Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse Quality Review: 2 Important Things To Know!

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I set out to Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse Quality Review a little over four years ago.

After nearly a year of use, I wrote a strange evaluation of the G603 instead.

In the realm of PC gaming peripherals, that was a very different period.

The hot new item was larger, heavier gadgets with adjustable weights.

Wireless peripherals with impressive battery economy were just starting to become a reality.

The present concept of light, compact mice that last for days on a single charge…

…and can play games at high speeds was not even a glimmer in a designer’s eye at the time.

Logitech is a household name in the technological world, but that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten their roots.

Yes, they iterate on their designs every 6 to 18 months like everyone else…

…but they have a greater backlog of older designs on store shelves than their competitors.

They don’t abandon a successful product just because a newer one is available.

I’m not sure why they cling to the classics so much.

I purchased the Logitech shortly after it was released in 2017. It had a PixArt 3366 sensor at the time.

This evaluation is based on my original item, which now serves as a decent backup mouse…

…in my closet and which I still use now and again to remember how different the market used to be.

So this is Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse Quality Review for you.

Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse Quality Overview

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In 2021, if you want to buy a G703, you won’t be able to get the original model.

It has been updated twice throughout the years. The first one replaced the PixArt sensor inside with a newer “HERO”…

…type from Logitech. The HERO sensor performs similarly to the Pixart sensor, but with far higher battery economy.

The sensor inside was changed to the newer 25,000 DPI HERO type in a recent iteration…

…giving the current version of the mouse a battery rating of about 60 hours if the lights are turned off.

My old model gets slightly over 30 hours of use, or roughly 22 hours if I leave the lights on, which I prefer.

The G703 retails for $99 (official site here), which puts it up against some stiff competition.

It gets frequent reductions, so if you’re planning to buy it, I’d recommend avoiding paying full price if you can avoid it.

The mouse, a USB dongle, an optional extra 10g weight, a USB-A to micro USB cable with Logitech’s classic…

…strange fork on the end, and a little dock to place the dongle closer to your mouse are all included in the box.

This Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse Quality Review was one of the first to support…

…Logitech’s Powerplay wireless charging system, which it continues to do today. However, this necessitates…

…the use of an unique mouse mat as well as an optional weight puck that lies inside the compartment.

Let’s hear the story about Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse Quality Review needs.

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A computer mouse (plural mice, sometimes mouses) is a hand-held pointing device that detects two-dimensional motion relative to a surface.”


Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse Quality Review: Performance

My G703 is still going strong after four years of heavy use and occasional closet storage.

Despite its unique off-angle positioning, the sensor inside tracks well, and the switches under the buttons haven’t failed yet.

It may lack many of the capabilities that current mice are expected to have, but it still performs…

…as well as a much newer one. Even in the early iterations of their “Lightspeed” wireless technology…

…Logitech nailed it, and it feels indistinguishable from using a cable mouse.

Logitech wireless gaming mouse quality review
Credit: uciregno. Com

The mouse’s 100g weight is obvious, and while it’s not clunky, it seems significantly larger than any other…

…mouse I own or have tested in the last two years. With the extra weight fitted, I can’t fathom ever utilizing it.

It doesn’t move as smoothly as the Razer Basilisk Ultimate…

…and its wide rounded shape isn’t as comfy as the HyperX Pulsefire Dart.

Even though I’m sure I’ve exceeded the battery’s “ideal” working life, it’s still going strong inside mine.

Even with the sensor working at a 1000Hz polling rate and a high DPI, I can obtain slightly over 20 hours of use.

I have no doubt that Logitech’s newer iterations of this mouse will hit their battery targets.

Despite the outstanding clicks and tracking performance, I am not a fan of the mouse wheel.

The wheel is about two friction steps from free-spinning, with a mushy click to the steps that I don’t like.

The middle button’s click function is satisfactory, but spinning the wheel is weird and unsatisfactory.

This isn’t due to mouse wear and tear; it’s been this way from the start. This is one of the greatest…

…solutions available if you like a gentler mouse wheel scroll step. At the very least, I’d like some additional feedback.

Here’s the thing…

Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse Quality Review: Comfort

There’s no avoiding the fact that the Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse Quality Review is a large…

…bulky peripheral that isn’t exactly what most gamers are seeking for right now.

I have three other larger mice on hand right now, but none of them compare to the Logitech G703’s comfort.

In comparison, the Kone Pro Air is a sleek, aerodynamic beast that weights far less. Although the Razer Basilisk…

…Ultimate is also large, the thumb rest makes it more comfortable and it does not protrude as much into my hand.

The Pulsefire Dart’s dramatic swoop is even more like a nineties-era productivity mouse than the…

…Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse Quality Review smooth curves, and its padded rubber…

…sides feel luxury compared to the Logitech model’s odd sticky rubber.

That’s not to say the Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse Quality Review isn’t a pleasure to hold.

It’s best held with a full palm grip, as it will make touch with every area of your palm.

The rear of the mouse has a wide rounded bump, and although if the sides aren’t very scooped out…

…there’s still enough area for your non-clicking fingers to rest without contacting the work surface.

While the rubber sides aren’t my favorite in terms of texture or feel, they do an excellent…

…job of keeping sticky during hectic gaming sessions.

While this was an iconic shape when it first appeared in the Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse Quality Review…

…it’s now showing its age as more refined shapes have succeeded it.

This is still usable and acceptable, but once you’ve seen modern designs, you may not want to return.

And finally…

Sum Up

Why wasn’t the G403 Wireless mouse just called that? Why has Logitech kept updating and selling this…

…model with newer sensors when the undoubtedly superior G Pro Wireless is available for about $30 more?

Is it really necessary for me to tell you to spend $99 on this when the Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse Quality Review…

…costs $60 and has the same number of buttons in a sleeker design with changeable batteries that last an eternity?

From this Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse Quality Review, hopefully those questions will be answered.


The Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse Quality Review is a mouse from another era.

If you’re nostalgic for this particular shape, it still performs as well as a modern mouse should…

…but it lacks the functionality, svelteness, and extras that I’d expect from a recent model.

Even if it’s still a good mouse, you’d be better off picking anything else from the shelf of newer mice.

That’s all about Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse Quality Review for you.

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