effort as typical keyboards. So, instead of being tired after using it, you will be energized. Your muscles won’t waste as much energy, which will lead to less soreness in the following days.

7) It will reduce distractions

Because you won’t be distracted by clicking on the wrong button with your left hand, it will be easy to focus on what you were actually doing. Consequently, you will be able to produce more work with less error.

8) You will feel more relaxed

If you are used to using multiple devices at once, then using one handed keyboards will be very helpful. You will no longer have to deal with the hassle of switching between devices. Instead, you will simply switch to a different mode whenever you need to complete a certain task. So, you will be able enjoy a great sense of relaxation during working hours.

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