Why Is My Wired Gaming Mouse Not Working? 6 Superb Reasons Why It Happen

I am a gamer. I love to play video games and I am always on the computer. I use my wired gaming mouse for all my gaming and it is always plugged in to my computer. One day, I unplugged it and it stopped working. Why is my wired gaming mouse not working? I am so frustrated and I don’t know what to do this is my favorite mouse.

But now, after I learn what’s wrong, now I know the reasons. Have a same problem with me and want to know the reasons? I will show you about it in this article, so read it until the end. In this blog, we also have an article about robotsky wired gaming mouse 3200dpi rgb review that you might want to read about it.

The best gaming mouse is a great way to upgrade your gaming PC setup. Whether you’re levelling up to a more responsive optical sensor or ditching wires and going completely cable free to Mary Kondo your desktop, nothing beats the comfort and speed of a good gaming mouse that feels like an extension of your own arm.”

Jacob Ridley, author from pcgamer.com

What is gaming mouse

The gaming mouse is a mouse with a lot of buttons and features. It is meant to improve your gaming experience and make it easier to play. The main functions and features are: the ability to customize your buttons, change their sensitivity, configure its lighting, and set several other parameters.

Gaming mice are usually used for playing games on computers or consoles. They can be connected to any type of computer using a USB cable. Some models even have an optical sensor that allows you to play without touching the screen.

Gaming mice are mostly designed with ergonomics in mind, so they’ll fit better than most regular mice. However, if you want something extra-special, you can always invest in a dedicated gaming mouse.

A gaming mouse is one of the most critical components of a PC gaming setup.”

Kevin Lee,  author from IGN.com

Why do I need a gaming mouse?

Playing video games has become one of our favorite hobbies. It requires precision, accuracy, speed, coordination, and lots of practice. To get the best performance from our computer, we need a good quality mouse. A gaming mouse will give us all these things and more! We will discuss some reasons why a gaming mouse is needed below.

How does a gaming mouse work?

A gaming mouse works by moving your hand over the surface of the mouse pad while pressing down certain buttons. This causes the mouse pointer to move across the screen. You can also use your wrist as a third finger when you press down the side button of your mouse to zoom into the game world.

Why Is My Wired Gaming Mouse Not Working?

So, why is my wired gaming mouse not working? A mouse can be a useful tool to help you navigate through your computer. If you are not able to use your mouse, it can be frustrating. A wired mouse can be used on a wired computer and an optical mouse on an optical computer. The problem with wired mice is that they may stop working for various reasons. Here are some reasons why wired gaming mouse not be working:

  1. The mouse cord is loose
  2. Hardware Defects
  3. Power Disconnection
  4. Driver for an Outdated Mouse
  5. Inappropriate surface
  6. The USB port is disabled.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are many ways to fix it. First, try plugging your mouse back into another USB port. Sometimes the ports are faulty and don’t work properly. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll have to disconnect your mouse completely. Then reconnect it again, making sure that the connectors are tight.

If none of those options work, you’ll have to take it to a repair shop. But before that, check if your computer supports wireless connection. Most modern laptops now come equipped with them. When buying a new laptop, look for one that comes with a wireless adapter built right in.

Which mouse should I choose?

When selecting a mouse, keep in mind that it must perform well under different conditions. For example, consider what kind of surfaces your desk is made out of. Does it have scratches? Is it smooth? What about dust particles? Will you be sitting close to the monitor or far away? These factors affect how the mouse performs.

  • Another important consideration is the size of your hands. Smaller hands might require a smaller mouse, since it won’t feel comfortable. Larger ones might benefit from a larger model. Also, consider the shape of your fingers – the thumb sticks up above, whereas the index finger sits at the bottom.
  • You probably already know which mouse is perfect for you, but here are some general guidelines to follow:
  • For FPS (first person shooter), a laser mouse is better than an optical because the former allows faster tracking.
  • For role-playing games, an optical mouse is better because you can control the cursor with your eyes instead of having to move your hands.
  • For sports and action games, a laser mouse gives you more precise movements.
  • There are plenty of other features to consider too. Look at the website for detailed reviews of each product. You can even download free software that lets you test any mouse’s movement without purchasing it.

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