Ipega Game Controller Brand Review: 5 Important Pros and Cons You Need To Know!

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Have you ever found the Ipega game controller brand review before?

Xbox Game Pass is fantastic, as it gives you access to hundreds of titles for a modest monthly charge.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also includes cloud-based streaming games, allowing you to play…

…the top Xbox Game Pass titles such as Skyrim and The Witcher 3 from anywhere with a solid internet connection.

The primary disadvantage is having to squint at a small smartphone display while playing…

…Xbox Game Pass mobile phone mount clips in games that aren’t suited for smaller screens.

What if there was a better cloud-based way to play Xbox Game Pass?

Using one of the tablets from our overview of the top Xbox Game Pass cloud tablets?

This is the Ipega game controller brand review, which is designed to work with even the largest 11-inch tablets…

…allowing you to play with significantly more screen space and haptic controls.

Is this just more Amazon nonsense, or does it truly work? Let’s see how Ipega game controller brand review goes.

With intuitive Xbox-like controls and high levels of compatibility for a broad variety of tablet devices…

…this reasonably inexpensive add-on improves Xbox Game Pass tablet play significantly.

The disadvantage is the use of low-cost polymers, which may cause the bridge clamp to shatter if not handled carefully.

Ipega Game Controller Brand Overview

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  • Controller is comfortable and tactile to use
  • Set up is easy with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Fits tablets and phones from 5 inches all the way to 11 inches
  • Clamp is good, keeping even heavier tablets locked in place


  • Materials aren’t the best and may easily break unless handled carefully

Ipega Game Controller Brand Review: What I love

The squashed UI is one of the most frustrating aspects of playing Xbox Game Pass games through the cloud.

Squinting at user interfaces built for the huge screen on my cell phone hurts my eyes after a time…

…and I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m getting old (RIP).

As a result, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 to use as an alternative…

…for playing Xbox Game Pass titles, and they both performed admirably. However, using a tablet creates new issues.

You’re essentially limited to utilizing a tablet stand and a full Xbox controller while playing…

…on a tablet without the possibility to use a phone clip, unless you’re playing one of the touch-oriented titles.

Thankfully, the Ipega game controller brand review solves this problem with a joycon design…

…that looks like it belongs on a Nintendo Switch, complete with a sliding clasp.

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game controllergaming controller, or simply controller, is an input device used with video games or entertainment systems to provide input to a video game.”


The Ipega game controller brand review functions similarly to a regular Android gamepad…

…featuring Bluetooth and USB-C connectivity. You may switch between controller modes…

…including direct input, and the usual Android gamepad stack, using a switch on the side.

If the touch game you’re playing doesn’t support gamepads, it also offers a mode that enables…

…you designate areas of the screen to the various buttons and sticks.

Fortunately, every game on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate supports the Android gamepad stack…

…requiring minimal configuration. It was as simple as switching the controller…

…to Android mode and linking it with my phone over Bluetooth, and I was ready to play right away.

The Ipega game controller brand review isn’t quite as excellent as a genuine Xbox controller…

…but it’s close enough to be imperceptible once you’ve become used to it.

If you’re used to off-set sticks, the mirror stick locations are a little difficult to adjust to…

…and the triggers and shoulder buttons are spread out fairly far.

Because of this, if you have smaller hands, you may find it difficult to get to grips (lol) with this controller.

The disadvantage of Bluetooth is that it adds additional latency to the latency introduced…

…by Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming, making action games feel a little sluggish in terms of response.

You can connect it via USB-C, but you’ll have to forego the docking section in order to do so, which is a pity.

You could just plug in a conventional Xbox controller or use something like the Razer Kishi at that point.

Overall, the Ipega game controller brand review performs admirably and does exactly what it claims to do.

However, there are certain drawbacks.

Ipega Game Controller Brand Review: What you might dislike

I’m reviewing it in the context of using it with Xbox Game Pass…

…but you can use it with any Android game, especially if you couple the controller with an app as instructed.

For games that don’t support direct controller use, the software enables you assign distinct…

…button pushes to different sections of the screen. Using real controls instead of touch controls…

…in mobile games like Fortnite, PUBG, or Call of Duty Mobile can give you a significant advantage.

However, the software isn’t perfect and can be tough to use.

Ipega game controller brand review
Credit: venturebeat. Com

The poor plastic utilized by the company on the clamp is my main issue with the Ipega setup.

The seams where the clamp has been fixed to each joystick at the back are visible…

…and it’s simple to see how it could snap if not handled properly.

Even if I turn it upsidedown, the clamp works nicely and holds both my 8-inch and 11-inch tablets in place.

Due to the light, sparse feel of the plastic, I believe even the tiniest suggestion of force could cause the assembly to snap.

It’s just something to keep in mind. Given the controller’s low price, it’s perhaps unsurprising.

Here’s the thing…

Ipega Game Controller Brand Review: Should you buy it?

The Ipega game controller brand review solution is a nice one to try if you have…

…a tablet for playing Xbox Game Pass cloud games via Project xCloud.

The plastics have a shoddy feel to them, but the entire device costs roughly $37, making it an economical test drive.

The Ipega game controller brand review doesn’t have the same high-quality controls as a real Xbox controller…

…but it’s a lot more convenient than using a phone clip or a desk mount with a complete Xbox controller.

If you enjoy xCloud Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming, I recommend giving it a try. Just don’t sit on it by accident!

And finally…

Sum Up

Thank you for taking the time to read this Ipega game controller brand review; it has now come to a conclusion.

Is the IPEGA Dual Thorn capable of converting an Android phone into a gaming console?

No. Is it true that utilizing the controller gives me an advantage?

No. Sure, the Ipega game controller brand review isn’t perfect in terms of design…

…but it still does a good job of supporting a variety of platforms.

Nothing is damaged, but it could have been improved with a bit more imagination.


For the time being, I’ll just refer to it as a solid controller with a reasonable price tag.

This is unquestionably a fantastic recommendation. Please feel free to leave…

…a comment below if you have any thoughts on this review.

Good luck, and may the might of cyberspace be with you.

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