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  • Review of the Kotion G2100 - Amazing Gaming Headset You Must Have! - Work Rift

    Review of the Kotion G2100 – Amazing Gaming Headset You Must Have!

    Review of the Kotion G2100

    We are going to provide you with a review of the Kotion G2100 in this article.

    This gaming headset comes packaged with two leaflets.

    Despite the fact that both leaflets I received are in Chinese…

    …there is nothing in English, so not much assistance is provided…

    …although the instructions are easy to understand.

    Jonathan has a few words to say…

    During the previous night’s gaming session, I accidentally broke my best friend’s headset.

    I was terrified that he would get mad at me.

    I looked online for the same type and brand of his gaming headset that I broke.

    The mouse appears to be an affordable gaming mouse, whereas I thought it would be a pricey one.

    So I told him that I had broken his gaming headset and bought him a new one.

    He was thanking me for being responsible for mistakes I made, not mad at me.

    Let’s jump right in!

    Review of the Kotion G2100 Gaming Headset

    Review of the Kotion G2100

    Wearing the headset is very comfortable…

    …and I’m very happy with how comfortable it was.

    I could wear this headset all day since it has so much padding…

    …on the headband area and around the ears.

    Although I don’t have a big head, I had to open up the headset…

    …to the maximum size for it to fit comfortably on my head.

    When you put this headset on and it fits correctly, it truly blocks out all outside sounds.

    Anyone who plays a lot of video games will know that corded cables are far better than plastic cables…

    …as they will fray whereas this material cord will not…

    …and can withstand some bending and movement.

    The cable has a plastic panel for controlling the sound…

    …as well as three connectors at the end, a USB, a 3.5mm green, and a 3.5mm red.

    In order to use the sound, you need the green 3.5mm jack, and the red 3.5mm jack…

    …must be plugged into the mic on your computer, but here’s my first problem.

    Since my laptop only has one connector, I cannot accurately test a mic and sound at the same time.

    Depending on your preference, the microphone can either be positioned upwards or down to one side.

    The microphone would not lower more than a right angle with the headset…

    …so it was around my nose instead of closer to my mouth.

    I tried plugging the red cable into my laptop to test the microphone…

    …(as I have done with other headphones and headsets) and it didn’t work.

    The sound didn’t come through. The microphone hole was completely silent…

    …even when I rubbed my finger over it. Even though I had only tested this on my laptop…

    …and not on a computer with separate sound and microphone ports…

    …I am disappointed since another headset I’ve reviewed worked perfectly and delivered very clear audio.

    Sound can be heard without plugging in the USB cable, but if you do, two things will be powered.

    The lights on the headset and the vibration function.

    On both outer cups of the headset, there are just static blue lights.

    The other feature is the vibration function, which I will explain further below.

    Keep reading…

    You can adjust both the volume and the vibration by using the plastic panel along the cable.

    When playing games you sometimes just want to make certain parts of the game…

    …a bit louder so you can turn the big wheel clockwise to boost the volume.

    I like this very simple and manual sound adjustment.

    On the other button is a switch that turns on or off the vibration feature.

    It’s worth trying the headset without this feature first, so you can see what a difference it makes.

    You get excellent sound when playing games. It’s clear enough but has a lot of bass.

    Perhaps too much bass for those interested in their music…

    …but if you want to hear the deep rumble of explosions and gunfire…

    …you can’t beat that deep bass sound.

    The sound quality and stereo for the game are good…

    …however, I’m not a big fan of the vibration feature, although some may enjoy it.

    Turning on the vibration will make every sound with a deep bass sound even stronger…

    …the bass will be louder, deeper, and it will vibrate in your head a little.

    When you touch the headset while you hear these rumbles, you will feel a vibration.

    It’s not a strong vibration like a games controller…

    …but quite subtle and probably designed to cause your skull…

    …to vibrate when listening to deep sounds. For me, this is not my cup of tea.

    I’m not a fan of vibrating my skull anyway, but that’s not the reason why I don’t like this feature.

    As the bass sound became so deep, it took away from the other sounds in the game.

    This feature may be quite appealing to some people..

    …but personally I’d rather hear the music and higher sounds of the game rather…

    …than feel them in my head, so I continued using this headset with the vibration turned off.

    Perhaps you are wondering…

    Things to Consider Before Buying Gaming Headset

    Review of the Kotion G2100

    Considerations for platforms

    When choosing a headset, the platform you will be playing on is the very first thing you need to consider.

    Or in other words, if you are purchasing this headset for a console or PC.

    Microsoft Xbox One, Apple Mac and PC are among the most popular platforms.

    The most important thing is compatibility.

    Platforms determine which headset model you will use…

    …and not all headsets are compatible with all consoles. Check the connector types.

    Does it have a USB port or is it just a 3.5 mm audio jack?

    The majority of USB headsets will work with consoles, but many 3.5 mm headsets will not.

    Almost everything works on PC (because they’re awesome).

    Sound Quality

    This is one of the top features to consider.

    For the best headset, good sound is a must-have feature.

    Playing competitive games is always more enjoyable…

    …when you can hear gunshots, footsteps, and any other action’s sounds.

    It should produce 7.1 virtual surround sound, which is not offered by typical speaker sets.

    Almost all local shops will let you try out their models to determine sound quality…

    …(Walmart has headsets on display for trialing)…

    …and it’s pretty satisfying to know what you’re buying is worthwhile.

    Although online purchases limit you to other customer reviews…

    …(although these can be helpful), you will be able to see more detailed specifications and comparisons online.

    “When it comes to sound, trust your gut and your ears. You should narrow down your list based on budget and essential includes, then test your top picks and try to feel out which sounds the best for you.”



    Review of the Kotion G2100

    The amount of comfort a gaming headset provides really depends…

    …on how long you plan to keep it on your head (8 hours or so, right?).

    In general, headsets that provide well-equalized sounds and come with soft “over the ear”…

    …yet holding ear cups provide more comfort.

    If you’re like me and sometimes play for hours on end…

    …the last thing you need is a super uncomfortable headset on your head.

    It’s a good rule of thumb to look…

    …for the best gaming headsets if they’re intrusive or hurt your ears.

    The best gaming headset should be comfortable and lightweight.

    When you’re playing games for hours on end…

    …the last thing you want is a heavy anvil resting on your head.

    Size is important, as is sound quality, but comfort is equally important.

    Go on…


    Most of the games you like to play are multiplayer, team-based…

    …or you’ve bought into this craze of Battle Royale…

    …which means you’ll need a headset with a solid microphone…

    …to communicate with your teammates.

    The majority of gaming models today come with decent mics, not the best…

    …but they’ll do the job in an emergency.

    If you find a mouse that has noise cancellation technology…

    …then your friends will only hear you and not your cat, Mr. Fiddlesticks, trying to get your attention.

    A good headset will come with software, or be designed in a way…

    …that enables you to turn the microphone on and off.

    Many work by simply raising the boom arm to a vertical position, and it automatically switches off.

    Chat can be disabled when you don’t need it or when it gets in the way of some single player mayhem.

    You can also use a good mic for things other than gaming…

    …like long distance Skype calls or starting a podcast about a guy and his cat.


    A gaming headset should have a sleek and ergonometric design…

    …as well as the ability to be highly durable.

    If you’re buying anything important…

    …you want to be sure your investment will last the test of time.

    In general, high-quality headset models are made with stronger materials…

    …such as steel and aluminum, high-quality plastic for the structure…

    …and leather for the covering, especially the ear cups.

    High-quality materials are more likely to last and withstand beatings than cheaper ones.

    Be sure to read reviews that mention durability. What are the headsets made of…

    …did they break quickly after purchase or did they last for a long time?

    Personal experience has taught me that poorly constructed audio boxes tend to get stepped on…

    …the leather straps over the cranium snap, and sometimes the microphone breaks off.

    If you buy a headset with high durability today, you will save money…

    …in the long run by never having to purchase another one.

    Open or Closed?

    Having an open headset allows you to still hear sounds around you.

    This is beneficial if you’re not playing anything too competitive…

    …or if you want to listen to other sounds while playing (e.g. music from Netflix).

    In contrast, closed headsets are better for competitive games (like Fortnite or PUBG)…

    …as they will allow you to focus on the action at hand.

    Noise cancellation features on closed headsets are amazing…

    …and they block out the outside sounds to keep you focused.

    Wired or Wireless?

    You can choose between a wired or wireless headset depending on the setup of your gaming room.

    To connect a wired headset, you will have to work with a variety of wires and ports.

    Having cables crisscrossing all over your room causes cables to get damaged…

    …audio boxes to get stepped on, and there is more clutter in your room.

    You may not be able to sit where you like while playing due to the length of the headphones cable.

    On the other hand, wireless headsets offer superior performance.

    You don’t have to worry about extra cutters or cable lengths since they can be used wherever you like.

    You will need to charge wireless-only headsets every day, and they need a network connection.

    Models with cradles make it easy to place the headset on the cradle when you’re finished.

    There are some complaints about sound quality loss over a wireless connection.

    Check reviews to see if this is often mentioned.

    In conclusion, most headsets have great battery life, sound great, and are reliable for long periods of time.

    Sum Up!

    You can fully enjoy gaming only if you have a high-performance headset.

    It is possible to choose from a wide variety of headset brands and models…

    …depending on some of the points we discussed, such as your platform…

    ….the sound quality, what you find comfortable, the best microphone…

    …good durability, the style of the headset, and whether it is wired or wireless.

    Although all these factors should play a role in the selection of a great gaming headset…

    …ultimately it comes down to personal preference.

    Which headset makes you feel good, which one helps you get your game on…

    …and which one doesn’t interfere with your gaming experience?

    Before buying a gaming headset, consider the factors we discussed, be cautious…

    …do some research (e.g. watch YouTube analyzer videos)…

    …and maybe, just maybe, you will find the perfect one.


    These have good general sound quality, a good stereo…

    …and they are comfortable to wear and block out all outside noise.

    It does not seem to work with the microphone (at least not with a one-port laptop)…

    …and the rumble feature is unnecessary for me.

    This is an overall good product, but one that I’m having trouble giving more stars.

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