UPERFECT Portable 4k 15.6 Monitor Review: 9 Important Things To Know!

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Are you looking for UPERFECT Portable 4k 15.6 Monitor Review?

If you’re a creative who spends a lot of time on the road or moving from shoot to shoot…

…UPERFECT Portable 4k 15.6 Monitor Review is the external monitor you should get.

The three modes of operation on the 3-in-1 display will meet all of your business needs.

By showing content in real time within 3-5 milliseconds, duplicate mode synchronizes satisfying criteria.

By modifying the horizontal and vertical settings, extend mode stores and reproduces…

…existing documents or forms, allowing you to view a video, listen to music, or play a game while working.

When the PC’s display is turned off, Second Screen Only mode displays material…

…saving electricity and increasing the display’s life. You’ll learn everything you need to know…

…about the UPERFECT Portable 4k 15.6 Monitor Review.

UPERFECT Portable 4k 15.6 Monitor Overview

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UPERFECT Portable 4k 15.6 Monitor Review: Build

This display has a narrow bezel design, CNC metal brushed cut, thin silver panel…

…ultra-thin panel, and rear shell design, making it genuinely small and light. The mirrored screen is more appealing.

UPERFECT Portable 4k 15.6 Monitor Review: Display

The resolution of the 15.6-inch case stand monitor is UHD 3840*2160.

The monitor’s HD picture comes from its high-quality IPS panel.

The image is realistic and colorful, with a brightness of 300cd/m2 and a color gamut of 72 percent NTSC.

The 16:9 screen ratio and 60Hz refresh rate perfectly and rapidly display the true image of the game/scene/work.

Even from extreme viewing positions, the 178° viewing angle provides excellent color contrast. Women’s Gift.

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Finally I decided to read an article on the internet…

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A computer monitor is an output device that displays information in pictorial or text form. A monitor usually comprises a visual display.”


UPERFECT Portable 4k 15.6 Monitor Review: Weight

The display looks identical to many of the other devices we’ve seen recently.

With the cover wrapped around, it has an extremely thin profile and weighs only 2.3 lbs.

The cover attaches magnetically to the back of the screen and folds around to protect it when not in use…

…similar to most folding tablet covers (it is also used to prop the screen up with).

UPERFECT Portable 4k 15.6 Monitor Review: Ports

Uperfect portable 4k 15. 6 monitor review
Credit: ebay. Com

Each attachment is individually wrapped and neatly stored into the packaging, which is hidden beneath the screen.

They have all of the cables necessary to make things happen, regardless of your configuration.

Three cables are included in the package.

  • USB-C to USB cable along with a wall adapter, in case you are connecting it to your setup via HDMI (since HDMI cannot pass power for the screen).
  • An HDMI cable to mini HDMI (screen-side) for connecting it to any HDMI supported device.
  • USB-C  to USB-C cable for connecting it directly to the laptop with, which passes both power and video (the best way to go if your setup supports it).

UPERFECT Portable 4k 15.6 Monitor Review: Control

The monitor’s controls are straightforward and do not require instructions.

By pressing down on the toggle wheel on the side, you can enter the OSD/Menu.

This is where you may manage the monitor’s many options and settings.

keep reading…

UPERFECT Portable 4k 15.6 Monitor Review: Gaming

I just want to make it clear that this is a 4K UHD HDR10 monitor.

I connected it to my Xbox One X and got a picture that was actually better than my living room TV.

The display’s specifications are confirmed by looking at the Xbox’s reported monitor information.

Reading text on the display is also very pleasant, even when compared to my Macbook Pro.

The Mac connects to the display using only a USB-C cable, which is also quite convenient.

UPERFECT Portable 4k 15.6 Monitor Review: Audio

There are even built-in speakers with a decent amount of volume.

They will undoubtedly deliver when used on the go, and will even outperform many laptops…

…(what is it with laptops that have horrible volume?).

If your setup has a headphone jack (and your source device doesn’t have an audio out)…

…you can switch to speakers (or headphones) to take things a step further.

UPERFECT Portable 4k 15.6 Monitor Review: Power

It comes with a 45W Type C power supply, so don’t expect fast charging if you use the monitor’s power connector…

…to charge the laptop (which does support the full 100W spec, so you can always get a beefier power supply).

Here’s the thing…

UPERFECT Portable 4k 15.6 Monitor Review: Performance

Uperfect portable 4k 15. 6 monitor review 2
Credit: businessdirect. Bt. Com

To put this UPERFECT Portable 4k 15.6 Monitor Review to the test, we connected it via USB-C to one…

…of the Dell laptops we had on hand, which features 4K HDR and some of Dell’s greatest IPS screens ever.

When it comes to screens, they’ve done an excellent job competing with firms like Apple…

…(just look at their 8K solution, for example). This not only creates a difficult side-by-side experience…

…but it also pushes the troublesome screen to open or close.

The color profile/accuracy and brightness of the Dell screen are two of our favorite features.

Thanks to its 100 percent DCI-P3, 99 percent Adobe RGB color space, and QLED Screen…

…this portable screen fits this rather well. As you can see in the above image, the brightness of…

…this monitor is comparable to that of the other screen. Its colors are true and pleasing to the eye…

…making it ideal for those who spend a lot of time editing images (e.g., Photoshop) or movies…

…(e.g., Premiere or Final Cut), where color accuracy is critical.

And finally…

Sum Up

So, how did it go? I believe we did! This screen is a great portable option if you want…

…to keep your weight and footprint low while still receiving a lot of screen space and performance.

The vibrant hues set this model apart from the rest, and we were completely won over.

We couldn’t wait to see what they’d accomplish with 4K and touch support…

…(it would likely be 100 percent on par with the Dell screens we put this one up against).

We’re excited to see them grow and see where their product takes them in the future.


So far, out of all the “portable” monitor options we’ve seen, there’s one in the 1080p category…

…that has piqued our interest the most, and it’s not even a brand we’ve mentioned previously.

The UPERFECT Portable 4k 15.6 Monitor Review is what you’re looking for.

A monitor that sells itself effectively thanks to a long range of capabilities…

…some of which aren’t found in many other portable options.

Color accuracy is a hot topic for debate because it can make or break a screen.

This one is exceptionally well-made (blessed by the Don himself, you could say).

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