Ajazz AK33 Hot Swappable: Hot Swapping Made Simple

The AJAZZ AK33 allows easy switch testing without steep cost. Ajazz AK33 hot swappable change switches in seconds with no soldering.

Novices can sample clicks, tactiles and linears to find their preferred style and task match. While practical for tinkerers, new users must gently remove and insert switches to avoid damaging hot-swap sockets.

Proper care preserves this budget board’s customization perks.

Key Takeaways – Ajazz AK33 Hot Swappable

The ajaZZ ak33 is a mechanical keyboard that allows users to swap out different switches on the fly without any soldering required thanks to its hot-swappable socket design.

The hot-swap functionality of the ajaZZ ak33 provides an affordable way for keyboard enthusiasts and new users alike to experience different switch types and find their preferred switch for various typing tasks.

What is the Ajazz AK33?

Ajazz ak33 hot swappable

The Ajazz AK33 is a compact keyboard without the number pad. It has lights on each key and different mechanical switches under each key instead of rubber domes. 

Mechanical keyboards last longer and the keys respond better, but they cost more. (1) Once you try a mechanical keyboard, it’s hard to go back!

There are different types of mechanical switches that give the keyboard its “feel”. The AK33 mechanical keyboard comes with blue switches and red switches that press easily and are quiet.

This keyboard stands out because each key has its own colorful lights. You can choose from many lighting effects like breathing and wave.

The ajazz ak33 hot swappable is also unique because you can swap out the switches – something called “hot swapping”. This lets you try new switches without soldering. Just pull one switch and plug another in.

Some other neat things about the AK33 include its compact size and weight reduction without the number pad. Gamers love it for its solid build and responsive keys.

Beginners and pros both appreciate the customizable lights and option to change switch styles. Keyboard enthusiasts always have fun swapping switches to find their favorite feel.

In summary – yes the Ajazz AK33 is hot swappable! This gives it great versatility and longevity as you can keep the mechanical gaming keyboard up-to-date with new switch trends.

Its solid build quality and colorful rgb mechanical keyboard lighting also make it a favorite of gamers and everyone who enjoys a good mechanical keyboard.

In this blog, we also have Ajazz AK33 specs review that you might want to see..

What is Hot Swap Mechanical Keyboard?

The cool thing about mechanical keyboards with hot swappable switches is how easy it is to personalize them. Wireless mechanical keyboards let you pull out one switch and pop in another just like that. No soldering or tools needed!

You can really design your keyboard to your liking. Want a quieter keyboard? Swap in red switches. Prefer a clickier keypress?

Try zorro switches instead. I’ve even seen tkl mechanical keyboard owners make their own compare color combinations just for fun!

It’s awesome being able to tweak a keyboard to suit how you type. What works for one person may not be as comfortable for another. Thanks to hot swapping, there’s no need to settle if something isn’t quite right.

My friend uses his keyboard for xp vista mac linux operating systems. By swapping switches, he tailors his key sounds and pressures between work and play. Now that’s versatility!

Hot swappable switches truly allow for endless customizing to match ergonomic design elements and personal preference. (2) You can’t beat that kind of flexibility and typing experience!

He also likes that he can bring extra switches when travelling. If a switch stops working, it’s no problem to swap it out using the handy usb cable.

This gives keyboards with hot swappable switches a real advantage in durability and longevity. Their key rollover remains solid no matter what switches you choose.

Product details

  • Product Dimentsion : 12.22 x 4.72 x 1.45 inches
  • Compatible Devices : PC
  • Connectivity Through : USB
  • Keyboard Description : Mechanical
  • Uniqueness : Waterproof

Hot Swapping Pros

Easily Tailor Your Keyboard

With a hot swappable mechanical keyboard, you can find the perfect switches for your style of typing. Need quieter keys late at night? Swap to red switches. Prefer clicking over mushy keys? Try zorro switches or compare color switches instead. You’re in control of customizing your keyboard just right.

Simple Switching

Replacing switches is a breeze – just pull one out and hook the other in. No messy soldering or special tools required with hot swappable boards. My brother switches for work vs play all the time using his tkl mechanical keyboard.

Flexible Future-Proofing

Since you aren’t locked in with your initial switch choice, it’s easier to pick a keyboard first before worrying over switches. Later if you want something different, switches swap in without buying a whole new board. This saves money and e-waste in the long run. The usb cable connection makes swapping as fast and convenient as plugging in a flash drive.

Whether gaming, video editing, or long typing sessions, a hot swappable board lets you shape the ideal typing experience perfectly suited to each task. It truly maximizes versatility and personalization thanks to simple switch integration.

Hot Swapping Cons

Increased Risk of Damage

Taking switches in and out of a hot swappable board a lot can wear out the inside over time. You gotta be real gentle when clicking new cherry mx black or black switches in, or you might harm the tiny sockets or mess up the printed circuit board. Too much fooling around modding switches could potentially shorten a keyboard‘s lifespan.

Unstable Keys

If the black switches aren’t plugged in neatly to the ajazz ak816, you might deal with occasional misfires where keys don’t press properly. A loose black switch might shift around a bit more in its port too, feeling squishy under fast typing.

Costs More to Make

Those tiny sockets that let switches click in without solder take some money to put inside a board. Rgb backlit and build quality improvements help offset these added costs. But the inner workings of a hot swappable ajazz k870t definitely run higher than fixed-switch boards.

So while the fun of keyboard layout changes outweighs these downsides for many, it’s worth knowing hot swapping does bring some potential durability risks to consider upfront. Steady handed folks might fare best in the long haul.

tips on applying swappable keyboard for non hot-swappable

Setting Up Hot Swappable

YouTube video

Take it All Apart

To swap switches, you gotta remove every single piece of the keyboard. This means the case, plate, and PCB all come off.

Get that Solder Out

With a soldering tool in hand, you must heat up each of the two metal pins holding an ajazz blue or cherry mx switch and pull it out. Each switch needs both pins de-soldered.

Add the New Switches

Once the old ones are out, it’s time to carefully solder in the new switches, like smooth and silent red linear or crisp ajazz red switches.


The last step takes putting all the keyboard components back together step-by-step. Be sure everything snaps firmly in place once complete.

It’s detailed work but do-able if you’re comfortable with a soldering iron. Just requires a lot more time and care than simply pulling and clicking switches like with a hot-swappable keyboard.

Without the hot swappable capability, changing switches on a mechanical keyboard takes at least four or five times as long.

editor's review

Ajazz AK33 Review: Easiness of Use

Getting started with the Ajazz AK33 wired keyboard could not be easier. All you have to do is plug it into your computer using the included USB cable. There is no software needed for basic use.

The mechanical keyboard allows for full customization right from its controls. (3) You can change the colors of the keyboard lights, set up different lighting patterns, and adjust the keystroke speed. This makes it very convenient to personalize right away.

While optional software exists for even deeper customization, I did not find it necessary to install. Using the keyboard itself was all I needed.

Gaming on this hot swappable mechanical keyboard felt great. The black switches required little pressure to activate yet offered a smooth action. Compared to my other keyboard with blue switches, gaming felt much faster and easier.

For regular typing, I noticed the black switches lack the satisfying tactile bump of my blue switch keys. However, they are much quieter which my housemate really liked. Overall the typing experience was decent.

Getting used to the non-standard key layout took some practice. At first I would hit the wrong keys since I am used to the typical layout. But it did not take long to adjust.

This Ajazz AK33 wired mechanical keyboard impresses with its simple plug-and-play setup and full onboard customization.

Whether changing the colors, patterns, or speed of the keys, you have everything you need right on the keyboard itself. While optional software allows for deeper personalization, I found the built-in controls to be plenty for my needs.

Gaming felt faster and smoother compared to my previous blue switch keyboard. The black switches activate with a light touch yet still offer a clean movement.

Regular typing took some adjustment to the lighter tactile feedback. However, the near-silent operation is appreciated by others in the home. And with hot-swappable mechanical switches, you can easily upgrade or experiment with other options too.

In summary, for an entry-level mechanical keyboard that requires zero software and puts full control at your fingertips, the Ajazz AK33 is an excellent choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ajazz AK33 support Mac/Linux systems?

The Ajazz AK33 mechanical keyboard supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android systems. It connects to computers and devices using a standard USB cable, so it is compatible with XP, Vista, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.

TheAjazz AK33 does not require any additional drivers or software to function on any of these systems either.

Can the Ajazz AK33 switches be hot-swapped?

Yes, the Ajazz AK33 is a hot swappable mechanical keyboard, meaning the switches can be removed and replaced without soldering.

This allows for easy experimentation with different switch types. The AK33 comes with black switches by default, but users can upgrade to red, blue, brown or other MX-style switches easily.

How is the typing experience on the Ajazz AK33?

Most reviews of the Ajazz AK33 praise the typing experience. Though the included black switches provide a linear and quiet stroke compared to clicky blue switches, the feedback is comfortable for extended typing sessions.

The compact TKL size also leaves plenty of room for mouse movement. Overall the build quality and key feel provide an enjoyable typing experience.

What games work well with the Ajazz AK33 gaming keyboard?

As a mechanical gaming keyboard, the Ajazz AK33 performs very well for both AAA titles and competitive games. Its responsive black switches and full NKRO allow for quick reaction times.

Games like FPS, MOBAs, and fighting games greatly benefit from the AK33’s features. Responsive rgb lighting and shortcuts are well-suited for immersive games too.

So whether playing action-packed games or competitive esports, the AK33 delivers an impressive gaming keyboard experience.

How do the Ajazz AK33 switches compare to Cherry MX switches?

While the Ajazz AK33 comes with its own branded switches, they provide a feel very similar to popular Cherry MX switches.

The included black switches mirror the smooth linear stroke of Cherry MX blacks. Users comparing them to red, brown, or blue Cherry MX switches will notice the Ajazz switches offer an almost identical typing experience.

This makes the AK33 an affordable option compared to keyboards with genuine Cherry MX keys.


The Ajazz AK33 offers gamers and workers a customizable ally. Its RGB lighting, black switches, and hot-swappable design provide endless personalization.

Whether gaming competitively or working through the night, the responsive keys and full key rollover deliver excellent performance.

Personalizing settings and experimenting with new switches is a breeze too with onboard controls and a hot-swappable build.

With stellar features, solid build, and affordability, it’s no wonder this versatile keyboard satisfies every task with ease. See for yourself how its customized performance and customization can take your productivity and gameplay to new heights.


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