How To Flatten Mouse Mat? 2 Superb Guides To Do It

How to flatten mouse mat? Mouse mats are essential for any gamer or office worker. No one wants to use a dirty mouse mat with a bunch of dust and crumbs on it. So, we are going to show you how to flatten your mouse mat. Read this article until end to know how to do it. In this blog, we also have an article about gaming mouse mat pad 3d sulfide non slip rubber that you might want to read about it.

How To Flatten Mouse Mat

I’m going to tell you how to flatten your mouse mat or some people called it mouse pad to make it good as new. It’s not too difficult, but you do need to be careful. Here are the steps to do it

Use an iron to flatten the mousepad.

  1. Personally, I employ this procedure whenever my mouse mat curls up. To cover your mouse mat, you’ll need an iron and a piece of fabric.
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  3. Place the mouse mat on a flat surface.
  4. Use the cloth to cover your mouse mat.
  5. Preheat your iron to medium.
  6. Start ironing the mouse mat after covering it with a moist towel. When ironing the mouse mat, always begin at the corner and work your way to the center.
  7. Repeat the procedure two to three times more.
  8. Allow it to cool after ironing.
  9. Keep in mind that you should never allow your Iron come into direct touch with the mouse mat while utilizing this approach.

Roll the mouse mat in the other direction.

  1. This is one of the most straightforward and practical options. It worked for a lot of others, so perhaps it will work for you as well.
  2. Roll your mouse in the other direction.
  3. Keep it in the same packaging it came in for two to three days. If you don’t have a box, you may grasp it with a rubber band or anything with a hard enough grip.
  4. After two/three days, unwrap/unbox it.
  5. And you’re finished. Congratulations, you now have a mouse mat that has been flattened.

Consideration Before Choosing Mouse Mat

Most people don’t think about the mouse mat. When you’re in the store, you just grab the first one you see, but there are a lot of things to consider before you make a purchase. Here are some consideration before choosing it:

  • If you frequently move from place to place, then you must choose a mouse pad that can withstand frequent movements.
  • The material used to create a mouse mat needs to be resistant to wear and tear. You cannot expect a mouse mat to last forever if it isn’t built strong enough.
  • A mouse mat that feels smooth and soft is ideal because it won’t irritate your hands when interacting with them.
  • You also need to decide whether your mouse mat is going to remain stationary or move around. The latter option requires a sturdy construction.
  • If you prefer something simple, then you might want to go for a mouse mat made from wood or plastic. These materials are easy to clean. However, they aren’t very durable. They can easily break down over time.
  • These materials also tend to get slippery. Therefore, it becomes necessary to apply a coating to prevent your mouse pad from sliding all over the place.
  • When picking a mouse mat, you should look at its size. A bigger mat is easier to handle than a smaller one. This means you’ll spend less time looking for your mouse mat instead of doing what you like best.
  • Now that you’ve considered all these factors, you know what kind of mouse mats you want to buy. Now, go ahead and start shopping!

What’s the point of flattening a mouse mat?

Flattening the mousepad makes it simpler to maneuver your computer mouse. Furthermore, you will not encounter any obstructions when operating with your mousepad. This allows you to move quickly and easily while working.

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