How To Use PC Controller On Android? 3 Superb Guides To Connect It To Android

How to use pc controller on android? Smartphone platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows are great to use with a mouse and even a pc controller! Is that possible? Read this article until the end to know more about ow to use PC controller on android. In this blog, we also have an article about choosing the right PC controller that you might want to read about it.

Beyond traditional gaming controllers, there’s also a host of specialized controllers, like joysticks and fight sticks, that are made to excel in specific types of games.”

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What is PC Controller

PC Controller is a peripheral device that connects to the computer via USB. It allows you to control the mouse and keyboard from your PC and play games with more accuracy. PC Controller has many other uses, such as controlling music players and video players, as well as video cameras and microphones. PC Controller is also used for playing games with more accuracy.

There’s something unique about using an excellent gamepad when digging into your favorite games. PC controllers not only feel like an extension of your arms due to their simpler, streamlined design, but they’re also far more intuitive to use, which allows you to be faster and more efficient as a gamer.”

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How To Use Pc Controller On Android

1. Installing the Controller (Wired Connection)

  • Connecting a wired controller, on the other hand, is a pretty simple operation. Simply ensure that you have an OTG cable to connect your smartphone.
  • Simply plug one end of the USB cord into the controller and the other end into your smartphone through the OTG connector. To connect to a PC, just insert the other end into a USB port on your computer.
  • You have now successfully linked your controller to your smartphone/computer. Having said that, many smartphones feature a setting that allows you to enable USB OTG. Simply activate that option otherwise the controller will not operate.

2. Adding a Generic Bluetooth Controller

  • Navigate to Bluetooth settings on your smartphone or computer and enable discoverable.
  • Turn on your gaming controller and search for the pairing button once you’ve enabled discoverable. This button is situated variably on various controllers.
  • Return to the Bluetooth settings and look for your gaming controller.
  • When you find your controller listed under scanned devices, just touch on it to connect your generic Bluetooth controller to your smartphone/PC.

3. How to Use a DualShock 4 on an Android Device

  1. Open settings and go to the Bluetooth option on your Android smartphone to check Bluetooth is switched on.
  2. Check that the phone is in scan mode.
  3. Hold the PlayStation button and the Share button on the controller for a few seconds at the same time.
  4. The controller’s light will begin to blink to indicate that it is in pair mode.
  5. Return to the phone and seek for a device called Wireless Controller in the list of nearby Bluetooth devices.
  6. To begin the pairing procedure, tap that device.
  7. The controller’s light should stop flashing, and you should get confirmation that the connection was successful on your phone.

Benefits of using PC Controller for gaming

PC Controller for gaming is one of the best ways to enhance your gaming experience. PC Controller for gaming has a lot of benefits and allows you to play your favorite games with more freedom and ease. Here are the benefits of using PC controller for gaming:

  • You can easily perform different functions like mouse movement and key pressing without having to physically move anything around
  • Increase your control over the game by performing various actions like moving the cursor etc.
  • Allows you to connect multiple controllers at once.
  • Provides easy access to all buttons including the directional pad, the left thumb stick, right thumb stick, left shoulder button, right shoulder button, touchpad, fire button, mute button, pause button, etc.
  • Enhances the overall performance of the phone by increasing its stability while playing games.
  • The best part about using PC controller for gaming is that it provides better sound quality than headphones which makes it possible for you to hear every single sound in the game.
  • Finally, if you want to improve your reaction time when playing games, then using a PC controller might be ideal for you.

What are the benefits of using a game controller?

Gaming controllers provide more versatility than conventional gaming techniques. Many games are designed to function well with gaming controllers and provide a more enjoyable experience. In addition, haptic feedback on many controllers improves the game experience.

Controller-Enabled Games

While hundreds of titles accept controllers, including first-person shooters like Dead Trigger 2, action-RPGs like Wayward Souls, and racing games like Riptide GP2, support is not always consistent. Mobile developers are often focused on iOS and are unaware of Android’s possibilities.

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