How To Use One Hand Keyboard? Superb 6 Steps To Use It Easily

If you want to play the best mobile games on PC, then you need a good gaming keyboard. It makes gaming experience easier than ever before. That’s why the one hand keyboard is born, but do you know how to use one hand keyboard? In this blog, we also have an article about one handed keyboard that you might want to read about it.

What is a one-handed keyboard? The name almost says it all. Sometimes referred to as a “keypad”, these are keyboard devices that don’t feature the typical 101-key layout. They are designed to be used with a single hand, from a single position.”

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What is one hand keyboard

One hand keyboard is a keyboard that can be used with one hand, which is more comfortable for gamers. This keyboard is also called as “split keyboard”. One hand keyboards are mostly used by gamers and for playing games on PC. The main purpose of using one hand keyboards is to save the space and to provide a better gaming experience. It helps in saving a lot of your desk space when compared to traditional computer keyboards. In this article, we will discuss how to choose one hand keyboards and what are the different features available in one hand keyboards.

One-handed gaming keyboards, also known as gaming keypads, are an alternative to conventional keyboards. Keypads are compact and have all the buttons you need to game without taking up as much space as traditional keyboards. Most one-handed gaming keyboards allow you to configure macros and custom keymapping to your preferences.”

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How To Use One Hand Keyboard

So, how to use one hand keyword? Nowadays, almost every gamer prefers one hand keyboards to regular keyboards. The reason being that it saves space and prevents you from stretching your arms too much. It is not just limited to PC but can also be used on Mac. Here is how you can get started with it:

  1. Connect your mouse with the keyboard. The idea behind connecting the mouse with the keyboard is to make sure that when you move the mouse cursor, it does not affect the movement of the keys. Most mice come equipped with a dongle for wireless connection. Alternatively, you can opt for USB wired connection.
  2. After connecting the mouse with the keyboards, place the mouse near your computer so that you do not lose visual control of the cursor.
  3. Place your thumb on the home row button and start pressing keys. Your aim here is to navigate through menus and games easily by tapping the required keys. To go back, simply tap the arrow keys.
  4. While doing all this, keep in mind that some keyboards may require different gestures than others. For example, some keyboards might require two taps while others require three taps. You can always try using the online help feature provided by manufacturers.
  5. Before you leave the house, ensure that you double check the settings. You might accidentally set the incorrect sensitivity level. Since these keyboards are usually built for gamers, you could end up setting the wrong speed. You can always adjust these settings later on as well.
  6. When you are ready to play, connect the mouse via USB cable and enjoy! These keyboards are easy to use and even easier to master.

Choosing right keyboard for gaming

The selection of right keyboard depends upon you. If you want to change from normal keyboard then it is not necessary to buy new ones. Instead all you need to do is to learn some basic techniques while using them. You can easily adjust your current keyboard if you know these basic techniques. To select right keyboard, you should consider few things like:

  • Gaming style: There are two types of gamers; those who love to spend time on their computers and others who don’t have much free time. For those people, buying a simple keyboard is enough, but if you are an avid gamer, then you can go for gaming specific keyboards.
  • Space at your home/work place: If possible try choosing a keyboard that doesn’t occupy whole of your desk. But if there isn’t sufficient space to spare a good place for such a keyboard, then you may have to compromise between comfortability and convenience.
  • Functionality: It is very important to check out the functionality of the keyboard before making any final decision. Make sure the number keys and function keys (F1 to F12) are clearly visible so that you don’t face any problem during gaming. Also make sure that there is no malfunctioning or missing key among other keys.
  • Comfortability: Most of the one-hand keyboards come up with various sizes and styles. So it is always advisable to test several designs before settling with one. Choose a design that has large enough space for palm rest comfortably. It is best to avoid having small sized keyboards because they cause back pain

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