Sanzhiying Wireless Wired Bluetooth Headphone Review – Best 4 Mode Headphone You Must Have!

Sanzhiying wireless wired bluetooth headphone review

This is a Sanzhiying Wireless Wired Bluetooth Headphone review.

They have an amazing feature set and a very reasonable price.

Are they as good as their full-price competitors? Read on to find out.

When it comes to headphones, there are tons of brands out there, but very few good ones.

This is the review of the best of the best.

Headphones are an essential item for any music lover’s gear bag.

Whether you are at home, in the car, or on the go…

…great headphones will deliver audio without missing a beat.

But what if you want to listen to your music and watch a movie or TV show at the same time?

Or what if you want to use your headphones as a hands-free cell phone?

Sanzhiying makes it easy to enjoy all your audio with the new “Wireless Wired Bluetooth” feature.

What’s a Sanzhiying Wireless Headset?

Sanzhiying is a brand new company based out of Guangzhou, China.

They manufacture and sell a wide variety of wireless…

…and wired Bluetooth headphones and earphones.

What makes their products stand out from the crowd is that they are extremely well buil…

…come with a 1-year warranty and the customer service is top-notch.

Many companies that sell similar products struggle with customer service. But not Sanzhiying.

Their CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) are friendly…

…helpful and very prompt to respond to emails and phone calls.

The headphones that come with the smartphone and other devices cannot be used…

…at different places since they use a proprietary wireless technology like bluetooth or wifi.

Some of us have much better hearing than others, so we can listen to music much more loudly…

…because our ears are less sensitive. A study from Nokia shows that people…

…who wear headphones for longer periods in noisy environments…

…will adapt their listening experience to reduce the noise present…

…for up-to 30 minutes after taking off their headphones.

Here are a few words from Donovan…

I’ve been testing the Sanzhiying Wireless Wired Bluetooth Headphones for several weeks now.

They are truly exceptional, offering superior sound quality…

…a comfortable fit, easy-to-use controls and a sleek, modern design.

Now let’s jump right in!

Sanzhiying Wireless Wired Bluetooth Headphone Review

Sanzhiying wireless wired bluetooth headphone review

The Sanzhiying Wireless Wired Bluetooth Headphone is a good quality headphone…

…with a good build quality. It has a built-in microphone…

…which makes it possible to answer calls without having to remove the headphone.

The sound quality is decent, but the bass is not very strong.

The Sanzhiying Wireless Wired Bluetooth Headphone is not for people…

…who are looking for an extremely loud bass, but it is still good enough for general listening.

Sanzhiying Wireless Wired Bluetooth Headphone is the latest innovation….

…in the wireless headphone market.

It has an amazing sound quality, comfortable fit and it is highly durable.

It has excellent noise cancellation features and you can listen…

…to music for hours without any kind of distortion.

The ear pads are made of leather and it is very soft on your ears.

For long rides, headphones with noise cancellation features are the best. With them, you can drown out any unwanted background noise. You can wear them to play music or you can simply turn the feature on with no music at all.

Keep reading…

Sanzhiying wireless wired bluetooth headphone review

Sanzhiying bluetooth wireless headphones offers a high-quality bluetooth headset in various colors.

It has a strong and cute design, which give you an illusion of wearing them all the time.

The sennheiser signature sound is also like it should be…

…with such excellent materials that went into its manufacturing process.

Sanzhiying bluetooth wireless headsets can meet your need for mobility and freedom;

…therefore they are great gifts to friends who want catchy accessories.

Sanzhiying bluetooth headphones are popular among audiophiles because of its high-quality sound.

These wireless bluetooth headphone are foldable…

…it is designed to be folded easily for easier storage and portability.

The noise cancellation features enable the headset to cancel out outside noise while listening…

…to your favorite music or videos on a smartphone…

…tablet or laptop computer from where you can listen from more than 10 meters away!

Headphones are essential to our daily lives.

They looks good and offer us quality sound while we are working, studying or relaxing at home.

Bluetooth headsets come in various shapes and sizes…

…but there is one thing they have in common bluetooth technology…

…that allows them to connect to the bluetooth enabled cell phone(s)…

…which make it convenient for many of us bluetooth headset will provide you…

…with great benefit by eliminating wires from your eardrum making listening pleasurable!

The Sanzhiying is a truly unique product.

The headphones have two parts: a hard plastic shell…

…that holds a rechargeable battery and a soft, rubbery earpiece that is the actual speaker.

When you press the button on the cord that connects the two pieces together…

…the headphone turns on and makes a beeping sound.

The beeping gets louder and starts to sound like a car horn the more you press the button.

This allows you to discreetly turn on your car or walk down the street…

…and still have the ability to talk or listen to audio without being noticed.

It also has an interesting feature where, if you ever lose the cord…

…the beeping will continue until you reconnect it to the headphone.

This is a very light, comfortable headphone.

It has an adjustable headband which allows you to put it on almost any head.

It comes with an extra set of ear buds and a carrying pouch.

It is easy to use. Just put the supplied charging cable into your computer’s USB port…

…and connect the other end of the cable to the headphones. That’s all there is to it.

The headphones will start to charge and you can use them while they are charging.

After about four hours of listening to music, the battery in the headphones will be fully recharged.

When the battery is fully charged, you can remove the extra set of ear buds…

…and use them as regular headphones.

You don’t have to keep buying batteries to keep using this product. It’s really a nice feature.

The Sanzhiying wireless wired Bluetooth headphone features a built-in microphone…

…allowing you to make calls hands-free.

It is a comfortable fit for both long and short term wear…

…and can be used for listening to music, taking calls or for both.

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Can A Headphone Be Wireless And Wired?

Sanzhiying wireless wired bluetooth headphone review

Yes, a headphone can be wireless and wired.

Wireless headphones are Bluetooth enabled with the ability to connect wirelessly to your devices.

Wired headphones can also be paired with any device via a 3.5mm audio cable.

Things to Look for When Buying Bluetooth Headphones

  • Using a USB port (and cable) for charging, nothing proprietary on the headset side. There must be a standard USB port (micro or mini) on the headset. The other end should be a USB plug, which can be connected to a desktop or notebook computer’s USB port, or to a USB charger. In this way, you have fewer cables in your travel kit and on your desk — and you can borrow a cable if you forget it or pick one up at any office/electronics store, or even in many convenience stores.
  • Securable ear loop option. It’s what I call “ear-tenacity.” I think headsets that rely on a snug fit into your ear to keep them in place are optimistic, especially if your head moves or you shake your head as you disagree with somebody. I’ve lost at least one Bluetooth headset, not noticing it had disappeared until I had clearly walked beyond the point where it popped out of my ear. I prefer a headset that has an over-the-ear loop, or whatever it may be.
  • Sounding good (enough) to the other party. You need to keep looking if your voice does not come through clearly or extraneous noises aren’t filtered out. You will need a “testing buddy” with whom you can talk and call — ideally someone who can lend you a headset so you can hear the other side of the story. Among the tests you should conduct are: a) Speaking in a normal voice, or even softly enough so that somebody more than arm’s length away wouldn’t hear it. You shouldn’t have to shout. b) Walking down a noisy street; trains, lawnmowers, jackhammers, etc.
  • A minimum of parts and accessories. The charging cable must connect directly to the headset, not to an intermediate charging pod, and the fewer components, the easier it will be to carry or lose. The headset itself should also not disassemble easily, much less spontaneously.
  • Well-placed, usable controls. If you reach up with a finger, you’re trying to control the headset without looking, so you can accept/hang up, change the volume, etc. When you try to change the volume, you don’t want to hang up on someone. It may take some time to get used to, or you may need different-sized fingers, or a certain headset may not be right for you.
  • Comfort. You may end up wearing this all day, all week.
  • Findability. It would be nice to have a bright color when it has been dropped or misplaced. So would a “here I am” blink/beep signal, like those found on cordless phones, activated from your phone.

Sum Up!

After comparing all the features and specs of the headphones….

…we found that the Sanzhiying headphones have a few key advantages…

…over the other headphones in our review.

First, they have an extremely comfortable fit and a great sound quality.

The ear pads are soft, plush and conform to your head shape for a secure and comfortable fit.

The ear pads are removable and replaceable, which means they can be washed when necessary.

The included three pairs of ear tips ensure a perfect fit for everyone…

…even those with very different ear shapes.

When not in use, the ear pads can be folded flat to save space.

The build quality of the Sanzhiying headphones is excellent.

The hard plastic used in the construction is very sturdy and the entire product feels very durable.

The control buttons are placed perfectly and are easy to reach with your thumb.

They have a one-touch auto shut off feature that turns off the music after 15 minutes of inactivity.

When listening to music, the volume can be controlled independently on each side of your head.

There are no buttons or switches on the cable that can be accidentally activated.


If you’re looking for a new pair of headphones…

…then you should check out the Sanzhiying Wireless Wired Bluetooth Headphones.

These are the perfect headphones for music lovers…

…who want to enjoy their favorite tracks without worrying about wires or tangled cables.

They have an extremely comfortable fit and a great sound quality.

The ear pads are soft, plush and conform to your head shape for a secure and comfortable fit.

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