Are Ajazz AK33 Hot Swappable? Superb Facts About This Keyboard That You Must Know

What is the Ajazz AK33?

Are Ajazz AK33 Hot Swappable? The Ajazz K33 is a tiny ten key less (TKL) mechanical keyboard with RGB illumination on each key…

…for an astonishing array of lighting effects. Mechanical keyboards are distinguished from most other keyboards technology

…by the fact that each key is a distinct switch, as opposed to cheaper rubber domes. This configuration…

…enhances endurance and responsiveness at the tradeoff of increased cost. That being said…

…once you’ve gone mechanical, it’s difficult to revert. There are several different switch types…

…that determine the “feel” of the keyboard, and the Ajazz AK33 includes black mechanical switches…

…that have a light activation force and operate quietly. Significant Characteristics:

  • 82-key compact layout
  • RGB lighting on a per-key basis with a large variety of lighting effects
  • Mechanical switches are available in a range of configurations.

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you might be wondering…

Are Ajazz AK33 Hot Swappable?

Well you can, but it will be a lot of soldering. It will be challenging if you are not experienced…

…with soldering and you got to have the right tools. 9/10 people lift pads due to inexperience.

What is Hot Swap Mechanical Keyboard?

The hot swappable functionality of a mechanical keyboard is a very handy tool for personalizing your keyboard.

It enables you to simply replace keyboard switches in order to design your own customized keyboard.

A hot swappable keyboard enables you to replace the switches..

…simply by pulling them out and plugging in new ones; it’s that simple.

Product details

  • Product Dimentsion : 12.22 x 4.72 x 1.45 inches
  • Compatible Devices : PC
  • Connectivity Through : USB
  • Keyboard Description : Mechanical
  • Uniqueness : Waterproof

Hot Swapping Pros

  • Capability of easily integrating suitable switches in order to create a personalized typing experience
  • Simple switch replacement
  • The ability to update switches provides flexibility and simplifies the initial purchasing choice.

Hot Swapping Cons

  • Reduced durability/reliability due to a greatly increased risk of harming the PCB, sockets, and switches during the replacement process, significantly reducing the product’s life.
  • Unstable electrical connections between switches and the printed circuit board can cause misfires and unregistered keystrokes.
  • Unstable physical connection causes a little increase in switch wobbling, which has an effect on the typing sensation.
  • Without the use of solder, hot swap sockets cause reverberation and ping, as well as making the keyboard seem “less thick.”
  • Sockets incur an additional cost, which is often offset by cost savings in other areas of the keyboard.

tips on applying swappable keyboard for non hot-swappable

If your keyboard is not hot-swappable, you must perform the following procedures to change the switch:

  • To begin, disassemble the entire keyboard.
  • Desolder the switches with a soldering tool. Each switch requires two pins to be desoldered.
  • Solder the switches you wish to activate.
  • Reassemble the keyboard in its entirety.

Without the hot swappable capability, changing switches on a mechanical keyboard takes at least four or five times as long.

editor's review

Ajazz AK33 Review: Easiness of Use

It couldn’t be easier to get started with the Ajazz AK33.

It is truly plug-and-play. There is no additional software to install;

…all customization is accomplished via the built-in shortcuts for changing key colors lighting patterns,

….and speeds on the keyboard. Additionally,

Ajazz offers its own software that allows you to customize the lights, polling rate, and macros.

Having the option is convenient, however I skipped installing…

..the program because all of the customization I need could be accomplished immediately on the keyboard.

The black mechanical switches performed admirably for gaming,

…requiring relatively little activation effort and traveling smoothly.

In comparison to my present mechanical keyboard’s blue switches…

….this made playing faster-paced games a delight.

The typing experience was decent albeit I prefer blue mechanical keys for typing to black switches,

…which lack the tactile bump and loud click I’ve learned to like.

Having said that, the black switches are far quieter than the blue switches I’m used to – something my spouse loved greatly.

That non-standard layout was also inconvenient when typing,

…since I periodically hit the incorrect keys until I accustomed to the new layout.