Review of the Leaven K550 Gaming Keyboard: Is This The Best Gaming Keyboard You Can Buy?

Review of the leaven k550 gaming keyboard

This review of the Leaven K550 gaming keyboard is going to focus on its usability…

…and comfortableness when it comes to using the keyboard in general.

I’m going to take a look at one of the best gaming keyboards on the market today—the Leaven K550.

This model comes in an attractive black and red color scheme…

…and it features Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches.

This keyboard is perfect for people who play games at a computer…

…and need a quality keyboard with lots of features and no nonsense construction.

It has a comfortable wrist rest and a great layout.

It is wired for long life and it has a very fast response time.

It comes with an inexpensive USB cable…

…a set of colorful sticky key labels and a very useful instruction manual.

This is a great bargain for the serious gamer who wants the best possible keyboard without breaking the bank.

Here are a few words from Darius…

For the past week I’ve been using the Leaven keyboard…

…and I am here to report it’s my favorite gaming keyboard ever.

This keyboard is amazing, so great..

…I decided to sell my previous gaming keyboard and buy this one instead. 

Let’s jump right in!

Review of the Leaven K550 Gaming Keyboard

Review of the leaven k550 gaming keyboard

I had the privilege to review the Leaven K550 gaming keyboard.

This keyboard is made especially for gamers…

…who need a high-performance mechanical keyboard at an affordable price.

Let me tell you something: There are a lot of cheap keyboards on the market today.

However, there are very few high-quality, low-priced keyboards.

The Leaven K550 is one of those high-quality, low-priced keyboards.

The Leaven K550 comes with a full one-year warranty.

The Leaven K550 is a fully programmable mechanical gaming keyboard…

…with a design that is both sleek and comfortable.

The backlit keys are easy to see in a darkened room…

…and the overall feel and quality of the keyboard is superb.

The wrist rest can be adjusted to fit either your hands or your preferred position…

…and the whole keyboard has an overall very premium feel.

The mouse buttons are placed on the sides of the keyboard instead of the top…

…which can cause problems for left-handed people who use a mouse.

Also, it can be difficult to reach some of the arrow keys with your thumb…

…since they are located above the keyboard.

The Leaven K550 has an anti-ghosting technology

…which means you can use all ten of its programmable keys simultaneously.

This gaming keyboard is designed for the hardcore gamer…

…and it comes with an eight-foot USB cable…

…a carrying case, and easy-to-read, English, and Chinese labeling.

Review of the leaven k550 gaming keyboard

Keep reading…

This keyboard has several features that make it unique.

The first one is the media controls.

This allows you to easily change the volume and to mute the audio from the computer.

The second unique feature is the 12 programmable keys that allow you…

…to customize the keys to your liking. Another unique feature is the red LED indicators on the keys.

These keys have three different kinds of LEDs. The first kind is for typing…

…the second kind is for gaming and the third kind is for the number row.

All these together make this keyboard a winner in my book.

It’s also a great keyboard for someone who is just starting out with computers.

At only under $50.00, this is an excellent value.

If you are in the market for a new keyboard, I would recommend that you check out the Leaven K550.

The major drawback to this keyboard is its size; it is quite large and clunky compared to most other keyboards.

This is especially true if you are looking at it from the perspective…

…of someone who is not already using a mechanical keyboard.


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Perhaps you are wondering…

What to Look For When Buying A Gaming Keyboard

Review of the leaven k550 gaming keyboard

How Do You Play?

Playing games on your PC could be as simple as picking up a $20 office keyboard.

If you prefer, you can go to a fancy steakhouse and slather your meal in ketchup…

..or play Beethoven’s complete works on your smartphone speaker.

For your gaming rig to perform at its best, you will need some quality peripherals to go along with it.

You need a keyboard for work, play, and everything in between.

Nevertheless, there are dozens of keyboards on the market…

…that claim to enhance your gaming experience.

Are there any that really will, and which ones are just overpriced digital typewriters?

No matter if you’re building your own PC or upgrading from a pre-built one…

…a good gaming keyboard can streamline your gameplay…

…increase your efficiency and make something as simple as typing feel like a real accomplishment.

You can pick the best keyboard for your setup by following these steps.

Gaming keyboards tend to be more restrained than their gaming mouse counterparts…

…but there are still some important considerations before you start shopping.

Your first step should be to determine how you spend your PC gaming time.

Would you rather play single-player adventures or follow the eSports scene?

Do you need a dozen extra buttons for your MMO raid party…

…or does the extra space required for a numpad cramp your style?

If you need a gaming keyboard, you should determine whether you even need one.

If your PC gaming is limited to the occasional game of League of Legends…

…or watching the episodic Telltale Games releases, a high-end peripheral with expensive switches…

…and fancy lighting is not going to benefit you all that much.

You would be better off investing in a good controller rather than a high-end keyboard…

…if your PC is just a console port. Generally, keyboards work best with first-person shooters…

…strategy games, and MMOs, so if these are your favorite genres, you might benefit from a better keyboard.

Go on…


In general, gaming keyboards don’t fall neatly into neat price categories.

Based on my experience, every company has its own idea of how much a feature…

…like full RGB lighting or mechanical switches is worth, and will charge accordingly.

While there are some very broad guidelines you can use when selecting a keyboard…

…these will vary significantly based on retailer, sales…

…and whether or not there is a newer model about to replace something.

Types of Keyboards

Unlike gaming mice, gaming keyboards don’t get as granular as their counterparts.

The differences between various keyboard types are subtle…

…since every keyboard is an all-purpose peripheral in some way or another.

However, there are at least three general kinds of keyboard to consider.

Gaming keyboards are overwhelmingly all-purpose models.

There are mechanical keyboards here that resemble standard office keyboards…

…but with some extra keys or fancy backlighting to make them stand out.

Most all-purpose keyboards look simple…

…but they usually have some beautiful mechanical switches under the hood.

There may or may not be an extra row of macro buttons.

If you grew up during the ’80s or ’90s and refuse to use a console-style controller…

…these are ideal for FPS, RTS, MOBA or any other type of action/adventure player.

MMO keyboards might be the best choice for gamers who live and die by cooperative online games.

They come with many extra macro keys, often in multiple rows.

The most conservative MMO keyboards have six extra keys…

…but can go up to 18 if you want to fully control your character’s skill rotation.

Make sure you have both the money and desk space to purchase one of these keyboards.

They are often expensive and enormous, so make sure you can afford them.

On the other end of the spectrum, tenkeyless models do away with the numpad completely.

Portable, (relatively) inexpensive, and usually light, these devices allow for easy transport.

Several of them come with a carrying case, or even allow you to disconnect the wire.

A tenkeyless keyboard is well worth considering…

…if you have a small desk or if you’re constantly on the go for tournaments…

…especially paired with a many-buttoned gaming mouse.


In terms of backlighting, gamers generally have three options: none, one color, or full RGB.

In general, backlighting isn’t as useful as it may seem;

…even if you’re not an expert typer, you’ll probably figure out…

…where to put your fingers for game commands.

In contrast, if you have a blue computer case, a blue mouse…

…and a blue power indicator on your monitor, a blazing red keyboard will seem ridiculous.

“RGB features can increase a keyboard’s price by dozens of dollars, so consider carefully whether it’s really something you need. “

Marshall Honorof – Senior Editor at Tom’s Guide

I recommend buying a monocolored keyboard…

…if you can find one that matches your setup, and RGB lighting if you cannot.

If you’re an all-star touch typist, you can simply ignore the lighting.

Backlighting can also help you to synchronize your gaming peripherals, such as gaming mice or headsets.

Some companies, such as Logitech, Razer and SteelSeries…

…offer unified gaming software that links the backlighting across mice, headsets, and keyboards.

Additionally, running only one program instead of three lessens the strain on the system.

Consider purchasing a keyboard from the same manufacturer if you already own a headset or mouse.

Sum Up!

We have taking a look at what makes the Leaven K550 keyboard such a great choice…

…both for new players and seasoned veterans of the keyboarding game.

This is a keyboard that caters to every type of gamer in all walks of life.

It features a full set of multimedia and gaming controls, a numeric keypad…

…an enhanced numpad, and an adjustable palm rest.

In other words, no matter what kind of games you play or how much practice you get in…

…the Leaven K550 is sure to accommodate your needs.


In conclusion, When it comes to keyboards, most people are simply looking for something that works.

Not only does the Leaven K550 deliver on this front…

…it also offers several features that set it apart from other models.

The first is the inclusion of a numeric keypad on the top row of the keyboard.

This allows users to quickly access common math and calculation functions…

…without having to reach for a separate calculator.

Another unique feature is the inclusion of media controls on the top row of the keyboard.

These allow gamers to control their audio settings with just a single keystroke.

This could prove to be an invaluable asset for anyone…

…who finds themselves playing in a noisy public area or even their own living room.

For these and other reasons, the Leaven K550 is an excellent choice…

…for anyone who spends a considerable amount of time at the computer.

Frequently Asked Questions Around Keyboard for Gaming

Are gaming keyboards good for typing?

Playing video games for hours on end can be quite a taxing task on the hands and wrists.

Not only do you have to be agile and fast, but you need to use accurate keyboard movements as well.

If you’re looking for an ergonomic keyboard that will make typing easier and more comfortable,

…gaming keyboards might be a good option for you. On the other hand, regular keyboards…

…are typically better suited for general typing tasks – they’re less likely to lock up or produce typos…

…thanks to their standard layout. So which keyboard is best for you?

Read on to find out!


What are the pros and cons of gaming keyboards for typing?

Do you spend hours typing away on your keyboard every day? 

If you do, you might be interested in gaming keyboards.

They’re designed specifically for gaming, 

…and as such they come with features that may not be best suited for typing.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re useless. In fact, 

…gaming keyboards can be a great choice for typing if you know what you’re looking for.

First, test out a gaming keyboard to ensure…

…it’s the right one for you. Additionally, check the weight 

…and size of the keyboard to make sure it’ll fit on your desk or laptop.

Another important factor to consider is the keyboard’s key layout.

Some of the more common features of gaming keyboards…

…include macro buttons and multiple keyboard profiles.

So, whether you’re a typist or a gamer, 

…a gaming keyboard can definitely help you improve your productivity.


Do gaming keyboards make typing more comfortable?

Gaming keyboards are a great way to add an extra level of convenience…

…and fun to your favorite games.

Not only do they come with extra buttons and features, 

but they’re often designed with a more comfortable posture in mind.

This means you can type for longer periods without feeling pain or fatigue.

So, if you’re gaming a lot and find yourself struggling to type for long,

…gaming keyboards may be the answer for you!


Are gaming keyboards better for typing than regular keyboards?

Do you often find yourself typing faster on gaming keyboards than on regular keyboards?

If so, you’re not alone! Gaming keyboards are designed specifically for gaming and can be better suited for typing than regular keyboards.

Some of the main benefits of gaming keyboards include the fact that they often have more buttons…

…and features that make gaming more fun and easier to complete.

However, it’s important to try out a few different models before making a decision.

Ultimately, it depends on your needs as an individual user – what is better suited for one person may not be ideal for another!

So, whether you’re a keyboard enthusiast or a casual gamer, why not give gaming keyboards a try?

You might be surprised at just how good they are for typing!

What are the different types of keys on a gaming keyboard?

There are three types of keys on a gaming keyboard: standard keyboard buttons,

…arrow keys, and numpad keys. Standard keyboard buttons are the most common type,

…and they’re used for basic keyboard functions like typing.

Arrow keys move the character around in the game, and Numpad keys provide shortcuts..

…for various functions in the game (like skills or items).

Finally, the keypad is used for gaming commands (like aiming or firing) when mapped to specific key combinations.


How do I determine which keystrokes are most effective when I’m playing a game using a gaming keyboard?

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when using a gaming keyboard.

  • make sure that the keystroke you’re using is the most effective for the game you’re playing.
  • try to map different keys to different actions in order to speed up your gameplay.
  • use macros or shortcuts for common tasks like jump, run and attack in games.
  • Make sure to adjust the game settings so the keys do not conflict with your regular typing needs.


Is it important to buy an ergonomic gaming keyboard if I want to be accurate while typing in games?

Yes, it is important to buy an ergonomic gaming keyboard…

…if you want to be accurate while typing in games as it will reduce strain on your hand and wrist.

An ergonomic gaming keyboard has special design that helps in reducing the amount of pressure applied when you type.

Ergonomic keyboards also have anti-ghosting technology, preventing multiple keystrokes from being registered.

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