What Are The Different Types Of PC Cases? 3 Types Of PC Cases That Superb And You Should Know About It

What are the different types of pc cases? The world of computer cases is a vast and varied one. From the standard desktop case to the more extravagant and extravagant gaming case, there is something for everyone. Read this article until end to know more about it. In this blog, we also have an article about best gx01 mini itx computer cases that you might want to read about it.

What is Computer Case

Computers are very important devices. Their purpose is to help us do things we need to do. A computer case is used to protect the motherboard inside the computer. The form factor of the motherboard depends on what type of computer you’re using.

Cooling systems are important parts of computers. A computer case is used to protect the internal components from external influences. Air flow is necessary for keeping the temperature down. Radiators are needed to cool off the CPU.

What Are The Different Types Of PC Cases

Full tower

Full towers are used to house large amounts of equipment. They are usually larger than standard cases. They range between 55-75cm tall and 22-32cm wide. They can hold up to nine 5.25″ bays for additional hard drives or optical drives. They allow you to install up to 7 expansion cards.

This type of computer case comes in different sizes and weights. Usually, they have better internal cooling. Their prices are also higher than other types of cases. But if you’re looking for a powerful gaming machine, then this kind of case will be perfect for you. You’ll get more space and better cooling inside.

A full tower computer doesn’t provide much more than a standard mid-tower computer. You can buy a smaller version of this computer instead.

A big drawback to having a full tower is that it takes up lots of space and is hard to hide. But if there is room available, then it is better than other choices.

Mid Tower

Mid-towers are the most common cases, but they’re also the smallest. They usually range between 35-55cm tall and 15-25cm wide. They have plenty of room inside for installing full-sized components, such as most extended video cards over 300mm long, and these cases are capable of using 120, 140, or 200mm fans for a positive effect on heating the air.

A Mid tower case is a great choice if you want to build a powerful gaming PC. You can easily fit a full size graphics card and several expansion cards. It also provides enough cooling for your system.

Using this type of computer case, you can build a powerful PC with a sound ventilation. You can assemble a wide range design, a low power office computer, a home multimedia center, and a gaming PC. This type of format include both those developed for the minitx standard and those designed for microatx standard. Therefore, you’ll find all the small computer case in this segment, including some cube shaped chassis or oriented for htpc.

Both fans are suitable for your computer case. You should choose the fan based on how much space you need for your computer. A 3 pin fan is smaller than a 4 pin fan.

Mini Tower

Mini towers are compact computers that usually come with a fan inside them. They are designed to fit into small spaces. They are often made out of plastic or metal. They are also used to cool down your system because they do not have large fans.

Mini towers are small sized computers that are not very popular because of the limited space inside them. These computers are typically used as servers or workstations. There are not many options available when you buy mini tower computers. Most of them come with a micro ATX motherboard and a low powered CPU.

Mini towers are very popular PC cases. They are cheap and easy to assemble. They are also small and compact. Their advantages are limited. Only a specialist or experienced person can put them together perfectly.

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