How To Use Gaming Mouse Side Buttons? 3 Superb Ways To Use Mouse Side Button

How to use gaming mouse side buttons? The mouse is a device that has made our lives so much easier. However, the problem with mice is that they often have only two buttons. What if you need more? We’ve compiled a list of five methods for using your gaming mouse side buttons effectively. In this blog, we also have an article about robotsky wired gaming mouse 3200dpi rgb review that you might want to read about it.

The best gaming mouse is a great way to upgrade your gaming PC setup. Whether you’re levelling up to a more responsive optical sensor or ditching wires and going completely cable free to Mary Kondo your desktop, nothing beats the comfort and speed of a good gaming mouse that feels like an extension of your own arm.”

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What is a gaming mouse?

A gaming mouse is a type of computer mouse which is designed for use with computer games. These mice are often more ergonomic, with features such as more buttons, on-board memory, and more.

A gaming mouse is one of the most critical components of a PC gaming setup.”

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Why you need a gaming mouse?

Gaming mice have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the rise in popularity of first person shooter (FPS) and other types of computer game genres such as MOBA, RPG, racing simulators etc. This has resulted in the need for an ever increasing number of buttons across all the major brands of gaming mice so that gamers can get the most out of their gameplay. Most common features include:

  • Ergonomics – A gaming mouse should be comfortable to hold and easy to move around without causing fatigue. These days it’s not uncommon to see mice with high speed USB 3.0 ports, removable side buttons and even a wrist rest if needed.
  • On board Memory – The more memory available to you, the faster your program will run. Some mice even let you save settings or macros directly into the mouse itself.
  • Precision/Accuracy – For those gamers who enjoy competitive FPS games such as Counter Strike Global Offensive, Call Of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege etc., a good gaming mouse needs to be accurate enough to provide the best experience possible when competing against others online. They also need to perform well over long periods of time, delivering smooth operation with no slowdown or lag.
  • Multi functional – Many newer gaming mice now come with extra buttons which aren’t used by default but can be easily programmed to do almost anything from changing volume to displaying stats about your current weapon loadout. You may even find yourself using your mouse side buttons during non-gaming situations like web browsing or typing documents.
  • Customization – Customizing a gaming mouse can make a huge difference depending on what kind of user you are. If you know exactly what you want your mouse to do then a pre-programmed button layout might not suit you at all. A software based customizable solution is perfect for this situation. Your mouse could have dedicated keys for launching applications, opening files, selecting tabs, scrolling through websites, etc. It’s up to you!

You don’t necessarily need to buy a new mouse just because you play video games. As long as you select one that meets the requirements listed above, you will likely get a great gaming mouse for your money.

What do the side buttons on a mouse do?

The mouse’s side buttons are used to navigate your browser. You can modify what these buttons perform on most mouse, but the most popular usage are the page forward and page backward choices.

These are often used while reading a website or viewing a huge webpage. These buttons are particularly useful when scrolling through a long list of items on an e-commerce site. You may utilize the side buttons to do game activities as well as regular functions.

How To Use Gaming Mouse Side Buttons

Below, I will show you how to use gaming mouse side buttons:

  1. Gaming mouse side buttons allow you to use the mouse as a keyboard. The left-hand side button is used to enter text, while the right-hand side button is used to navigate through documents. You can switch between them by pressing the button again.
  2. You can use these buttons to open programs and websites, launch media players, change system settings, add bookmarks, search the internet, check email, create notes, highlight text, copy & paste, control music, adjust brightness, switch desktops or windows, scroll through pages, close programs, pause audio playback, take screenshots, access the desktop menu, toggle mouse acceleration options, lock & unlock the screen and restart the PC. In some cases you might even be able to assign multiple functions to each button.
  3. In addition to being useful in general, these buttons are incredibly handy when playing certain games. Just think back to how much work you had to do before you were allowed to use a keyboard!

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