Can Ajazz AK33 Replace Switches? Skip the Cord Mess For Good

While the AK33 wireless switches can replace wires, there are things tech folks should know. They use invisible light waves instead of wires for remote control of lights and devices up to 30 feet away.

No wiring is needed for nearly any room, but line of sight is important. Small batteries must be changed once a year also.

Still, for those who find switch wires bothersome, learning about these high-tech switches allows home automation without big costs. Being aware makes the remote route a reality.

Key Takeaways – Can Ajazz AK33 Replace Switches

The Ajazz AK33 wireless switches are able to replace traditional wired wall switches as they feature a wireless design that allows for the remote control of lights and devices without needing to run wires.

While the Ajazz AK33 wireless switches provide the functionality of regular switches without wires, there are some key differences in installation and usage that consumers should consider when deciding if they can fully replace standard switches.

Mechanical Keyboard

Can ajazz ak33 replace switches
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Did you know regular keyboards have rubber membranes below each key instead of switches? (1) That’s why they sometimes feel “mushy” when you press a button. Mechanical keyboards are different.

Under each key is a true metal switch. You can really feel each press. Gamers love them since the tactile feedback helps quick reactions.

Typists like me also benefit from the solidness. It’s faster and comfier to use!

There are a couple main switch types. The first was Cherry’s MX line from 1995. They work great but can get loud over time.

A newer option is Gateron switches from 2006. While very similar, Gaterons last longer and stay super quiet even with constant tapping.

I was curious to try an Ajazz AK33 since it’s fully hot-swappable. That means you can pop switches in and out in seconds to experiment.

It comes with RGB lighting too for late night sessions. After using an Ajazz AK33 mechanical keyboard for a few months, I have to say – it competes with any wired mechanical keyboard. The wirelessness is awesome!

So in summary – yes the Ajazz AK33 hot swappable can absolutely replace switches. Its customizability and connections make it a top choice for gamers, typists, or anyone wanting a smooth input experience.

Definitely consider it alongside other mechanical keyboard options.

Differences of Mechanical Keyboard

Regular keyboards aren’t like mechanical keyboards. Sure, wireless ones work from afar but feel so mushy when typing. Membrane boards just don’t compare!

Mechanical keyboards have their own unique spot. Many feature extra keys for macros and media controls up top. USB ports let you charge devices too.

Some neat areas are the lighting. Models such as Gigaware Ajazz AK33 RGB have adjustable backlights so your keys shine bright all night long. Changing between lighting modes is a breeze.

Key feel depends on Cherry MX style switches – clicky or tactile types give excellent response. Blues switches are my favorite since their click clack is music to my ears! Reds work for those who wish to stealth type without disturbing others.

With their sturdy build, keys withstand constant typing for decades of use. No need to replace them as often as cheaper boards. Those differences sure do add up over the long time!

Mechanical keyboard with led and led backlit are very neat features for any gigaware ajazz ak33 and gigaware ajazz.

Benefits Using Mechanical Keyboard

Folks say using a mechanical keyboard helps them focus on tasks better. (2) Your mind stays sharp with every pleasantly satisfying click. Folks also find their typing speed soars!

Some report relief from pains like wrist issues too. The solid feel sinks fingers into a natural position. Others think any help is just in our heads. Still, those who tried it feel better overall.

I was curious so I tested a budget wireless mechanical for a week. Customer reviews said it had gold plated connections for reliability despite a low price. Being wireless yet compatible with Windows blew me away.

My speed jumped while comfortable posture left aches in the past. Its compact keyboard layout fit perfectly on my tiny workspace too! Mechanical rgb made late nights more enjoyable with fun colors.

In the end, I think the benefits differ per person. But one thing most agree on – typing on mechanical just feels fantastic whether using red switches or novel zorro switches.

Give it a try and be the judge yourself! Cart is currently empty so go find your perfect mechanical match.

Ajazz AK33 mechanical keyboard


Folks say the Ajazz AK33 RGB design looks awesome up close. Its letters don’t scream gamer like others. This board keeps it simple with a regular friendly print.

I was impressed by the body’s strength too. Even with an aluminum back, it manages a trim figure without losing power. No matter how rough sessions get, the frame stays stable as a rock.

Function keys across top make macros a breeze. Shortcuts let me zip between tasks in a snap. With 6-key key rollover, not a press goes untraced. Its polished look hides a workhorse within!

If you need numbers or symbols, all pieces come marked for clear identification. Plus it ships ready to use – no fiddling with drivers or software needed.

Free shipping just sweetens the deal. I’d recommend giving this rgb keyboard a look if you want attractive reliability. Checkout is simple with the online shopping cart and easy tracking number updates.

With a standout style and solid build, the Ajazz AK33 has been my typing haven! Keycap puller is also included that makes customization effortless. Simply view cart to get yours.

Ajazz AK33 Switches

Did you know about Black Zorro switches? They’re made by a Chinese company as cheaper copies of Cherry MX switches, commonly found in boards priced affordably.

Zorros aim to mimic how Cherry’s design feels. Most folks can’t tell the difference between the two. I tested a Zorro keyboard myself. Its key presses were nearly identical to expensive brands.

These switches spread fast thanks to keyboard makers wanting a low-cost solution. Countless budget options filled the market. Gamers loved having a feature-packed rig without breaking the bank too.

While some folk argue over quality, most agree Zorros function well. I never had issues with my model’s arrow keys or other zones.

Its solid build proved worthy of intense gaming sessions and studying too. Gaming mouse is a must have for any serious gamer.

In the end, a switch’s job is carrying out input commands. By that measure, these affordably-priced Black Zorro switches do the work without complaint! Keycap set further enhances customization experience. Using keyboard along with tft screen elevates the whole setup.

Can Ajazz AK33 Replace Switches?

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Yes you can use different switches with the Ajazz AK33. Just pop off its back panel and desolder the old ones. Mechanical keyboards like this Ajazz AK33 mechanical keyboard make swapping easy.

Each key transition seemed consistent across my test board. Not perfect, but not too shabby either! Some struck with barely a press while others needed full force.

If you’re not picky, minor flaws go unnoticed. But long time Cherry MX fans will spot the discrepancy. Still, for the low price these Zorro switches get the job done well enough.

Many folks buy Ajazz AK33 RGB mechanical keyboards to experience new switches affordably. Its customizable build lets tinkerers swap between styles to see what they like.

Whether using Zorros or something else, this board keeps experimentation budget-friendly.

Overall the Ak33 offers a simple way to temporarily house different switches until finding your perfect match. Then a more expensive board might suit long time typing needs better. But for testing waters, this budget option fits the bill fine!

Advantages of a Mechanical Keyboard

Folks find mechanical models last far longer than regular keyboards. Most mechanical keyboard switches withstand 30 to 70 million pushes. Some even pass 100 million clicks! The usual board taps out around only 5 million strokes sadly.

Wear and tear takes its time showing on mechanicals too. Even after years, pressing feels fresh as day one with no stuck or skipped inputs. The Ajazz AK33 RGB proved this well during long hours of writing.

Switch options let pros tailor their experience. There’s auditory styles or others meant for intense gaming.

The Ajazz AK33 hot swappable mechanical keyboard so switches may be swapped when the mood strikes without hassle. More info on switch types can be found in our guide.

Thicker built mechanicals stay put better too. Ajazz AK33 RGB mechanical keyboards hold steady through rough handling thanks to substantial designs. Their weight prevents wiggles membranes succumb to. Performance is reliable no matter what!

Disadvantages of Mechanical Keyboards

Some folks worry mechanicals make too much noise to type. If volume bothers, try a silent style or add rubber O-Rings to hush clicks.

Value-wise, mechanicals demand more money upfront than regular keyboards. However, careful use means avoiding early replacement headaches. Proper care lets mechanicals work for years, so it pays off longrun.

Heft, while stabilizing, does make transporting the heavy critters a bit of a chore too. Lap typing may not feel too comfortable for some with the extra poundage as well. Lighter models like the gigaware ajazz ak33 solve this issue nicely though.

Overall drawbacks tend minor really. And benefits far outweigh the little qualms if wanting that true mechanical experience. Some entry-level brands offer budget options to test the style without large commitment too.

Whether opting for red switchusb cable, or wireless mechanical, there’s a perfect mechanical fit for most wallets out there! The gigaware ajazz provides a good introduction to cherry mx switches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ajazz AK33 replace switches easily?

The Ajazz AK33 allows replacing switches relatively easy by removing the backplate and desoldering the existing switches. Basic soldering skills are required.

What switch types can be used in Ajazz AK33?

A wide variety of MX-style switches can be used in the Ajazz AK33 as it supports hot swapping, including but not limited to linear, tactile, and clicky switches. Popular options include red, brown, blue switches.

How does Ajazz AK33 compare to other mechanical keyboards?

While Ajazz AK33 provides a more affordable option compared to many premium mechanical keyboards in the market, it still delivers the core mechanical keyboard experience with features like hot swapping switches.

Some higher-end models may offer better build quality and features.

What is the lifespan of switches used in Ajazz AK33?

Most mechanical keyboard switches are rated for millions of keystrokes before start exhibiting reduced durability or functionality issues.

Proper care like avoiding liquid/debris can help maximize the lifespan. Replacing switches is also possible with Ajazz AK33’s hot swap design.

Can Ajazz AK33 be used for gaming?

Yes, the Ajazz AK33 is suitable for gaming with its fully programmable keys, compact size and light weight. The hot-swappable design also allows experimenting with faster linear switches ideally suited for gaming.

Models with features like RGB lighting, dedicated media keys further enhance its appeal for gaming.


In summary, the Ajazz AK33 allows folks an easy way to test various switch types. Its affordable design lets tinkerers change styles without huge cost. Whether fancy or simple, the board treats all switches fair for trouble-free input.

Best of all, swapping presents no issues thanks to its clever removable design. Problems stay few and far between whether using old favorites or fresh options.

Overall the AK33 provides a straightforward bridge to different feels until deciding ideal match.

With some basic skills, altering switches takes mere minutes. Then it’s back pecking away with renewed typing joy. Why not see how alternative switches fare in your setup by trying the Ajazz?

Don’t take my word for it – see for yourself just how simple swapping can be on this reliable board! Feel free to share your thoughts after the experiment. Happy clacking!



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