RAPOO VH500 Gaming Headphone Review – Best Wired Headset With Microphones

Rapoo vh500 gaming headphone

The Rapoo VH500 gaming headphone is a wired device that offers crisp audio for gaming.

The RAPOO VH500 is an on-ear headphone with noise-canceling technology.

It features a retractable microphone and voice-activated controls.

The RAPOO VH500 Gaming Headphone has been a long time coming.

It started with the idea of combining the audio performance of studio headphones…

…with the features and comfort of over-ear headphones, we’re happy to say…

…that it is as good as we had hoped. The VH500 gaming headphones are a great choice for gamers.

They offer a very comfortable fit and come with some added features that make them even more useful.

The fact that they are foldable is quite an advantage, as it saves space and makes them easy to carry around.

RAPOO’s VH500 is a gaming headset with one of the best sound profiles.

It is relatively affordable, and comfortable, and the mic quality is great.

It has a good build quality and the Apt-X technology allows for low latency playback.

The design doesn’t look that bad either. The RAPOO VH500 is a high-end gaming headphone with solid sound quality.

Its large 50mm drivers deliver clear mid-range sound, and the bass can get a bit muddy…

…if not set properly. It’s a great choice for gamers looking for high-quality audio…

…but with the added bonus of being a versatile headphone that works well for almost any activity.

If you are looking for a great gaming headset, the Rapoo VH500 is a must-have.

This product is designed for those people who are into video gaming or are a gamer themselves.

This headset can be used as a primary headset or as a backup.

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Here are a few words from Danny…

Let’s start with a little background.

I’ve had my RAPOO VH500 gaming headset for about 4 months.

I have used it to play games, listen to music and talk on Skype,…

and it’s performed admirably in every way.

The headphones are very comfortable and lightweight,…

and they can easily be taken off and put back on.

They even look good!

Before we continue, you can find the fact about gaming headphones on our blog.

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Now let’s jump right in!

RAPOO VH500 Gaming Headphone Review

Rapoo vh500 gaming headphone
Credit: m.dx.com

Did you know, that the global market for gaming headsets is a part of the global market…

…for interactive home entertainment in the media and entertainment industry.

2021 is designated by Technavio as the base year and the prediction term is 2022–2026.

From 2021 to 2026, the market for gaming headsets is expected to increase in size by USD 1.19 billion.

Well, RAPOO is one of the many brands of headphones on the market, and we will discuss them here.

RAPOO VH500 Gaming Headphone is a good gaming headphone.

It comes with excellent features, amazing sound quality, and great comfort.

It provides very high sound quality and good bass as well.

It also comes with a very comfortable headband and ear cups.

This headphone also has a mic for clear calls.

RAPOO VH500 Gaming Headphone is a gaming headphone that comes with a USB-C connector.

The ear cups are made of plastic, and the headband is made of metal.

It has a volume control knob and a power button on the right ear cup.

The RAPOO VH500 is a gaming headphone with a detachable microphone.

It is equipped with a detachable mic that can be used for gaming.

It is a powerful headphone with a 3.5mm jack and detachable cable.

The VH500 has an open-back design, which means that the headphones will block outside noise…

…and provide better sound quality. RAPOO VH500 Gaming Headphone is one of the best gaming headphones…

…that are designed to deliver quality sound and support all kinds of gaming…

…whether it is online or offline. It is a wired headphone that comes with a range of features…

…that makes it a perfect gaming headphone. It has a very comfortable design…

…and it is also very lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around.

Keep reading…


RAPOO VH500 Gaming Headphone is an amazing gaming headphone…

…that offers very good sound quality and is comfortable to wear.

The RAPOO VH500 is a gaming headphone designed to deliver sound with deep bass, clear treble, and rich mids.

Its stylish design makes it a great choice for those who want to experience powerful sound in the gaming world.

RAPOO VH500 Gaming Headphone is a headphone for gaming and audio.

It is a very lightweight headphone with a built-in microphone for calls.

It has a powerful bass and crystal clear sound quality.

It is designed to provide the user with an immersive sound experience.

A gaming headphone is a gadget that is very useful in the process of playing games.

It provides the best quality of sound output, and the comfort level is also very high.

Moreover, you can use it while traveling, while working out or while going to sleep.

check price on work rift

Perhaps you are wondering…

How to Choose the Best Cheap Gaming Headset

Credit: dx.com

The availability of inexpensive gaming headsets is practically a necessity today.

However, there are so many options available that you may become confused.

The last thing you want is a bad gaming headset – you will certainly pay for it.

Here are some things you should know and consider before making a final decision.


A good gaming headset should be compatible with your device…

…otherwise, it will be of no use to you. The headset you choose should be compatible with your device.

Computers can be connected to a USB port with a cable to use a corded or wireless headset.

Alternatively, mobile phones need jacks to connect corded gaming headsets and Bluetooth wireless headphones.

You should read the specifications before purchasing a gaming headset to make sure it is compatible with your device.

Wireless or Wire

In general, wireless gaming headsets do not have a cable, whereas wired gaming headsets do.

Let’s first examine each of their pros and cons and then let you decide which is right for you.

Wireless Headsets

More and more manufacturers are creating wireless versions…

…of gaming headsets in recent years. Bluetooth technology…

…can connect wireless headsets to your PC so you can use them.

It’s great to be able to walk around the house and get yourself some snacks…

…while you listen to audio or talk to a friend using a wireless gaming headset…

…or you can cook or clean while listening to audio or talking to your friend.

The restrictions are fewer. You can only move a certain distance away from the connected device…

…as the connection may be interrupted. Furthermore, wireless gaming headsets usually work with any device…

…or console that supports wireless headset standards.

However, even the best wireless gaming headsets have limited battery life.

As soon as the wireless headset battery is depleted you must recharge it again,…

…so their use is limited to a few hours. Wireless gaming headsets are also more expensive.

Wired Gaming Headsets

They are generally lighter than wireless headsets, and they do not require batteries to operate.

Wired gaming headsets are widely available so you are able to pick a wired headset…

…that meets your needs. Additionally, they are more convenient to use…

…since you don’t have to worry about setting them up or losing them.

Wired gaming headsets, on the other hand, do not offer freedom of movement.

Since the gaming headsets aren’t able to function once the wire is cut…

…your movement will be limited. Furthermore, they are more vulnerable to damage…

…if you don’t take care of the wires and tangles. You may choose the wired gaming headset…

…that you find more convenient based on these pros and cons.

Go on…


You need to consider comfort when choosing the best cheap gaming headsets…

…since you will be wearing them quite often, and you would want to feel comfortable while doing so.

A budget gaming headset that is comfortable to wear, even for extended periods, is a wise choice.

If you feel squeezed up wearing your headset, then you are sure to be disturbed when playing. So choose a headset that is comfortable enough and will let you play for long hours.

Raj Paritosh – Author at Top10gears.com


You don’t want your headband to be too heavy and press on your ears or crown…

…as this will cause headaches and fatigue. When you don’t notice that you’re wearing a gaming headset…

…you’ve found a good fit. Choosing an adjustable headset is also a good idea.


The second thing to look at is the ear cups or ear pads including their shape, material,…

…and whether they are open or closed. The open designs are breathable…

…because they don’t cover the ear and let some air in.

While the closed design completely covers your ears…

…you can enjoy the full experience without any outside noise.

On-ear ear pads are best suited to small ears while oval over-ear ear pads are best suited to larger ears.

Comfortable materials should be used for both types.

Fabrics can be used to cover ear pads to keep them breathable.

Earcups filled with memory foam fit your head perfectly in some expensive headphones.

Price Range

When it comes to today’s best deals, the prices of the best budget gaming headphones vary from brand to brand.

Generally, a cheaper product won’t deliver the same quality as an expensive one.

You should go for the best quality you can afford, depending on your budget.

If you want a gaming headset that will last for many years, consider a model in the mid-to-high range.

It is important to do your research to find one that is of good quality…

…because if you are spending money, you should be sure the product is worth it!

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Sum Up

RAPOO VH500 Gaming Headphone is a high-end headphone with a sleek design and amazing sound quality.

If you are looking for gaming headphones, this one is perfect for you.

It has a lightweight build, great sound quality, and amazing noise-canceling features.

It also comes with an in-line microphone which lets you take calls without removing the headphones.

It’s not only good for gaming but also has many other uses like working out, watching movies, etc.

So, for the last…


The RAPOO VH500 Gaming Headphone is a solid choice…

…for those who are looking for a good pair of headphones.

With the great performance and design,…

…it’s no wonder that this gaming headphone has so many fans around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the RAPOO VH500 compare to other popular gaming headphones on the market?

An innovative product on the market, the RAPOO VH500 gaming headphone…

…has some benefits over other well-liked headphones.

First and foremost, the detachable cable on the RAPOO VH500 makes it simpler to operate and travel.

This implies that you can quickly replace cables if one breaks or wears out.

Furthermore, the rotating ear cups provide an ideal fit even when wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Finally, the RAPOO VH500’s audio quality is superb, both in terms of reproduction and clarity,…

…making it a perfect option for gamers seeking the highest sound quality.

Are there any downsides to consider when using the RAPOO VH500?

The RAPOO VH500 gaming headset doesn’t really have any significant drawbacks,…

…but keep in mind that it is a touch on the pricey side.

If occasional use is all that interests you, perhaps a different choice would be more cost-effective.

Additionally, as with any gaming headphones, ear cups that rotate can be uncomfortable…

…and may result in ear fatigue, so it is advised against using them for an extended period of time.

Is Rapoo VH510 good?

The Rapoo VH510 is a friendly PC gaming solution.

Despite the garish RGB and awful mute toggle, the sound quality is acceptable,…

…and it fits comfortably around your ears.

This simple, lightweight design is undoubtedly what some budget-conscious gamers are searching for.

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