Redragon Harrow Gaming Controller Review: G808 Wireless Special Edition!

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Are you looking for redragon harrow gaming controller review? Redragon is one of my favorite characters.

I’ve owned a few Redragon accessories. They’re courting a market segment that doesn’t want to spend outrageous…

…prices for gaming equipment, especially when there’s a cheaper alternative that effectively performs the same thing.

They’re usually the ones who offer the most cost-effective option with excellent quality. While the Redragon Kala…

…K557 wasn’t the most spectacular keyboard, it was absolutely adequate for a mechanical keyboard at its pricing point.

So when I got my hands on the Redragon Harrow G808, I expected it to be on par with…

…or better than similar devices at comparable pricing points. Did it live up to your expectations?

No. So, this is Redragon Harrow Gaming Controller Review.

Redragon Harrow Gaming Controller Overview

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Redragon Harrow Gaming Controller Review: Specs

The controller, a handbook, a short micro-USB cable, a bluetooth dongle, and a mini-CD containing…

…the driver are all included in the box. Yes, there is a mini-CD included. Who the hell has a disc drive these days?!

The dongle is small, similar to the small bluetooth receivers that come with computers that don’t have one built in.

That is both a benefit and a drawback. Because of its compact size, it fits virtually flush against any port…

…which is convenient because it doesn’t protrude uncomfortably from the side of a laptop.

It allows you to leave it in your laptop. However, similar to how Logitech does with its mouse…

…I’d love it if the controller itself had a compartment that could house the tiny dongle for convenient transport.

While I recognize that the Redragon Harrow G808 has been on the market for some time…

…I’m nevertheless dissatisfied that it just has a micro-USB port.

The Redragon Harrow G808 supports Xinput on PC and PS3.

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Redragon Harrow Gaming Controller Review: Build Quality

I understand that with cheaper peripherals, you’d have to take some shortcuts to maintain profitability.

Unfortunately, I think the Harrow G808 took way too many.

The back plate plastic quality is a far cry from similarly priced controllers. It feels like a cheap toy.

The front plate is much better, with a matte, anti-slip texture to it, but it still feels flimsy all around.

The materials of all the buttons and sticks and triggers all feel like they cost less than what you pay for.

I guess that’s not too bad, but a bunch of other controllers at the same price point feel like they’re made of better materials.

Good thing that front plate really saves the over all feel of the controller.

Redragon Harrow Gaming Controller Review: Comfort

Redragon harrow gaming controller review
Credit: dribbble. Com

In the hands, it has a similar sensation to the Dualshock 3. It’s quite little, as if it was designed with Asian hands in mind.

Even with my little and stubby fingers, I find it difficult to wrap three fingers around the handles.

The position of the middle finger is the worst, lying directly where the handles meet the back, making finding a decent…

…resting spot for that finger difficult. It’s a good thing there’s a gap just at the triggers to cup your middle finger knuckles.

The angles on the face plate, fortunately, are ergonomic enough to make cupping your palms comfortable.

Nothing hurts or anything. It isn’t terrible to hold, but it’s a far cry from the most comfy experience I’ve had with a controller.

Redragon Harrow Gaming Controller Review: Face Button Quality

Instead of the more usual X-Y-A-B, the face buttons are labeled 1-2-3-4, as on outdated generic…

…PC controllers from the past. Because it’s detected as an Xbox 360 controller, it’s interpreted as X-Y-A-B on Steam.

Each button has a rather long travel distance, and they’re also fairly springy. The combination of these two factors…

…makes tapping the buttons feel like playing with a toy. When I press something, I almost expect it to make a strange noise.

Because of the springiness and travel distance of the face buttons, as well as their strange squishiness…

…pushing button combinations is extremely incorrect. While utilizing a Dualshock 4 to play…

…King’s Rolling Death Cradle is difficult, it is not impossible. I literally can’t do it with the Redragon Harrow G808.

It doesn’t matter how hard I try. I’m sorry, but I can’t.

Maybe it isn’t so impossible after all. But good luck doing that in a real game.

keep going…

Redragon Harrow Gaming Controller Review: Shoulder Button Quality

First and foremost, the shoulder button plastic is of poor quality.

Even if they function reasonably well, pressing the bumpers is really inconvenient.

They are not only extremely clicky, but they also sound terrible.

It feels antiquated, just like the power button on an old CRT display or one of the buttons on a VHS player.

You’re out of luck if you need to press it quickly because the shoulders don’t return to neutral as quickly as I’d like.

The triggers, on the other hand, have a resistance that I don’t care for. Furthermore, the sound of cheap…

…plastic scraping on cheap plastic is there every time you pull the triggers due to the material they’re made of.

This went away over time, but it didn’t make for a good first impression.

Redragon Harrow Gaming Controller Review: Deadzone Accuracy

Redragon harrow gaming controller review 2
Credit: dribbble. Com

With this controller, I detested aiming. The deadzones appear to be minor, but once you exit them…

…the acceleration is tremendous. As a result, you move from no motion to zipping left to right.

Even in a game that doesn’t require much aiming Like Anthem – I couldn’t aim straight.

Even panning the camera in Sekiro took a lot of muscle control, and even then, the results weren’t spectacular.

Redragon Harrow Gaming Controller Review: D-pad Accuracy

The accuracy of the d-pad is one of the best features of this controller.

Even the big boy combo with the incredibly tight timing wasn’t too difficult to pull off on King – the controller wasn’t…

…the limiting factor, at least. The Harrow G808 accomplishes this by spacing the directional buttons somewhat far apart.

So if you want to do f,d,df moves or crouch dashes, you have to truly mean it. There are no shortcuts.

It gets simpler with practice, but if you’re used to a Dualshock 4, it’ll throw you off at first.

And finally…

Sum Up

Based on the Redragon Harrow Gaming Controller Review battery life is excellent.

I played for hours and hours and it never lost its charge. It’ll probably last you at least 8 hours of continuous playtime.

That was the case for me. It also charges quite quickly.

The form of the select and start buttons, though, is something I absolutely despise about this controller.

You can’t possible slide your hand to them to press them because they’re so sharply slanted.

It becomes a pain to simply open a menu or something, and although this may not seem like a big deal at first…

…it becomes tiresome when you have to do it on a regular basis to manage your skills and inventories.

That’s all of Redragon Harrow Gaming Controller Review for you.


Pass on this controller. You’re better off buying a Gamesir T4 or one of those unbranded OEM Switch controllers…

…both of which are superior in terms of build quality, button quality, deadzone accuracy, and overall comfort.

This is a disappointing one from Redragon, who usually makes pretty good gear. But if you want to buy one…

…you can find them on Work Rift. Hopefull this Redragon Harrow Gaming Controller Review will assistance you very well.

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