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Do you need a PC Case?

Small ATX PC case, what is that? Keep reading to find out!

Most of us wouldn’t say no to a monster PC, but not everyone has the desk…

…or floor room to accommodate a tower the size of a child.

Thankfully, PC component and case manufacturers are catching on to the increased…

…desire for tiny but powerful machines, so there will be plenty of options

Although an ultra-compact PC has its advantages, there are a few factors to consider…

…before purchasing one, not all of them are evident.

In this tutorial, we’ll go through the benefits and drawbacks of joining the travel-sized PC club…

…as well as review five of our best small ATX PC cases currently available on work rift.

This is what Ashley said…

Should I acquire a micro-ATX mini-ITX standard ATX motherboard?”

…is a question I frequently get as a gamer from newcomers.

So, here’s my response. If you’re building a new computer…

…a motherboard is one of the most critical components you’ll need to buy.

Not all motherboards, however, are made equal.

Motherboards differ in terms of features, price, and size.

The major issue that newbie builders have is understanding the differences…

…between motherboard form factors.

What Does ATX Mean, Anyway?

ATX stands for ” Advanced Technology eXtended,” a moniker that is both ambiguous and unhelpful.

It’s a motherboard standard (also known as a “form factor”) that dates back to the mid-1990s…

…and is still the most common motherboard in consumer PCs.

The ATX designation refers to the size and overall layout of the motherboard…

…which in turn indicates the quantity and type of ports and expansion slots.

Some ATX boards, for example, may feature four RAM slots, while others may have six or eight.

ATX is the most common motherboard design. Other standards for smaller boards (including microATX, FlexATX, nano-ITX, and mini-ITX) usually keep the basic rear layout but reduce the size of the board and the number of expansion slots. Dimensions of a full-size ATX board are 12 × 9.6 in (305 × 244 mm), which allows many ATX chassis to accept microATX boards.

Small ATX PC Case according to Wikipedia

Quick Tip on Buying Small ATX PC Case

In comparison to micro ATX and mini ITX cases, even a small ATX case is quite huge.

Check out our comprehensive guide to the smallest micro atx cases if you’re looking…

…for something even smaller. ITX cases with the smallest footprint.

Here are our recommendation for small ATX Case…

Best Small ATX Case on Work Rift

The Corsair Carbide Series 400C is the smallest ATX case on the market, but it’s still packed with features.

It’s without a doubt our favorite compact ATX case. Because Corsair removed the optical drive bays…

…from this model, it is substantially smaller than the 600C, the case’s big brother.

  • Compact
  • Supports E-ATX
  • Several dust filters
  • Awesome side panel window
  • No optical drive bays
  • No fan controller
  • Airflow
  • Design
  • Quiet

The 400C features a sleek metal plated front panel, and its overall design radiates a sense of subtle luxury.

With an all steel exterior, the 400C boasts a clean, modern, and minimalistic design.

This case is just so sleek and refined, it’s only fit for true PC Master Race members!

Give me a break, guy. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

The acrylic side panel window, which can be simply opened with the window’s handle, is one of my favorites.

Aigo Desktop Computer Gaming Case Mid-Tower ATX Game

Small atx pc case
Credit: workrift. Com
  • Black technology MINI chassis specifications:
  • Color: black
  • Net weight: 4.5Kg
  • Package weight: 5.5kg
  • Size: 374*185*380mm
  • Packing size: 395*202*395mm
  • Radiator: height within 165 mm
  • Chassis fan: support installing 8*12 cm fan
  • Plate thickness: 0.45mm SPCC
  • Graphics card: the length does not exceed 325mm
  • Motherboard: matx/itx
  • PSU: ATX power supply
  • HDD support: 3.5’HDD *2
  • SSD support: 2.5’SSD *2
  • Expansion: The chassis supports USB3.0*1 port + USB2.0*2 port + HD AUDIO*2 port
  • Left panel: Acrylic
  • Water cooling support: 240 water cooling at the top; 120 water cooling at the rear

Check Price on Work Rift

32*18*41cm computer case ATX Full-side Acrylic Transparent

Small atx pc case
Credit: workrift. Com
  • The exclusive game case was meticulously designed with cool lighting by professional PC enthusiasts.
  • Seven-color light mode, four-color breathing light rolling mode, seven-color pursuit mode, seven-color running water horse-lantern mode, panel streamer light bar
  • Complete penetration on both sides The lamp effect is more attractive with 4 mm Acrylic sheet, and the lamp effect is more transparent with 4 mm Acrylic sheet side plate. Internal shot of the chassis in high quality side panel.
  • Peripheral interface on the top. Many external ports are available to fulfill the demands of everyday office and gaming.
  • High-speed USB3.0 transmission, which is more efficient.
  • Water cooling equipment is supported by the chassis, and the hardware rear plate supports 120mm integrated water cooling equipment.
  • Fast heat dissipation with three-dimensional air duct. Four fans form a three-dimensional air duct that effectively removes waste heat and ensures long-term performance.

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Is Small ATX PC Case Better Than Micro ATX?

Micro ATX cases combine the capability of ATX boards with the tiny form factor of ITX cases.

A tiny ATX case is a fantastic choice if you want to run a powerful PC in a decently…

…sized chassis that’s yet compact enough for your desk and portable.

Here is the real question…

Do You Need a ‘Gaming’ Case?

Many businesses market their cases as “gaming cases.”

Just because a case has amazing LED lights doesn’t mean it’s a gaming case.

The majority of untrained buyers will purchase a case based only on its appearance…

…disregarding the aforementioned aspects. Finding a functioning case with appropriate airflow…

…and cable management is more vital. A good case should be both durable and cost-effective.

A beautiful-looking case is usually desirable, but it isn’t required. Spend no more than $50…

…on your case if you’re on a tight budget, especially if it’s less than $500.

In fact, I’d suggest spending no more than $40. Check out our comprehensive guide…

…to selecting the right case for your PC for more information.

And, finally…

Sum Up

The days of ATX setups requiring hefty mid-tower or full-tower cases are over.

These smallest ATX cases on our list demonstrate that you may have all of the benefits…

…of an ATX motherboard while still saving space in your setup.


And, that is all for small ATX PC Cases.

How do you choose your pc case?

Let us know your experience with small ATX PC case on the comment section!

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