What Size Backpack For College? 4 Superb Consideration Before Choosing The Right Size For College’s Backpack

What size backpack for college? It’s that time of year again, time to pack up and head off to college. This means one thing: time to choose the perfect backpack. Choosing the perfect backpack for college can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Read this article until end to know more about what size backpack for college. In this blog, we also have an article about mark ryden campus backpack review that you might want to read about it.

Types Of Backpack

There are many types of backpacks, but the most popular is the one that can be slung over the shoulder. This type of backpack is popular because it is easy to carry around and is the most comfortable. The other type of backpack is the one that can be worn on the back.  Here are the some types of backpack that exist in market:

  • Sports Backpacks- This type of backpack is used by students who play sports and they want to carry their sports equipment with them. Sports backpacks come in different sizes which are based on the weight and volume capacity of the items you will need it to carry.
  • Backpacks For Work – These backpacks are mainly designed to hold your work materials, like laptops, files etc. They also come as a standard size which makes it easy to fit into any car or office. Students usually use this backpack when they go to school. It comes at an affordable price.
  • School Backpacks- The school bag is also known as the ‘standard’ backpack. Its main purpose is to help the student transport his/her books from class to class. A lot of people prefer using this backpack because its lightweight and comes at an affordable price too.
  • College Backpack-This is the most common type of backpack carried by all the college graduates. The college backpack has been specifically created for college going students. The main purpose of having this type of backpack is to make sure your belongings are safe while traveling around campus. Usually these backpacks have compartments where all the books and notebooks of the individual student are kept separately so that he doesn’t lose anything.
  • Laptop Backpack – This type of backpack is designed especially for carrying laptop and other accessories. It allows you to sit straight without bending over at your desk. You can easily get access to all the things inside the backpack without getting up. This type of backpack is very useful for students studying online.
  • Travel Backpack – This type includes those backpacks that you can wear on the front shoulder strap. It helps you carry your stuffs easily as well as keeping your hands free. Most importantly, it keeps everything tight within the backpack making sure there aren’t any accidents.

What Size Backpack For College

The size of the backpack you need for college is going to depend on the style of your school. Here are some consideration for choosing the right size for your backpack:

  1. Volume of Items To Carry – When you’re buying a backpack, keep in mind the number of items you plan to carry with you. If you don’t have much stuff with you then you should choose a smaller sized backpack. But if you’re planning on bringing a whole lot of stuff with you including your books, electronics, clothes, shoes, toiletries, and snacks then you might need something bigger than what I recommend below.
  2. Weight Capacity – Another important thing about choosing a backpack for college is to know how heavy you think the items you wish to bring with you are. Some of the heaviest items that you may need to carry include textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, flashlights, mobile phones, tablets, chargers, computer cords, cables, external hard drives, headphones, speakers, and earbuds. Knowing this, you can decide your maximum weight capacity and try to purchase a backpack that meets your needs based on the total weight of everything that you will be carrying.
  3. Space – Make sure that the space available in your backpack is enough to accommodate your entire college load. If not, you’ll run out of room pretty quickly and end up carrying more stuff than intended.
  4. Foldability – One of the great features that you can look for in a backpack is whether or not it’s foldable. Nowadays many colleges require students to check their backpacks before leaving the classroom. So a good backpack won’t only protect your things but also make it easier

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