ROBOTSKY Wired Gaming Mouse 3200DPI RGB Review – A Great Value for the Price!

Robotsky wired gaming mouse 3200dpi rgb review

This is a Robotsky Wired Gaming Mouse 3200DPI RGB review, read on to find out more!

The new RobotSky Wired Gaming Mouse is a great mouse…

…for anyone looking for a fast, accurate, comfortable, and versatile gaming mouse.

It features a high-definition optical sensor, high-quality rubber side grips, and a scroll wheel.

If you’re an avid PC gamer, you know it can be tough to find a mouse that fits your play style—and your budget.

Here are a few words from Joanna…

One of the features I appreciate about this mouse is the weight.

It’s nice to use a heavier mouse that doesn’t feel all light and flimsy.

A large mouse pad is also a welcome addition.

It’s one thing to have a smaller mouse pad and the mouse just sits on top of it…

…but this one has a nice grip to it and feels more solid.

It makes the mouse more comfortable to use and allows it to sit on the desk without slipping.

Now let’s get started…

ROBOTSKY Wired Gaming Mouse 3200DPI RGB Review

Robotsky wired gaming mouse 3200dpi rgb review

The ROBOTSKY Wired Gaming Mouse 3200DPI LED is one…

…of the most powerful gaming mice on the market today.

But while it’s incredibly versatile, the mouse can also get pricey.

However, the good news is that ROBOTSKY offers a three-month warranty for the mouse.

So if the company fails to fix a problem, they will replace it free of charge.

To see if the warranty covers this issue, contact the company directly.

You might want to consider doing so before purchasing the mouse.

This mouse is designed to help you play games on a computer or other gaming consoles.

It has a 3200 DPI optical sensor, which means that it can deliver fast and accurate cursor movements.

It also has a click button that is located on the top of the mouse. It is a high-end mouse with great functionality.

If you want to get some good quality gaming equipment, this is the best product you could ever find.

This is a high-quality mouse and it has a lot of features that are essential for gamers.

It can be used on any surface, including the desktop.

It is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people. You can also customize it to suit your needs.

The best part of this mouse is its sensitivity. It can adjust its movement as you use it.

There are six different buttons on the mouse, which makes it easier for you to control your game.

With the advancement of technology, there has been a rise in the popularity of gaming.

Gaming has become a huge business, where the software developers…

…have made huge advancements in the gaming industry.

There are various different types of games available…

…but one thing is common, they all require you to use a mouse.

Keep reading…


A mouse can be used for playing games, and it is also used for browsing on the internet.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a good mouse that can offer you all the benefits

If you are looking for a gaming mouse

…the ROBOTSKY Wired Gaming Mouse 3200DPI LED is the one to get.

This mouse is more than just a gaming mouse;

…it’s an all-around great mouse for productivity and entertainment.

It has been designed with ergonomics in mind and works well with both left-handed and right-handed users.

The ROBOTSKY Wired Gaming Mouse 3200DPI LED is a good mouse for gamers…

…and those who spend most of their time on their computers.

It’s got plenty of buttons, has an ergonomic design, and comes with RGB lighting effects.

But it lacks other features that gamers look for in a mouse, such as its lack of adjustable weight.

The ROBOTSKY Wired Gaming Mouse is an advanced gaming mouse with many features.

It uses a pressure sensitive sensor that allows for quick and accurate control…

…it has six programmable buttons, a turbo button and a convenient tilt wheel.

The mouse also has RGB illumination with 16.8 million colours and supports Omron switches.

The ROBOTSKY Wired Gaming Mouse 3200DPI LED is a great mouse…

…for those who want to play games with a mouse that has a stylish design and the best performance.

It is one of the best gaming mice in the market, and you can use it for all your gaming needs.

It has multiple features that you need in a gaming mouse..

…and it also has multiple settings that you can use for your gaming needs.

It is compatible with almost all types of games and can be used for both left-handed and right-handed gamers.

We all have to buy a mouse from time to time, but most of us have to go for cheap ones, which aren’t worth the money.

The mouse has an aluminum body, which is in combination with the optical sensor, provides the best performance.

The mouse is capable of handling different games and has an inbuilt sensor for acceleration and deceleration.

It also features a USB pass-through port for charging the device.

check price on work rift

Perhaps you are wondering…

What to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Mouse?


Laser or Optical Sensor

This is a question that divides many gamers.

According to legend, true gamers used optical mice…

…because they provide a more responsive sensor and enhanced gaming experience.

In addition, optical mice do not exhibit lag, unlike laser mice.

Laser technology has made huge strides in recent years…

…and some people now argue that laser lag is practically nonexistent.

Then again, there are certainly some mouse manufacturers…

…who specialize in laser gaming mice with no lag…

…as their flagship products and focus solely on a lag-free experience.


Regardless of whether the mouse will be used for gaming…

…or office work, it will have its own DPI rating.

In general, the higher the DPI rating, the less you have…

…to move the mouse for the cursor on the screen to move for distance.

It is advisable to choose between 800 – 1000 DPI if you wish to feel the exact motion…

…of your cursor and have the greatest control over the character/cross-hair/cursor.

Anything more than this will result in you overshooting the mark.

There are some people who find that their best gaming mice setup differs…

…for each game and that different DPI settings can be used exclusively for each game.

Even a high DPI can be beneficial at times…

…so this option is more about the feel of the mouse in a game…

…and how well you can adapt to a low or highly responsive mouse.

On the top of the main body, most gaming mice will have a DPI switch… that you can change the DPI settings on-the-fly.

“DPI refers to the rate of pixels your screen cursor will move per inch of movements of the mouse. Consequently, the size of your screen will determine the appropriate DPI. If you have a larger screen, you need a higher DPI mouse because it results in a more significant mouse movement on the screen per inch of the progress of the mouse. The process can enhance your gaming experience.”

Wired or Wireless

It wasn’t that long ago that you would be laughed off your server…

…if you tried playing games on a PC with a wireless gamer mouse.

It was simply not possible for the technology…

…to handle the responsiveness needed for high-octane, high-speed, and high-reacting games.

For lightning-quick reflexes, you’d have to use a sensor with a lightning-quick response time.

The days of slow-response wireless mice are gone though…

…and there is now a full range of both wired and wireless mice that satisfy even the most ardent gamers.

Wireless mice tend to be more expensive than their wired counterparts…

…so if you won’t ever need one go for a wired mouse.

Left or Right Handed

I think this is a pretty straightforward question! Go for a right-handed mouse if you’re right-handed.

Go for a left-handed mouse if you’re left-handed. Do you get it? Great!

Claw Grip or Palm Grip

Claw grips have a very distinctive shape and allow the user to position the mouse…

…in the rear of their palm by shaping their hand into a claw.

In addition to being held and controlled almost entirely by the fingertips of the user’s hand…

…the mouse is also stabilized by the indent of the user’s palm to maintain stability when raised.

For a claw grip, a mouse with a long body and high profile would be ideal.

The claw grip is preferred by gamers who want to move quickly and precisely.

In most cases, the user moves the mouse around by simply pulling it…

…with their fingertips and making fine tuning movements with their fingertip movements.

Due to this, the claw grip can result in a quicker or improved button click.

The downside of the claw grip is the unnatural feeling it has in comparison…

…to the more natural palm grip. It may take users some time…

…to fully appreciate and get used to the strange feeling of the claw grip.

As the skills are honed, fine-tuning movement can also take its toll on the fingertips.

The palm grip is characterized by the user placing their entire hand on top of the mouse.

Using the thumb and heel of the hand to produce pressure, the user can control the mouse.

Since the fingers are placed on the main buttons…

…the clicks can be established by simply pressing any part…

…of the fingers and not necessarily the tips (as in claw grip).

The grip is suitable for mice with a lower profile since the hand profile matches that of the mouse shell.

As a result of the palm grip, the user is able to attain a high IPS…

…(Inches per Second) as they move the mouse with the wrist.

Additionally, it is very comfortable and does not exert incorrect pressure on the wrist, hand, or forearm.

In order to counteract this movement of speed, users may find it more difficult…

…to fine-tune their finger movements since the main movement…

…of the mouse occurs through the wrist and forearm.

Sum Up!

The ROBOTSKY Wired Gaming Mouse 3200DPI LED is one of the best gaming mice for its price.

Not only is it a good mouse at its price point, it is also the most comfortable mouse I have ever used.

It has a comfortable shape and the design is very ergonomic.

The mouse’s side buttons are easy to reach and click with the thumb.

While not all the mouse’s features work on every game…

…the mouse still performs well in a variety of games, from FPS games to RTS.

Overall, the ROBOTSKY Wired Gaming Mouse 3200DPI LED is a solid product that will satisfy many gaming fans.


There are so many different types of gaming mice available on the market…

…that it can be difficult to find the one that is best for you.

Luckily, we have a range of options to choose from, including this wireless mouse from ROBOTSKY.

Designed with professional gamers in mind, this gaming mouse…

…provides all the features you need to become a pro at your favorite game.

With 3200 DPI, it’s perfect for tracking fast-moving objects…

…and taking quick shots without missing any details.

You’ll also appreciate its adjustable weight system and comfortable palm rest…

…that will keep your hands comfortable during long hours of play.

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