How To Clean Mechanical Keyboard: The Best Step by Step Guide! (2022)

How to clen mechanical keyboard

Do you know that there are many ways to clean your mechanical keyboard?

Here is a guide on the best methods of how to clean mechanical keyboard.

Clean Mechanical Keyboard Guide

If you are a keyboard lover and love to type, then it is important to keep your keyboard clean.

Most of the keyboards are dirtied with dust particles, which gets accumulated over time.

Keeping your keyboard clean can help you type faster and more accurately.

You can use an eraser to clean the keys and wash them with water or a dry cloth.

If you are using a laptop, then you can clean it by removing the keycaps and washing them with a soft cloth.

When you use your keyboard frequently, such as at home or office…

… and when you do not want to clean it by hand every day.

To keep the keyboards tidy over a long period of time all mechanical switches needs…

… to be cleaned with top quality cleaning method.

A soft brush is excellent cleansing method but ,if keys are covered in dust requires…

… more rigorous treatment such as toothbrush cleaner (hard surface).

Furthermore, if dirty keyboard will have resistance to clean and may start to fail.

Cleaning & Erasing: Cleaning is the most necessary part of any mechanical keyboard…

… (or any cleaning requires!).

This guides you through how to clean your keys, for both functionality and aesthetics issues!

If there are some problems with switches then calibration can also be performed…

… by gently tapping the “Rubber Dome” piece on a hard surface like wood or tile until it makes an audible snap.

Let’s Hear What Pedro Said!

I have had my keyboard for a long time and it was always the same, I would clean it but that’s all.

It always felt dirty and you couldn’t feel the keys.

So I decided to follow this step on how to clean mechanical keyboard…

… of its easy way to clean your keyboard so that you can finally feel your keyboard again!

You just need a little bit of water and some special paper or cloths to clean it off…

… then put everything back together in no time at all.

This is an amazing step how to clean mechanical keyboard…

… if you want to make sure that your computer has good hygiene like me 🙂

Why You Should Clean Your Mechanical Keyboard?

1. This is a mechanical keyboard, so you need to clean it regularly

2. It has an internal key switch that does not require any external parts for the operation of the keys

3. There are no moving parts in this keyboard, and all operations are performed by pressing down on a set of rubber dome switches under each key

4. The switches used in these keyboards can be cleaned with alcohol or isopropyl alcohol (IPA) which can be purchased at most local stores

5. Also cleaning can avoid the damage of rubber dome switches and will provide better response time

6. Even though its called “rubber domes”, these are actually mechanical keys that require regular maintenance including cleaning to prevent premature failure (with authentic silicone fitted keyboards at least 6 months protection is available) with IPAs, diluted detergent or else eather soft soap or dishwashing liquid cleaned in a sequence like this: rinse, scrubbing pad.

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How To Clean Mechanical Keyboard Lightly

Cleaning keyboards with a handheld vacuum is an easy way to keep them clean.

Anti-static attachments make cleaning easier.

A regular cleaning schedule is recommended.

Keyboard cleaning is important. Use a brush to sweep dirt out of between keys.

Vacuum if you don’t have a brush. Use a microfiber cloth if you don’t have either.

Clean your keyboard every time you take it off.

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How To Clean Mechanical Keyboard Thoroughly

Cleaning keyboards is important because dust collects under the keys and can cause problems with operation.

You should clean your keyboard every six months.

A keycap puller is used to remove the keys from the keyboard.

The puller tool comes with most keyboards, but if you lost it, you can buy one online for about $10.

After cleaning the keyboard, put it back together.

Keyboard cleaning is important because dirt and dust build up over time and cause problems.

A keyboard should be cleaned after you use it for an extended period of time.

Wipe off any excess liquid before drying the keyboard.

If you soak the keyboard too long, the keys may become stuck.

Once the keys are dry, snap them back into place. Replace damaged keys if possible.

Keys can be replaced to restore a keyboard to like-new conditions.

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How To Clean Your Keycaps

Keycaps are basically just plastic.

You can clean them by hand, soaking them in soap, using a cloth, etc.

Don’t use anything acidic or bleaching because it could damage the letters.

Take photos before removing your keycaps so you know where to put them after cleaning.

Cleaning your keyboard is very important. You should clean it after every use.

Don’t put it back on the base until it has dried out completely.

How to clean mechanical keyboard
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How Often You Should Clean Your Mechanical Keyboard?

A good idea to give your keyboard a weekly wipe down with a cloth.

Germs and bacteria can be a problem when sharing computers.

You should also clean your keyboard once a month.

Cleaning your mechanical keyboard is important because it helps prevent bacteria growth…

… and keeps your keys working smoothly.

You can also use a cleaning solution to help get rid of any dust or debris that might accumulate over time.

How to clean mechanical keyboard
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How To Clean Mechanical Keyboard After a Spill?

Don’t spill liquids on your laptop! If you do, unplug it immediately to avoid electrical damage.

Turn it upside down if you spilled water, and then use a keycap pull tool to remove keys around the liquid.

Use a cloth to dry the keyboard, and then clean it thoroughly.

If you spilled sugar or another sticky substance, remove all the keys and clean them as well.

How to clean mechanical keyboard
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To Sum Up!

The best way to clean your keyboard is to do it regularly.

This is especially important if you use a mechanical keyboard.

You should also make sure that the cleaning solution is not acidic or bleach-based, as these can damage the keys.

Finally, don’t forget to clean your keyboard after every use!


So, how do you clean your keyboard?

Well, we hope this guide helped.

We hope it gave you some insight on how to take care of your mechanical keyboard.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!

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