How to Setup Dual Monitor for Gaming – 4 Easy Things You Need to Know!

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How to setup dual monitor for gaming? Let’s find the answer together!

If you find yourself frequently alt-tabbing between programs and haven’t yet…

…added a second monitor to your battle station, now is a good moment.

The difficult aspect is deciding which monitor to use, but the actual setup is simple.

These days, a standard PC gaming setup includes dual monitors.

A dual monitor configuration has a lot of advantages, especially if you stream.

Whether you’re running two 1080p 60Hz displays or have the hardware capability…

…to treat yourself to the wonders of 4K, a dual monitor arrangement has a lot of advantages.

It’s possible that you’ll need to have a window open to observe your stream chat while playing your game.

Perhaps a twin monitor configuration makes your process more effective…

…with one screen having numerous Chrome tabs open for research and the second screen recording…

…your findings in a Google Doc. For years, I’ve utilized multiple monitors for both work and gaming…

…and I can’t see going back to a single screen.

The rising popularity of using multiple monitors to game is leading to websites being introduced which allow for smooth and easy configuration from outside sources from the original one screen option given by developers to a new multiple screen option

Dual monitor according to Wikipedia

Not sure where to start? Here’s some quick tips on how to setup dual monitor for gaming…

Gaming Monitor on Work Rift

UPERFECT 15.6 Inch 4K Portable Monitor

How to setup dual monitor for gaming
Credits: workrift. Com

If you are looking for a 4k portable monitor, there is no better choice than UPERFECT display.

It features a 15.6-inch IPS panel with a 100% sRGB color spectrum.

This adds to the glamour of 4k and produces images that produce vivid colors of unmatched quality.

A 400-nit brightness and a 1000:1 contrast ratio allow the monitor to produce HDR quality images.

Whether you’re editing, playing games, or watching movies…

…the superb visuals offered by this display enhance every activity.

Using the USB type C and mini HDMI cable…

…the screen can easily be connected to PCs, laptops, and consoles.

It also includes stereo speakers for high-quality sound.

Finally, to protect the screen from bumps and other impacts when traveling…

…it is enclosed in a sturdy CNC manufactured case.

UPERFECT’s 4k resolution, lightweight design…

…and ideal 15.6-inch size make it a worthy choice for a 4k portable monitor.

Check Price on Work Rift

EVICIV 15.6 Inch Portable Monitor

How to setup dual monitor for gaming 8
Credits: workrift. Com

Eviciv is a brand made popular by Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for a portable monitor with superior image and video quality…

…for on-the-go computing, editing or gaming, then this model is right for you.

With its IPS panel technology and ultra-low blue light filter…

…the 15.6-inch EVICIV 4K portable monitor is flicker-free and offers 178-degree wide viewing angles.

Because it is plug-and-play, it is compatible with many gadgets and requires virtually no cables or drivers.

EVICIV portable monitor looks and feels solid, but it is light enough (under 2 pounds)…

…and small enough (only 14.00 x 8.80 x 0.20 inches) to be carried anywhere.

Due to the fact that it can be charged by a power bank…

…like most portable USB monitors, you can use it as a larger display…

…for your phone or as a go-to presentation screen for field meetings.

This unit has the advantage of being able to be used in both portrait and landscape modes.

Even though the LED arm isn’t included in the kit, having the option already makes a big difference.

The only issue some people may have with the EVICIV portable monitor is the 60 hertz refresh rate…

…which is not really bad per se, but if you play heavy games, you might see a little lag.

For editing, watching, or basic computing, this refresh rate will be sufficient for you.

Check Price on Work Rift


UPERFECT Portable 15.6 USB-C/HDMI 1080p IPS Monitor

How to setup dual monitor for gaming 9
Credits: workrift. Com

UPerfect portable is the next one…

In our opinion, the screen quality is what really makes this monitor stand out.

There have been some models that offered boring color profiles and not nearly enough brightness to compete.

Although other options offer a decent level of brightness, they lack in the realm of color accuracy.

This one doesn’t seem to fall short in either category.

We decided to put this one to the test by connecting it via USB-C…

…to one of the Dell laptops we have lying around that feature 4K HDR…

…and some of the best IPS screens Dell has ever produced.

In terms of displays, they have done a really good job competing…

…with Apple (just take a look at their 8K solution for example).

This makes for a challenging side-by-side experien…,

…but it also forces the challenging screen to put up or shut down.

It puffed its chest out and was nearly the same size as the Dell screen.

In our opinion, this is one of the best 1080p (portable) screens we’ve seen so far…

…as no other 1080p (portable) solution has been able to compete with one of these Dells side-by-side.

It turned out to be because it was actually running at 4K, matching the laptop’s desktop.

Even though the screen isn’t spec’d as a 4K solution, this can happen occasionally.

It usually isn’t able to meet the requirements to be 4K certified because it lacks the specs.

Then, we confirmed this by switching to HDMI and found that 1080p was the only option.

Hence, it has something to do with the hardware inside the monitor that was used in its construction.

The electronics surrounding HDMI 2.0 and 4K may be more expensive… assemble/include compared to USB-C 4K capabilities, probably due to licensing fees.

Color profile/accuracy and brightness are some of the things we love about the Dell screen.

Thanks to its 100% DCI-P3, 99% Adobe RGB color space, and QLED Screen…

…this portable screen matches this quite well.

The brightness of this monitor is on par with the other screen, as you can see in the image above.

Colors are accurate and quite appealing…

…which is ideal if you spend a lot of time editing photos (e.g., Photoshop)…

…or videos (e.g., Premiere or Final Cut), where color accuracy is very important.

Check Price on Work Rift

How to Setup Dual Monitor for Gaming: Monitor Placement

One thing to think about is how your monitors will take up space on your desk and how you may best organize them.

Do you have enough space for two 27-inch monitors, or should you consider investing in a twin monitor mount?

Do you have a corner desk or an L-desk? Some office computer workstations, particularly those with hutches…

…aren’t built to comfortably accommodate two monitors and provide limited area for dual monitor mounting…

…whether on an arm or on the wall. If you’re attaching something to a wall, start by locating the studs.

There’s no reason to risk your monitor collapsing and destroying your drywall.

To avoid neck discomfort, make sure your line of sight to your main screen is mainly straight on…

…and that your eyes are at a close enough distance to avoid as much eye strain as possible.

My main monitor is on the left, directly in front of me in my arrangement.

My second monitor is on the right, facing me at an angle that requires me to swivel my head just to see it.

How to Setup Dual Monitor for Gaming: Choose Your Ports

You’ll want to ensure sure your graphics card has enough connections to connect two monitors…

…depending on the age and type of monitor you’re using. VGA, DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort…

…are the four most prevalent display connection methods.

Most recent monitors will only have one HDMI port and one DisplayPort port…

…and newer graphics cards will also only have those two ports.

Here’s a handy cheat-sheet if you’re curious about the distinctions between those monitor ports.

Do you want to play in 4K? Use DisplayPort instead of HDMI.

How to Setup Dual Monitor for Gaming: Screen Resolution Settings

Your computer should automatically install the drivers when you connect your displays…

…to the correct ports on your graphics card. Right-click on your desktop and select’screen resolution settings’..

…(Windows 7 and 8) or ‘display settings’ (Windows 8) once your computer has fully recognized…

…both displays (or the new monitor if you are only adding one to your existing configuration) (Windows 10).

If everything is set up correctly, you’ll see two boxes called one and two, one for each of your monitors.

Your primary display is the one labeled ‘one,’ and your secondary monitor is the one labeled ‘two.’

By clicking on one and dragging it over the other, you can change their locations depending on…

…how your displays are placed on your desk. You may also change which monitor is your primary display…

…by selecting it and checking the box that says’make this my primary display.’

The placement of your monitors on your workstation should correspond to the screen resolution settings…

…for one major reason. If you configure your multiple displays to ‘extend these displays,’

both of your monitors will be treated as one large monitor. So, if your main display is on the left,

you’ll want to set it up in your settings in the same way so that your cursor tracks in the right direction.’ Extend

You’ll want to set the resolution for each monitor once you’ve got the positioning down.

If you have two 1080p displays, Windows will usually identify this automatically…

…and the 1920×1080 choice will be the automatically selected (preferred) configuration.

If you have a 1440p or higher monitor, you can adjust the resolution higher or lower as desired.

Click ‘identify’ if you’re not sure which monitor is number one and which is number two based on your configuration.

For three seconds, two enormous numerals will display on each of your monitors.

This is useful if you have two identical monitors and don’t want to figure out…

…which is which by trailing their cords back to your PC.

How to Setup Dual Monitor for Gaming: Changing the refresh rate

You can also modify the refresh rate of your display if it is capable of more than 60Hz.

Click ‘advanced settings’ in the same window. A chat box with four tabs will appear at the top.

Select the refresh rate you desire from the drop down box by clicking on’monitor.’

Are you looking for a competitive multiplayer game? Your best bet is a 144Hz refresh rate.

Otherwise, the normal 60 should do, especially if your monitor’s maximum resolution is only 60.

It’s worth noting that altering your refresh rate in-game has no bearing on the settings you’ve already enabled…

…and vice versa. Even if your monitor supports 144Hz, you can choose between 144Hz in-game…

…and 60Hz in your screen resolution settings.

Sum Up

And that’s it for how to setup dual monitor for gaming.

A dual monitor setup is a great choice for gamers who stream!

Having a separate screen for streaming chat during gameplay helps people watch and chat at the same time.

Dual monitors also make it easier to multitask when working on projects.

Using a single monitor means switching between apps and documents is harder.


And, that’s all for how to setup dual monitor for gaming.

How do you choose your setup for gaming monitor?

Let us know your experience on the comment section!

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