Monitor Size for Gaming – From 15.6 to 32 Inch, Which One is the Best for You?

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What is the best monitor size for gaming?

curved vs flat monitor, which one is the best?

The optimal monitor size for gaming depends on a variety of criteria…

…including the monitor’s intended function, customer preferences, and whether it’s linked to a PC or console.

The first consideration is the monitor’s intended function. A monitor’s performance and functionality..

…must be able to handle the graphical needs of modern games for console and single-player gamers.

Competitive players require the fastest monitors possible, and resolution is frequently sacrificed ..

…n order to achieve that performance. Gamers who commute require a monitor that is portable…

…and, ideally, has a built-in battery. When it comes to choosing a monitor…

…the buyer’s preferences and money are always important considerations.

Of course, most gamers would prefer to have the greatest resolution and refresh rate possible..

…but budgets exist, and most players must make some sacrifices.

Before we continue talking about monitor size for gaming..

Here are few words from Bella…

There are displays that are smaller, larger, and in between. In-between sizes aren’t magically different…

…they’re simply out of the ordinary. However, I strongly advise staying within the 24-to-27-inch range.

If you’re too small, you’ll lose too much. As the screen grows larger, it begins to defeat the idea

..of using a desktop in the first place.

The size of a display is usually by monitor manufacturers given by the diagonal, i.e. the distance between two opposite screen corners. This method of measurement is inherited from the method used for the first generation of CRT television, when picture tubes with circular faces were in common use. Being circular, it was the external diameter of the glass envelope that described their size.

Monitor size according to Wikipedia

Let’s start from the basic…

How Is Monitor Size Measured?

Before we go into the weeds, keep in mind that monitors, like TVs, are measured diagonally.

As a result, a 22-inch display will be roughly 18 inches broad and 10 inches height.

A 24-inch display, on the other hand, will be around 20 inches broad and 12 inches tall.

This may not seem like much, but every few diagonal inches adds up to a big increase in screen space.

In fact, simply locating the region will reveal the answer. 180 square inches is the result of multiplying 18 by ten.

240 square inches is the result of multiplying 20 by 12. You get 60 square inches with just two diagonal inches.

Monitor Size for Gaming: 27-inches

When it comes to buying a 27-inch monitor, customers have a lot of alternatives..

..because there are so many types available. If players prefer a more cheap choice..

…with a faster refresh rate, they can choose for a lower-spec 1080p display..

…or go all out and acquire a 4K version if they want the clearest graphics for console gaming…

…but don’t plan on competing. A WQHD alternative with a 240Hz refresh rate is a good option…

…for those looking for a good combination of performance and pricing.

27-inch displays are suitable for a wide range of games due to their adaptability.

This display size is ideal for console gaming and is on the verge of becoming suitable for esports..

…but some players may find it too big.

Monitor Size for Gaming: 24-inches

Because matches are won or lost in milliseconds, competitive players want the fastest monitors possible.

Many professionals utilize 24-inch monitors to get the fastest feasible rates, even if it means sacrificing resolution.

The refresh rate, which defines how many frames per second (fps) the monitor can display…

…is at the heart of everything. The visuals are more realistic and smooth when there are more frames displayed.

Because of their tiny screen size and lesser resolution, 24-inch monitors have the fastest refresh rates.

Because higher resolutions result in more pixels on the screen, refresh rates are slower.

The picture quality isn’t the best on most 24-inch monitors because they stick to 1080p resolution..

…but the refresh rate is high. Apart from the quickness, pros like 24-inch monitors because they allow them..

…to see everything onscreen. Players must move their heads to take in all of the action on larger screens…

…losing valuable time. When everything happens within a player’s field of view…

…they receive more reliable information, resulting in faster reaction times.

While 24-inch monitors are ideal for esports, console gamers and single-player games will find them lacking.

One of the drawbacks of the small screen is that players must sit close together.

It’s not recommended for console gamers who prefer to sit on a couch or lean back.

Because 24-inch monitors have a lower resolution than WQHD or 4K panels, the image isn’t as sharp.

The player’s experience is hampered by the lesser resolution.

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Monitor Size for Gaming: 32-inches

While 32-inch monitors are available in a variety of resolutions, they are more suited to some games than others.

The larger display allows for more detailed visuals, which is especially useful in higher quality models.

Console gamers will benefit from 32-inch monitors. Because of the larger screen…

…console gamers can sit back and appreciate the vivid pictures. 32-inch monitors are also available for PC gamers..

…but they aren’t ideal for competitive gaming. Because all of the action is visible…

…competitive gamers prefer smaller monitors because their reaction times are faster. Because of their bigger size…

…32-inch monitors do not have the same fast response times as 24 and 27-inch monitors.

Monitor Size for Gaming: 15.6 inches

Portable monitors are smaller and lighter than regular 15.6-inch monitors.

Some have built-in batteries, so users don’t have to charge them while they play.

They excel at allowing users to play while on the road or in a plane or car.

The best monitor size for gaming depends on the intended use of the monitor.

27-inch monitors have high resolutions and fast refresh rates, but aren’t ideal for competitive gaming.

Portable monitors are compact and lightweight, so they’re ideal for gaming on the go.

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Monitor size for gaming
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This monitor can display anything that you want it to.

The best part is that it can connect to many different devices such as your laptop, tablet, desktop and more.

Sum Up

Different monitor sizes are best for different gaming settings, but we recommend either a 1080p 24-inch monitor…

…or a 1440p 27-inch monitor assuming typical viewing distance and a 16:9 display.

A 1440p 27-inch monitor may be too huge for some esports players…

…but if you can get used to it, it’s the best option overall.

Aside from monitor size, you may want to think about things like panel type and refresh rate.

Modern displays and GPUs will all support HDMI and DisplayPort, but if you’re still using VGA or DVI…

…double-check which ports your monitor supports and consider purchasing an adaptor if necessary.


And, that is for how to choose the right monitor size for gaming and the other.

How do you choose your monitor size for gaming?

Let us know your experience choosing monitor size for gaming on the comment section!

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