Havit Gaming Headphones Review: 4 Important Things To Know!


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Playing games on a desktop PC, notebook or smartphone is a pleasure in itself.

For some people, especially if the game being played is a favorite favorite game, the enjoyment is incomparable.

Especially if we play games without being distracted or feeling guilty for disturbing others.

Well, in order to reach that point, we need additional tools. Especially if it’s not gaming headphones.

Why headphones? Because if only earphones, aka inserted into the ear canal…

…will generally cause a feeling of discomfort if we use it for a long duration.

Unlike headphones, especially the over ear headphones, they have soft and comfortable pads…

…that fall around our ears, and our ears don’t get squashed during playing sessions.

Another advantage, with our ears tightly sealed in the cushion headphones, the noise from our surroundings…

…can be reduced or even become inaudible, and the sound of our games will not disturb the people around us.

Well, of the many over-ear headphones on the market, there is one model that is cheap…

…and cheerful but is sufficient to meet the criteria for gaming headphones. It is the Havit Gaming Headphones Review…

…that we happen to be discussing this time. What do these headphones look like?

Havit Gaming Headphone Overview

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On the market, there are a plethora of low-cost gaming headphones.

There are also some hidden gems among them that have a lot to offer for a low price.

The Havit H2002D is approximately 40 Euros. Due to the combined 3.5 mm jack connection with adapter…

…it is compatible with PC, Xbox, and even PS4. We put the headset to the test for you.

Havit is a brand created by Guangzhou Havit Technology, a manufacturer of computer and gaming accessories…

…that was founded in 1998 in Guangdong, China and now has an international representative office in Hong Kong.

The products are quite complete, ranging from mice, keyboards, speakers…

…laptop coolers, USB hubs, chargers, webcams, to headphones.

For the audio itself, the product line is quite complete.

Starting from the H series, the very complete Classic to wireless Bluetooth as well…

…as portable speakers and gaming headphones. And the Havit HV-2116D is one of its superior products.

Let’s hear the story about Havit Gaming Headphones Review needs.

Words from Jack

I think as a normal teenagers, i really love all about game…

but it is not just kind of what games that a played…

i need to complete my stuff to support my gaming activity.

And now i need a Havit Gaming Headphones for my hobby.

but I do not know the details and advantages of

Havit Gaming Headphones Review.

Finally I decided to read an article on the internet…

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And now i had great Havit Gaming Headphones to support my hobby!

The current range of headphones/headsets consists of overear, in-ear, aviation and military models.”


Havit Gaming Headphones Review: Design

The price of the Havit HV-H2116D Headset is also quite cheap, for a gaming headset.

As an illustration, we bought this one gaming headset at a price range of Rp. 95 thousand at Tokopedia.

Plus shipping costs, a total of around Rp. 110 thousand.

We deliberately chose this product because if you want to find a quality gaming headset that is expensive, it’s not difficult.

Expensive prices almost certainly good stuff. But the price is cheap, we have to find a good one, right?

In terms of shape, the Havit Gaming Headphones Review has a fashionable design while still prioritizing user comfort.

The Havit HV-H2116D headset has a gaming style with sharp and clear sound quality.

Havit gaming headphones review
Credit: thesource. Ca

It has the minimum requirements needed for a gaming headset.

The speaker cushion is soft, the speaker is large enough and there is also…

…a microphone that can be bent according to the contours of the user’s face and his favorite position.

The headband of the Havit Gaming Headphones Review is also made of soft foam covered with soft material…

…so that it is comfortable on the head. The size can also be shortened depending on the needs of the user.

The material itself is flexible enough so it doesn’t pinch our heads too much.

These headphones have a fairly long cable which is about 1.8 meters and also have a volume…

…controller so that users can adjust the loudness level directly when they are busy playing games or…

…enjoying movies, without having to adjust the volume from games, multimedia player software or from settings.

audio belonging to the operating system.

There are two jacks used. One for audio output and one for microphone.

For those of you who have a notebook with a separate audio input output port…

…or connect it to a sound card on a desktop PC, it will be very helpful to get maximum audio input output.

Keep going…

Havit Gaming Headphones Review: Specification

In terms of specifications, these over ear headband-style headphones use wired for connection to the source device.

The connector port used is a 3.5 millimeter jack which is separate between the audio output and microphone input.

The supported devices are desktop PCs or notebooks, tablet PCs or smartphones.

It has a noise cancellation function included in the included microphone.

From the output side, the diameter of the speakers used on the left and right is 40 millimeters with a stereo type.

The speaker impedance is 32 ohms with a power of 110 decibels.

The supported audio frequency itself is between 20 to 20,000Hz.

From our experience using these headphones for several weeks, apart from playing games…

…this device is also suitable for multimedia. The resulting bass sound is quite pronounced…

…whether in the game or when listening to music. When used to play online games…

…the microphone also produces good performance because we can communicate smoothly with teammates.

The volume control feature provided by this headset is also relatively comfortable.

It is very smooth when played to reduce the sound. We felt a bit lacking, after more than two months of use…

…the sound produced by the right speaker sometimes disappeared. There seems to be a broken cable inside.

However, if you’re a good user of storing stuff, this may not be the case.

Havit Gaming Headphones Review: Comfort

When it comes to headsets that encircle the ears, the cushioning isn’t the only factor that determines…

…how comfortable they are to use. Outside noise should be muffled, but air circulation should be adequate.

When it comes to gaming, moist ears are a no-no. And the H2002D is a master at it.

Of course, we can’t say how things will be in the summer, but it will most likely be fine. The ears do not sweat.

The Havit Gaming Headphones Review can also be granted a high rating for wearability.

Nothing pushes on our heads, even after prolonged workouts.

The ear cup cushioning could be a little softer, but the headband is excellent.

Here’s the thing…

Havit Gaming Headphones Review: Recording and Sound Quality

Now we’ll get to the part where Havit Gaming Headphones Review really needs to leave points on the table…

…and we have to tell you not to buy it. The sound quality hasn’t deteriorated much. The bass is not overpowering…

…but it is plainly discernible. The trebles could be a little more exact, but the mids and lows are still adequate.

The microphone’s recording quality is quite poor. Not only is the picture quality bad…

…but background noise isn’t even filtered out. Everything is audible in a room of around 18 m2.

And, no matter how far away you are from the carrier, in the same volume.

And finally…

Sum Up

The Havit Gaming Headphones Review’s first impression already foreshadows awful things to come.

However, based on the optics and workmanship of the headset, this cannot be confirmed in any case.

Regardless of the low price, it can be seen here. In terms of sound, the Havit Gaming Headphones Review…

…isn’t up to par, but it’s still serviceable. The headset is utterly worthless, especially with the microphone, and we can…

…only warn you against purchasing it. Unless you don’t care about your other players, this headset is worth considering.


In conclusion, the cheap price of the Havit Gaming Headphones Review also makes them ideal for all targeted…

…market segments, especially hooligans like us. The sound quality produced is absolutely stunning for the price.

You could say the Havit Gaming Headphones Review can be the best headphones in its class. That is under $50.

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