Xiberia Nubwo N2 Gaming Headsets Detailed Review – One of the Best Headsets You Must Have!

Xiberia nubwo n2 gaming headsets detailed review

To assist you in contemplating your purchase decision…

…we have compiled a Xiberia Nubwo N2 Gaming Headsets Detailed Review.

What is the essential gaming headset, when you strip away all the extra features?

There are so many gaming headsets on the market…

…that it can be especially difficult to choose one at the lower end of the price range.

This is because virtually all of these headsets have been designed…

…to make compromises in the interest of cost, and some end up being outright terrible.

Here, you are looking for a collection of essentials.

The comfort, the microphone, and the sound clarity should be solid.

Budget cuts shouldn’t end up hitting you in the wrong place.

Therefore, it’s important to carefully examine any bargain-oriented headset…

…to determine whether they’re worth the money or not.

A few words from Elliot…

Gaming headsets like the Nubwo N2 are awesome!

They’re comfortable, and they work with the Xbox One.

Since it is split into two parts, I believe it will fit with just about any gaming system…

…just take off the part you don’t need or add it if you do.

The material is high quality, and the design is cool!

They look awesome with the logos in the ears!

You can also adjust the microphone to fit wherever you want it to!

The chord attached to it is also thick and not made of plastic (like most chords are)…

…instead it is made of some dense cloth material that is hard for a cat…

…to chew through (which has been a problem for me in the past). I highly recommend this product.

Now let’s get started…

Xiberia Nubwo N2 Gaming Headsets Detailed Review

Xiberia nubwo n2 gaming headsets detailed review

Even though the NUBWO N2 is compatible with PS4 and PC…

…the headset itself is designed to look and feel like an Xbox controller.

It does appear that there is a slight bias towards the Xbox throughout its design.

In general, the headset provides just about everything a gamer could ask for in a headset…

…with many of these features being just a matter of detail.

For someone who is interested in streaming online games…

…the N2’s microphone is an excellent choice. Details are everywhere.

The cable connecting the NUBWO N2 is also covered in a pleasant and touchable cloth.

It’s the suspension headband design that gives the N2 its unique appearance among all these details.

Build and Design

NUBWO N2 are equipped with two 50mm drivers. They are larger than average in size.

The slightly larger drivers translate into slightly better sound quality, clarity, and volume.

As you might expect, the NUBWO N2’s aluminum frame design makes it fairly durable.

The headset connection cable has a length of 5.2 feet and is made of braided wiring…

…that is tangle-resistant, ensuring the longevity of your headset.

Due to the suspension design, the metallic frame is surprisingly light.

However, the introduction of the hanging suspension does present its own set of challenges.

Hanging headsets present new and unique opportunities to damage or destroy them accidentally.

If your headset is yanked violently, it wears down the elasticity of the build.

There are benefits to matching, of course.

It weighs just shy of one pound, like many gaming headsets.

Normally, that weight would have a slight negative impact…

…on the long-term comfort of the NUBWO N2 Gaming Headset.

The suspension headband works exceptionally well at evenly distributing weight across your head…

…which means its slightly bulky weight is less likely to lead to those issues.

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Media Friendly Design Additions

Onboard controls aren’t a necessity, but they’re a great convenience for watching just about anything.

At the top of the right ear, you’ll find the rotary volume wheel.

The wheel is small, but it’s highly responsive.

Be cautious about increasing the volume, if you don’t do it gradually…

…it can quickly shoot up to an uncomfortably high level.

From a visual perspective, it appears that the NUBWO N2 is constructed with an open-ear design.

However, that’s rarely a good choice since it provides no noise protection.

Closer inspection reveals that the N2 is actually a gamer-friendly closed-ear design.

When playing games, little sound escapes, and when in a noisy environment, you get effective noise isolation.

The N2 is available in black and silver, with each option including its own gamer-inspired highlights…

…in addition to their primary color.

Red stitching is highlighted on the black version…

…as well as red highlighting within the ear cups.

In the same spaces, the silver version of the NUBWO N2 uses blue highlights.

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Conditional Comfort

Xiberia nubwo n2 gaming headsets detailed review

When it comes to headphones, comfort is determined by a variety of factors.

It’s a matter of the headband working in conjunction with the ear pads to distribute weight and heat evenly.

Over-ear headphones are naturally the most comfortable type of headphones.

Despite that high starting point, the N2 still manages to provide more.

The NUBWO N2’s comfort is largely due to its suspension headband.

Designed to provide lasting comfort, it conforms to the head of the user.

The ear cups are made of memory foam, which is thick enough to block out unwanted noise.

Additionally, the headband is excellent at distributing the weight of the N2…

…and almost as effective at dissipating heat as well.

Memory foam isn’t especially good at dissipating heat…

…but the N2 isn’t too tight against the head, so concerns about heat are lessened.

With the suspension design, it’s somewhat loose fitting…

…and isn’t recommended for children under the age of 12.

In addition, the NUBWO N2’s relatively durable construction could also make it an adaptable headset.

Considering its price, the padding is ergonomically designed to rest around an adult’s ear…

…resulting in comfort that is a small triumph.

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Mic Quality

The NUBWO N2 Gaming Headset uses a somewhat unremarkable microphone.

However, it is acceptable. The foam microphone boom makes it more comfortable as well.

The microphone boom is fully flexible and easily adjustable to meet the needs of different users under varying conditions.

Along the cord, there is a mute control button in addition to the microphone arm’s full adjustment.

This gives you more control over your microphone.

Are you live? Confused about how the microphone settings work in your new game?

You can simplify things by using the on/off switch, and you can verify that you’ve muted your mic when you think you have.

In terms of call clarity, gamers will have few complaints because the N2’s microphone is highly sensitive.

Even if you have to talk in hushed tones, people can always hear what you have to say.

However, if you really want a microphone that is excellent under all circumstances…

…you must be prepared to spend two to three times as much as you would on the N2.

Playing in a room with dozens of other people around you, or in a busy laundromat…

…you will need a microphone that’s a little more powerful.

As long as you’re not playing in those types of venues, it’s less of a concern.

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Sound Quality

Xiberia nubwo n2 gaming headsets detailed review

Having clarity in your music might not always be what you want.

Many people want their bass to thump, their mid-tones to sing, and their treble to snap.

These characteristics are constructed into headphones, and are reflected in the music you listen to.

“For the purpose of enjoying your music, you don’t necessarily want to hear the B-flat note in perfect clarity, you just want it to sound nice. But some types of headphones are made to put clarity first. Inside studios, sound engineers often seek neutral headphones that don’t add-or-subtract anything to their sound, providing clarity.”

TechGuru – Tech Enthusiast

The same applies to gamers: they aren’t just looking for entertainment, they want functional sound as well.

A good sense of where each sound is within the 3D space that you’re playing…

…or where those footsteps are coming from, is essential.

Featuring 50mm drivers, the NUBWO N2 Gaming Headset was designed to create crisp, clear audio.

That’s good news for gamers. In terms of audio beyond games…

…like music and movies, the N2 is certainly sufficient.

It’s not specialized for those tasks, so it does not compare favorably to headsets that are.

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Other Considerations

Xiberia nubwo n2 gaming headsets detailed review

Another thing to note about the NUBWO N2 is that its impedance is quite high.

You do not need to get into the details of electrical resistance…

…in headphones to know that the N2 are quite loud.

That’s good for gamers looking for an edge, but it’s important to keep in mind…

…to moderate sound levels and protect your hearing.

The aluminum design does have one criticism to make.

Although it looks fantastic aesthetically…

…if the wearer taps the aluminum headset where the speaker is, the N2 produces a loud ring.

Tapping on the headset when someone is trying to get your attention can be very annoying.

It’s a minor issue, but worth mentioning.

The NUBWO N2 is compatible with Xbox One, PS3, PC, Mac…

…and even mobile platforms thanks to its 3.5mm AUX jack.

You’ll need a headset adapter if you’re using the original Xbox One controller.

You won’t need an adapter if you’re using an updated controller.

An extension cable and user manual are included in the box along with a microphone cover.

Perhaps you are wondering…

What to Look For In A Gaming Headset


It is important to consider how over-the-ear headphones fit on your head…

…especially when it comes to gaming headsets.

A bad fit can be physically painful if you play for a long period of time…

…making it hard to focus all of your attention on fragging.

At first, it might seem fine, but trapped heat, sweat, and friction can build up over time.

After an hour, even minor discomfort can become unbearable.

Even a little extra weight in the wrong place can cause neck pain.

The slightest pressure in the band can cause sore ears or headaches.

Isolation Matters

The quality of a headphone’s seal greatly affects the sound it produces.

When it comes to headsets and games that use directional audio…

…poor isolation can really affect how you hear.

Depending on the material and size of the headphone pad, the seal quality can be greatly affected.

There is a possibility that the foam of the headphone pad may need time…

…to mold to the shape of your head before it creates an effective seal.

If the pad does not fit around your ear, you should either consider a bigger pair of headphones…

…or replacement pads with a larger circumference.

If you wear glasses, you should seriously consider getting velour ear pads for your headset…

…or at least gaming headsets with eyewear channels.

It’s almost certain that you’ll miss out on a lot of bass without them.

Even though they are exceedingly rare, some gaming headsets come equipped with noise canceling…

…which can reduce background noise and improve audio clarity.

You can use this even if you play at home where things are relatively quiet.

Traffic outside the window, or bothersome roommates or family members, won’t interfere too much.

You could save your life wandering around Fatal Fields in Fortnite…

…if you hear all those footsteps and distant gunshots coming from different directions.

It would be a shame if you missed any of them.

Build Quality

Many gaming headsets are made of plastic, often cheap plastic.

Find a headset that feels sturdy.

Ideally, you should find something with a metal or wire frame.

If you have to use plastic, find something that is flexible enough…

…to accommodate whatever the shape of your head is.

When something is made of cheap plastic…

…even a little bit of tension or pressure on the headset can add up.

Even a small amount of pressure can cause plastic to creak very loudly.

Despite not having a particularly large head, I have had headsets snap in half after a while.

A headset, such as Beyerdynamic’s Custom Game, has an all-metal skeleton…

…so it can take a beating and keep on working.

Those who are passionate gamers should keep this in mind when choosing a headset.


When shopping for a gaming headset, it’s important to consider a few things regarding the microphone.

To begin with, don’t get too attached to finding a gaming headset microphone that is good enough for recording.

Mics used in gaming headsets struggle in the bass range…

…which can sound like someone with a deep voice is speaking through a tin can.

A lot of these mics don’t get enough power from their given connection, whether it’s 3.5mm or USB…

…which results in a little bit of quiet sound.

It’s pretty easy to fix this problem in the settings if you’re using Discord or a console voice chat.

You might want to check out a headset with a detachable microphone…

…if you can imagine yourself using it on the go like a normal pair of headphones.

If you’re a homebound gamer, that’s less of a concern…

…but making sure the microphone is sufficiently adjustable is still important…

…even adjusting it by one or two inches can make a big difference.

Surround Sound

Surround sound is not to be confused with 3D sound…

…but it is a fairly common feature in gaming headsets…

…and depending on the game you play, it may be quite important.

A headset with surround sound can provide a 360-degree soundscape…

…with multiple speakers covering each ear.

They make it so that if something is coming from behind you to the right, you will hear it.

This is a luxury feature in most forms of entertainment.

A competitive advantage can be gained through this feature in games.

It’s a must if you’re one of the millions playing Fortnite.

Various surround sound standards are available.

Headphone companies make their own versions of Dolby Atmos…

…DTS:X 2, Windows Sonic, and a number of others.

Today, almost every gaming platform has its own way of creating spatial audio.

Windows and Xbox consoles both use Windows Sonic…

…and PlayStation 5 has its Tempest 3D audio engine.

Since these built-in standards work with any headset…

…whether it connects through USB or 3.5mm…

…it’s less important for your brand-new headset to come with its own solution.

The majority of gaming headsets also support stereo sound…

…and you won’t need to set up spatial audio if you don’t feel compelled to do so.

A stereo headset won’t present any problem…

…for players of MOBA games like League of Legends and Dota 2…

…or character action games, or really just about any single player game.

No matter what headset you buy, you have options even if it does not support DTS or Dolby Atmos.

Is the Gaming Headset Visually Appealing?

This is the “will my roommates laugh at me” factor.

Most gaming headsets look like normal headphones with a microphone.

Others resemble an alien spaceship docked on your head.

Colors are wild, they have strange angular shapes, colored LEDs…

…and names that seem to belong to something that fires lasers rather than covers ears.

If you’re going to wear your headset publicly, this is especially important.

If you look like you’re riding a Tron lightcycle on your head, a detachable mic is useless.

Sum Up!

If you’ve been receiving your audio from front-facing speakers on your TV or PC…

…then the NUBWO N2 can be a significant improvement.

With more detailed audio information, you can make better decisions for both immersion and decision making.

Considering their price, the N2’s comfort and build quality are pretty good.

Its features are strong relative to their price, which is the underlying theme running through the N2.


With one “good enough” feature after another, the NUBWO N2 is an extremely cost-effective gaming headset.

Games are where they really shine. You can wear them for music or movies, but they’re best for gaming.

Regardless of whether you’re a casual player or not, the N2 are a good option at this price point.

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