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  • How to Choose Keycaps for Mechanical Keyboard - 3 Best Recommendation from Work Rift - Work Rift

    How to Choose Keycaps for Mechanical Keyboard – 3 Best Recommendation from Work Rift

    How to choose keycaps for mechanical keyboard 1

    What to Look for When Choosing Keycaps for Your Mechanical Keyboard?

    How to Choose Keycaps for Mechanical Keyboard?

    Let’s find out what the answer is. Whether you’re creating a bespoke keyboard…

    …or simply want to jazz up an old favorite, changing keycaps is a common…

    …first step toward personalizing your keyboard. It’s also one of the simplest upgrades for a newbie modder to do…

    …as all you need is a keycap puller to get started.

    If you’re searching for aftermarket keycaps for the first time, it’s easy to become overwhelmed…

    …and confused about what really matters. Product descriptions frequently go into great length…

    …about the sort of plastic used, how the legends are created, and the profile they follow…

    …without ever clarifying what those various attributes represent.

    Prices might range from a few dollars to more than a second keyboard.

    After reading this tutorial, you’ll be able to cut through the clutter, figure out what’s important…

    …and select the keycap set that’s suitable for you and your keyboard.

    This is what Elo said…

    My favorite feature of my mechanical keyboard is Mechanical keyboards…

    …have a fairly traditional appearance to them. They’re well-made, with large, clickable buttons.

    Mechanical keyboards have key switches under each keycap and are composed of high-quality materials.

    Mechanical keyboards typically have a longer lifespan than membrane or dome-switch keyboards. Cherry MX switches, for example, have an expected lifespan of 50 million clicks per switch, while switches from Razer have a rated lifetime of 60 million clicks per switch.

    Mechanical Keyboard according to Wikipedia

    Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming

    Redragon K530 Draconic Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

    How to choose keycaps for mechanical keyboard
    Credit : techpowerup. Com

    In a review of the Redragon K530 Draconic 60% mechanical keyboard…

    …Techaeris listed its best features as being value and decent performance.

    The Redragon K530 gaming keyboard has multiple function keys that provide…

    ..an ideal typing experience with clicky and satisfying feedback for continuous…

    ..use in gaming or other applications like word processing or music creation.

    A Top Pick Award was given to this product because of its great value and…

    …respectable performance among many competing products on the market today…

    …at certain levels of pricing but also because it provides…

    …exceptional quality when compared to similarly priced products.

    Check Price on Work Rift

    Ajazz AK33 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Black / Blue

    Mechanical keyboard for gaming
    Credit : aliexpress. Com

    The Ajazz AK33 is a very compact mechanical keyboard with 82 keys and a 75% layout…

    …but some of the keys have been modified to accommodate other keys.

    Ajazz AK33 82 Keys USB Wired Mechanical Keyboard Monochromatic Backlight…

    …Gaming Keyboard Blue switch/Black switch Keyboard $32.10

    The majority of gaming keyboards are rubber dome and full of lights, with mechanical keyboards…

    …lasting far longer (think tens of millions key presses longer) and generally being built better than…

    …those dyesubs you’re using now! You can choose between different switches with different features…

    …allowing you to somewhat customize how they feel!

    Check price on Work Rift

    HyperX Alloy Origins Core Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Mechanical keyboard
    Credit : pemmzchannel. Com

    The HyperX Alloy FPS Pro is a decent gaming keyboard with a high level of build quality…

    …particularly the Cherry MX Red variant, which feels light and responsive while keeping…

    …typing noise to a minimum. Mechanical keyboards are the most popular among gamers…

    …because they are faster, sturdier and more tactile than membrane keyboards.

    The Mechanical Keyboard with RGB LED Backlit from HyperX is an all-time favorite…

    …amongst gamers who need solid performance at an affordable price point.

    A great pack includes everything you need to enjoy your gameplay experience – just add keycaps and mouse!

    Check Price on Work Rift

    How to Choose Keycaps for Mechanical Keyboard: Quick Tips

    Color is better with ABS, while longevity is greater with PBT.

    While each form of plastic has its supporters who think it is the finest, each has its own set of advantages.

    ABS plastic is superior for displaying brilliant colors, but it can shine over time.

    PBT does not wear out as quickly, but it is less colorful and more prone to warping.

    The best legends are usually doubleshot, however dye-sublimated tales can also be good.

    Due to the injection molding technique, doubleshot keycaps frequently have crisper legends…

    …while dye-sublimated keycaps can look terrific at a lower cost. Before buying, look for close-ups of the legends.

    Avoid tiny, laser-engraved keycaps unless you’re exclusively interested in RGB.

    The cheapest keycaps are usually slender and have laser-etched legends that are backlit.

    These are wonderful for displaying RGB, but they’re usually constructed of low-quality…

    …ABS plastic and aren’t very comfortable to type on.

    The better the keycap, the thicker it is. Keycaps with thick walls feel more substantial…

    …under the finger and are easier to type on (up to about 1.5mm).

    The sound and feel of a keycap are affected by its profile.

    Before you buy, take a look at typing tests and think about your preferences.

    Shorter, cylindrical keycaps provide a lower-pitched and slightly louder typing sound than taller…

    …spherical keycaps, such as those in the SA profile. SA keycaps can be tiring and have a steep learning curve.

    Cheap keycap sets aren’t always poor, but they frequently lack quality control.

    Cheap keycaps abound on Amazon and other sites.

    Cheap doesn’t always mean awful, but it’s more likely to have faults with quality control…

    …such as off-center or hazy legends. When possible, read customer evaluations…

    …and inquire about the vendor’s return policy.

    How to Choose Keycaps for Mechanical Keyboard: Which Keycaps Will fit Your Keyboard?

    When looking for keycaps, the first and most critical consideration is which sets will fit your keyboard.

    The great majority of keycaps are made to accommodate Cherry MX and its clones…

    …which are cross stem switches. You’re in luck if the top of your switch looks like a “+.”

    The possibilities are far more limited if you’re using a Topre keyboard…

    …or a keyboard with Logitech’s Romer-G switches.

    Sizing of standard keycaps (photo courtesy of Tom’s Hardware) The “standard” arrangement…

    …displayed in the image above is supported by the majority of keycap sets.

    Pay great attention to the bottom row and modifiers…

    …even if many keyboards appear to be the same at first glance.

    Keycap sizing for the Corsair K95 gaming keyboard.

    To make it easier to access Ctrl and Alt in-game, gaming keyboards often decrease…

    …the Windows key and increase the size of Ctrl and Alt, as shown in the image above.

    GMMK PRO (Photo courtesy of Tom’s Hardware) Similarly, if your keyboard has a compact layout…

    …like the Glorious GMMK Pro (seen above), keys are frequently shortened to fit the smaller space.

    Take the time to go over the entire board, as this goes beyond the bottom row.

    Don’t worry if your keyboard has non-standard keycap sizes.

    The most cost-effective aftermarket keycaps frequently only support standard sizing…

    …however many kits include extra keys just in case.

    To make sure the kit you’re considering is compatible with your keyboard…

    …look for sizing charts on the product page.

    Sum Up

    There is just one strict rule to follow when looking for aftermarket keycaps: they must fit your keyboard.

    Then it’s only a matter of customizing that keyboard to your liking. If all you care about is appearances…

    …it’s easy to save money by purchasing a low-cost ABS set in a color scheme you enjoy.

    If you want something more particular or with a greater build quality…

    …you’ll have more options to select and will almost certainly spend more for it.


    Adding a set of custom keycaps to your keyboard, regardless of which road you take…

    …is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the keyboard hobby and a gateway to the deeper…

    …realm of keyboard customization.

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