How To Fix Gaming Mouse Not Working? 3 Superb Steps To Fix Your Gaming Gear

Have you just bought a new gaming mouse, but you can’t seem to get it to work? Do you know how to fix gaming mouse not working? Chill out. if you’re experiencing this issue with your gaming mouse, there are a few things that you can try. In this blog, we also have an article about razer viper mini ultra lightweight mouse review that you might want to read about it.

Having the best gaming mouse can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Whether you’re immersing yourself in massive single-player adventures or competing in multiplayer for glory and fame, a cheap productivity peripheral is simply not going to cut it.”

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How To Fix Gaming Mouse Not Working

If you are having problem with your gaming mouse not working, then this is the right place to read. As it is a very common problem that occurs when the mouse is not working properly. Usually, we experience this problem during the start up process. So if you are facing this problem while starting up the PC, then here are some tips that you can follow to fix this problem.

  1. Unplug the mouse from the computer and then try to move it in a different direction. If you find any difference, then try to remove all of the USB cables from your mouse and reconnect them again. After that, check if your mouse is connected properly with your computer by using another USB cable. If you still have problem with this, then go for Step 2.
  2. You can also use a different USB port on your computer or try to connect it with a different port on your computer if you have a mouse that supports it. Keep the two or three USB ports are same regardless of how many you have on your computer and make sure to use compatible port for each device.
  3. If none of these steps help you, then there might be problems with your Mouse driver such as windows not recognizing their hardware when trying to install/update them in order for  to get rid of this error message like “there is no new update available” along with other symptoms that may occur.

What Is Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is a special device that is used to control the movements of a computer mouse. A gaming mouse is a simple device, with one or more buttons that are used to move the cursor on the screen. It is used in games and in software applications that require users to control the cursor on the screen. Gaming mice can be connected to computers with a USB port or wirelessly via Bluetooth or infrared. The gaming mouse may also have a weight sensor, which can measure the movement of the computer mouse. Some gaming mice also come with a DPI setting for fine-tuning the sensitivity of the mouse.

Experienced PC gamers have very specific preferences for the size, shape and sensitivity of the gaming mice they use to interact with virtual environments and win contests reliably.”

Types of gaming mouse

There are different types of gaming mice available today. They range from wired to wireless. The first type of gaming mice were wired, so they required an extra cable to connect them to the computer. However, as time went by, manufacturers began making wireless gaming mice that could communicate with the computer wirelessly. Nowadays, most gamers prefer the use of a wireless gaming mouse because they do not need to worry about carrying around cables anymore.

When choosing what kind of gaming mouse should I buy, there are three factors that will determine how well it works:

  1. Number of Buttons – Most people choose between two and seven buttons depending on their preference and needs. The number of buttons is determined based on the requirements of the game that you play.
  2. Weight – When buying a gaming mouse, make sure that it does not weigh too much. This way, you won’t tire yourself out using it when playing games all day long.
  3. Price – Buying a good gaming mouse at a reasonable price is always better than buying a cheap mouse that doesn’t perform well.

Cleaning Gaming Mouse

  • Try to clean your mouse using a damp cloth or tissue paper. For example, if you have got dust stuck inside the mouse, try to wipe it off using tissue paper.
  • Using a toothbrush, clean the surface of the mouse where the wires are connected. You can also use a cotton ball to gently clean out dirt that has gotten stuck on the bottom plate.
  • Use a dryer sheet to dry out the parts of the mouse that are moist.
  • To avoid getting sweat build-up in crevices of your mouse, don’t use cleaning solution. Use only alcohol wipes instead. You can even use baby wipes which are specially designed for babies’ skin!
  • It is possible that your mouse may need replacement since it gets dirty easily, especially after long usage.
  • You can call tech support for mouse repair or replacement.

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