The Best Mechanical Keyboard You Could Get: Workrift Recommendations For Better Gaming

Best mechanical keyboard

Want to spice up your gaming skill? Try our recommendation of best mechanical keyboard!

Best Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are the new rage in the gaming world.

Best mechanical keyboards have a tactile feel and provide better control over the keyboard.

They are quiet and easy to use, and most importantly…

… the best mechanical keyboards can be customized to the user’s liking.

These keyboards provide better tactile feedback, enabling the user to make finer adjustments with greater accuracy.

Another benefit to a mechanical keyboard is that they are durable.

Many users find that the tactile feedback and durability of a best mechanical keyboard make it worth the investment.

Mechanical keyboards can also last for years…

… making them an ideal choice for gamers who frequently use their computer gaming laptop or desktop.

Best mechanical keyboard
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Most keyboards that come with laptops or desktop computers suck.

Best mechanical keyboards are more enjoyable to type with, more durable, and customizable than…

… those typical membrane keyboard, butterfly keyboard, or scissor switch keyboards.

For people who spend all day using a computer, it can be satisfying when customizing the size, switches, keys…

… layouts, and even the backlights.

If you’re interested, there are many resources that help you learn about best mechanical keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards use a variety of switches.

They include rubber domes, conical springs, stiff rubber domes, buckling springs, etc.

Mechanical keyboards are very useful because they give you accurate feedback about your typing.

You can type much faster using them than you could otherwise.

They’re great for games because they allow you to quickly press the right keys.

They make a nice clicking noise that sounds fun.

Membrane keyboards are less accurate and require more force to press…

… making them better for typing but not as good for gaming.

Mechanical boards can be very durable. A person who builds a new board may harvest parts from an old keyboard.

Best mechanical keyboard
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Our Recommendation and Review on Best Mechanical Keyboard!

  • Redragon K530 Draconic Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

We put this on the first of our best mechanical keyboard list because this is the best mechanical keyboard you can get!

On a 60% keyboard, there are 5 rows of keys.

There are no numbers or arrows on the keyboard.

Instead, there are four function keys and an escape key.

The biggest difference with this keyboard is how it places the alternate function keys.

These keys are smaller than the main keys and do not fit into the space normally occupied by the other keys.

Most keyboards have extra keys on the front of the keyboard.

Redragon’s placement differs from most other manufacturers.

However, it works quite well. Usually, the arrow keys are mapped to the I/J or I/J/M keys.

In Redragon’s case, they are instead mapped to the A/W/S/D keys, making them easier to access.

The delete key is normally double-up with the backspace key, but Redragon has put it on the /? (question mark) key…

… which is much better because you can press it easily without having to reach over your hands.

There are also two function keys, and a magic FN key doubles up on the caps lock key.

A gaming keyboard with floating keys. You can adjust the height of the keys by flipping them up or down.

There’s also a logo on the top of the keyboard.

On the left side of the board is where you’ll find a USB Type-C port (which is used for charging)…

… a power button, a backlight toggle, and a Bluetooth selector switch.

There are 13 preset modes available, including some with coloured keys, and you can adjust brightness and colors.

Caps lock does not light up, but this was done intentionally.

This keyboard is very comfortable to use.

It has a nice tactile bump in each key, and isn’t as clicky as many other mechanical keyboards.

Typing and response performance is excellent, especially when using the redragon brown switches.

There were no issues with delay or anything while gaming.

Going back to a full sized keyboard definitely feels like you’re reaching a bit more with your mouse…

…depending on your set up.Typing speed is faster when using a wired connection than with Bluetooth.

Wireless keyboards wake up more quickly than wired ones.

This is a gaming keyboard made by a company called Redragon.

The keyboard uses mechanical switches (the keys are activated when you press them) instead of…

… the traditional rubber dome switches. The keyboard also comes in different colors like black or white.


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  • HyperX Alloy Origins Core Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Our review starts with the box and its contents.

We see the HyperX logo on the top of the box, along with the name of the product.

There’s also a picture of the keyboard, as well as a list of compatible controllers.

On the bottom of the box, we see a picture of the controller, along with a description of the switch types.

The back of the box shows the keyboard’s features including the detachable USB Type-c cable…

… plus the keyboard’s full metal body.

You will also receive an extra thank you note from Hyper X…

… along with support cards and a quick start guide when you open the package.

This review focuses on the design and functionality aspects of this compact, ten-keyed keyboard.

The key switches are designed to be responsive and accurate.

They feature exposed LED lights for better visibility during gaming sessions.

The overall design of this keyboard is very compact and sleek, making it ideal for mobile use.

Alloys are used in many different fields, such as aerospace, automotive, electronics…

… energy, medical, military, and transportation.

They are made out of metals or metal alloys.

Aluminum is an alloy that is often used because of its light weight.

The HyperX Alloy Origins takes everything you love about mechanical keyboards and adds a few new features.

You’ll get an amazing lighting system, excellent gaming performance, and a great value.

The Alloy Origins Core uses mechanical switches, and it looks like a tank. It feels solid and durable.

The keyboard is kept inside an aircraft-grade aluminium case, making it seem heavy and sturdy.

There’s built-in memory on the Alloy Origins Core for three separate profiles.

This specific feature is helpful when customising the appearance and effect of the headset…

… by using the updated HyperX NGenuity software.

It links to your PC and is powered using the provided Type-C braided cable.

This keyboard offers an excellent balance between accuracy and responsiveness…

… and is highly recommended for those who want reliability.


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To Sum Up!

There are many types of keyboard that you can use, but the perfect one to use…

… for gaming is the mechanical one.

Not only it’s durable, it can help you with the pressing and comfortability.

When choosing best mechanical keyboard you have to consider things such as price, comfort, and durability.


We’ve shown you the best mechanical keyboard you could get.

So, which one do you like the most?

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