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  • HDR Monitor 101 - Easy Tips to Get The Best One! - Work Rift

    HDR Monitor 101 – Easy Tips to Get The Best One!

    Hdr monitor 1

    How do you go about choosing the greatest HDR monitor?

    Monitors that support high dynamic range (HDR) content are the next step…

    …toward a more lifelike display, whether you’re a gamer, a movie buff, or a creative worker.

    When you first play a familiar game or movie in HDR, you’ll notice richer colors and detail…

    …such as brighter highlights and deeper shadows, than you would on a standard dynamic range (SDR) display.

    However, there are numerous misunderstandings about HDR, its benefits, who need an HDR display…

    …and what constitutes a good HDR display for PCs. After reading this tutorial…

    …you’ll be able to decide if an HDR monitor is right for you and how to choose the best one…

    …for your setup so you can see the difference between SDR and HDR.

    This is what Phil said…

    To deliver its magic, HDR combines an extended brightness range, colors that are covered…

    …by the least-common-denominator sRGB gamut, profiles necessary to optimally map the color…

    …and brightness ranges of content to the capabilities of the display, a decoder in the monitor…

    …that understands the mapping, and all the related technologies that tie the pieces together…

    …not the least of which is the HDR decoder in the monitor.

    High dynamic range (HDR) is a dynamic range higher than usual, synonyms are wide dynamic rangeextended dynamic rangeexpanded dynamic range. The term is often used in discussing the dynamic range of various signals such as images, videos, audio or radio. It may apply to the means of recording, processing, and reproducing such signals including analog and digitized signals.

    HDR monitor according to Wikipedia

    HDR Monitor Work Rift

    EGOBAS 17.3 Ultrathin Portable 1080P HDR LCD IPS Monitor

    Hdr monitor

    Next portable monitor for gaming is EGOBAS 17.3 the Ultrathin gaming Portable monitor

    The 17.3-inch screen gives excellent visuals. Image quality is excellent when using high-definition imaging…

    You can bring the image in lighter and darker places using 1080p + Ultra Hdr. Clarity, brightness…

    …and color reproduction have been considerably enhanced as a result of the improved contrast ratio…

    …and layering. Mirror/split mode, as well as landscape and portrait modes, are available on this monitor.

    Can be used for coding and date processing. You may also use Egoba to watch movies or play games…

    Egobass is a portable cloud computer that works well as a work assistant and a gaming companion…

    The horizon’s original color is restored. Colors are more vibrant on the screen, and the image…

    …is more delicate and lifelike. Use a Type-C cable to connect your Type-C smartphone or laptop.

    Displayport alt mode is required for smartphones and laptops. Please contact us before purchase…

    …if you are unsure whether your phone or laptop is supported. Note: If your smartphone or laptop…

    …does not have enough power, use the USB cord to connect to a 5V 3A adapter.

    More information on the product can be found here…

    Check Price on Work Rift

    Quick Tips When Buying HDR Monitor

    Hdr monitor 5
    Credit: expertreview. Co. Uk

    These should be your primary concerns when purchasing an HDR monitor:

    Brighter is preferable. HDR monitors can be significantly brighter than SDR monitors.

    If you’re a casual user, look for a monitor with at least DisplayHDR 500 certification…

    …(a minimum max brightness of 500 nits with HDR video), whereas gamers will want DisplayHDR 600 or higher.

    Video editors and other creative professions should acquire at least DisplayHDR 1000.

    The greater the coverage of DCI-P3, the better. Aim for a score of at least 85%.

    However, you should double-check our evaluations for color accuracy.

    As is customary, higher contrast ratios are preferable. HDR screens outperform their…

    …SDR counterparts in terms of high contrast.

    Unless you want to hook up a projector, HDR10 is the only HDR format Windows users require.

    What’s Does HDR Actually Mean?

    The greatest HDR monitors provide images that are noticeably different…

    …from those produced by SDR monitors. (Photo courtesy of ViewSonic)

    We’ve already gone through the definition of HDR in detail, but here’s a brief recap.

    When seen on an HDR display, HDR content looks different than SDR content…

    …and this is due in part to how much brighter HDR displays can get.

    While the brightest SDR monitors normally peak out at around 300 nits…

    …HDR monitors can go much brighter, so what you see is closer to the enormous dynamic range…

    …that humans experience in real life (a cloud, for example, can appear to be 10,000 nits).

    In fact, the brightness of an HDR display and how it gets there should be your primary concern.

    That’s not all, though. A larger variety of hues is also offered on HDR monitors.

    The color gamut of a display indicates the range of colors it can produce.

    This range should, in theory, include every shade visible to the human eye, but we’re not there yet.

    According to VESA, a non-profit organization with hundreds of members…

    …(including Dell, LG, Sony, Intel, and AMD) that promotes open standards for displays,

    SDR screens use the sRGB color space, which covers around one-third of the colors humans can see in real life.

    The DCI-P3 color space is used by HDR displays, and it encompasses almost half of the colors we can see.

    The Digital Cinemas Initiative (DCI) has named the DCI-P3 color space, which is used by the American film industry.

    What Do I Need to Enjoy HDR?

    If you’re a creative professional, such as a film or photo editor, HDR is a must-have.

    However, general users and gamers should ensure that they have a use for HDR…

    …and have all of the necessary equipment to appreciate it.

    To take advantage of the image quality improvements offered by HDR…

    …you’ll need an HDR display and HDR-capable technology, such as a PC.

    PC games are available in HDR, as are PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games.

    Some streaming services, such as Netflix, allow you to watch HDR material.

    There are also a lot of HDR Blu-rays available.

    You can play all of this video on a PC or connect an HDR display to an HDR Blu-ray player…

    …gaming console, or streaming box. A PC with an Intel 7th Generation Core CPU…

    …or later with HD 620 integrated graphics is required for Windows.

    HDR is also supported by AMD’s Radeon RX Vega integrated graphics and Radeon RX 5000-series…

    …and newer graphics cards, as well as Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 10-series and newer graphics cards.

    You’ll also need to connect the monitor via either:

    • USB-C port with DisplayPort Alt Mode
    • Thunderbolt 3 or 4 USB-C port
    • HDMI 2.0a or 2.1 port
    • DisplayPort 1.4 or later

    Check out our DisplayPort vs. HDMI comparison to see which connector is best for connecting your HDR display.

    Users of Apple macOS must have the most recent version of their operating system…

    …and an Apple product that supports HDR. A list of Mac models that support HDR can be found here.

    These systems can play HDR on their built-in screen or over a Thunderbolt 3 USB-C interface.

    Sum Up

    If you have the right type of content and buy a display with the necessary specs and features…

    …HDR support can considerably improve the experience of a PC monitor.

    This will result in a significant improvement in image quality over an SDR monitor.

    That’s how you make HDR worth your time and money.

    There’s also the issue of monitors vs. televisions to consider.

    HDR TVs are generally less expensive than HDR monitors.

    You’d still be searching for the same features as you would with an HDR display in that situation.

    Keep in mind that, much like when buying an SDR TV for your system…

    …you’ll have to deal with drawbacks like lower refresh rates, greater input lag, and, most likely, a lower resolution.


    And, that is for how to choose HDR monitor.

    How do you choose your monitor?

    Let us know your experience on the comment section!

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