Why Are Gaming Mouse Wired? Superb 7 Reasons Why Most Of Gaming Mouse Is Wired

Why are gaming mouse wired? A lot of gamers prefer wired gaming mice because they are more responsive and easier to control. They also don’t need to be charged or have batteries, so they are more reliable. So, interested about having wired gaming mouse? Read this article until end to know more about it. In this blog, we also have an article about hongsund brand professional wired gaming mouse review that you might want to read about it.

Why Are Gaming Mouse Wired

There are many reasons why wired gaming mice are a better choice than wireless. So, here I made a breakdown for it:

  1. Responsiveness. Wired mice are much more responsive than wireless ones. This means that you will get faster reaction when using them compared with mice that use wireless technology. If you’re looking for a better experience in the battlefield or while playing games, then wired mice is what you should go for.
  2. Reliability. When we talk about reliability, there’s no doubt that wired gaming mice is one of the best options available today. The reason behind this is simple; unlike wireless devices, wired gaming mice can’t interfere with other electronic devices such as your computer or smartphone. That’s all because they don’t use radio waves which can cause interference. You can always trust these types of products since they only work when needed.
  3. Charging. Some people might not like the fact that wired gaming mice require charging before they start working. It isn’t really a big deal though since most of them are rechargeable. And some come with USB cables already attached. But if you prefer to charge through wall socket, then you can do that too!
  4. Battery life. One thing that makes wired mice different from their wireless counterparts is battery life. These usually last longer than their wireless counterparts. For example, Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum has a battery life of up to 50 hours on average. Which is definitely great since you won’t have to worry about replacing its battery every now and then.
  5. Size. Another reason why wired mice are preferred over their wireless counterparts is size. Most of them are small enough to fit comfortably in your hand. Therefore, you can easily move it around without worrying about tangling wires.
  6. Comfort. Well, comfort would be the main reason why wired gaming mice are preferred by most gamers. Unlike wireless gaming mice, they tend to be lighter and smaller than their counterparts. As a result, they feel more comfortable during usage.
  7. Price. Since wired gaming mice usually cost slightly higher than wireless ones, it comes as the first choice for gamers who want quality but at affordable prices.

Consideration Before Choosing Wired Gaming Mouse

The wired mouse is a good choice for gamers who want to get started without spending a lot of money on a gaming mouse. The wired mouse is simple to use and is a good choice for gamers who want to get started without spending a lot of money on a gaming mouse. Here are some consideration before buying it:

  1. What kind of game are you going to play? A wired gaming mouse is ideal for any genre of video games including FPS, RPG, MOBA, RTS and racing games.
  2. How experienced are you in gaming? If you’re new to gaming, then you shouldn’t choose a wired gaming mouse as you may find it difficult to control. On the other hand, if you’ve been into gaming for ages, then you wouldn’t mind having a wired mouse because it brings convenience to you.
  3. Do you need extra buttons? Although wired gaming mice doesn’t include additional buttons, those who wish to add buttons can do so. However, you can still buy a wired mouse without adding additional buttons.
  4. Are you looking for something compact? The wired gaming mouse is a relatively larger product compared to its wireless counterpart. This means you won’t be able to carry it everywhere with you. So, if you’re looking for something compact, consider getting a wireless gaming mouse instead.
  5. Is your budget tight? Even though they come at an expensive price, wired gaming mice are worth the investment as long as they will help you improve gameplay. However, if your budget is limited, consider getting a cheap wired gaming mouse.

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