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How to set up gaming laptop? Let’s find out!

So, you’ve just unwrapped your best gift of the year…

…and it’s a fresh new gaming laptop, to your surprise.

It has a strong GPU, a beautiful display, and a slew of other crucial features…

…that make it a formidable and portable gaming beast.

Now it’s time to get some games going… But please wait a moment.

Take a quick respite and read our guide on setting Windows 10 for your gaming needs…

…and the finest tools to download before you start booting up the latest…

…and greatest titles from across the PC gaming land.

Your interactive adventures will be even greater with these at your disposal.

Whatever your gaming pleasure, no one wants to be about to win a match in a hero shooter…

…or in the thick of the endgame in an RPG when their laptop abruptly shuts down while it downloads…

…and installs the newest Windows 10 updates. Open the Update & Security menu…

…(click ‘Windows’ + ‘Q’ and type in ‘updates’) and pick ‘Windows Update’…

…to eliminate this annoying and unnecessary encounter.

This is what Camilo said…

As much as we all enjoy tearing into our fresh new toys, there’s little incentive…

…to do so with laptops these days unless you’re anticipating some important components…

…like a high-end graphics card or a mechanical keyboard which is pretty cool.

Laptops usually come with only a power adapter and some literature.

Unboxing is rather simple, even if you’re expecting epicness…

…remove the cables and instructions from their bags and set them aside without too much care…

…or attention why would you want to harm that gorgeous little box before it’s even seen the light of day

In the past, some laptops have used a desktop processor instead of the laptop version and have had high-performance gains at the cost of greater weight, heat, and limited battery life; this is not unknown as of 2021, but since around 2010, the practice has been restricted to small-volume gaming models. Laptop CPUs are rarely able to be overclocked; most use locked processors. Even on gaming models where unlocked processors are available, the cooling system in most laptops is often very close to its limits and there is rarely headroom for an overclocking–related operating temperature increase.

Gaming laptop according to Wikipedia

Best Gaming Laptop on Work Rift

 Hasee G10-CU7PF Laptop for Gaming

How to set up gaming laptop



  • Unparalleled build quality
  • Wide range of CPU/GPU options
  • Looks as good as it performs
  • Great battery life


  • Not the fastest RTX 3080 SKUTrackpad can be awkward

The Hasee’s latest iteration improves on one of the Best Gaming Laptop For Tweens ever created.

It boasts the same beautiful CNC-milled aluminum chassis as its predecessor…

…but it now has room for one of Nvidia’s new RTX 30-series GPUs and an Intel 10th Gen CPU.

We tested the Hasee Advanced, which features a 10th Gen Intel processor and an RTX 3080 (95W) GPU.

And we fell head over heels in love all over again. These new versions boost graphics processing even more…

…with up to an 8GB RTX 3080 supported, which is remarkable in such a compact chassis.

Because of the slimline design, there will be some throttling, but this attractive machine will still provide excellent…

…performance. One of the best aspects about the Hasee is the variety of options available from Hasee.

There’s something for practically everyone, from the GTX 1660 Ti Base Edition to the RTX 3080 Advanced…

…with OLED 4K panel. It’s one of the most attractive gaming laptops on the market, and it’s still rather powerful.

We believe the Hasee is the Best Gaming Laptop For Tweens on the market right now…

…regardless of configuration, albeit you will pay a premium for the now-classic design.

keep reading…

XIDU Touch Screen Laptop

How to set up gaming laptop 8



  • Incredible CPU performance
  • Beautifully vibrant screen
  • Gorgeous design and materials


  • Looks a bit plasticky
  • Can be loud when pushed

Not everyone requires the lightest and most powerful gaming laptop available.

When all you need is something light and quick, that’s fine.

The XIDU strikes a good balance between portability, performance, and pricing.

The initial system was an amazing RTX 2060 Max-Q notebook, whose incredible AMD CPU…

…performance impressed our top-secret PC Gamer lab’s devoted team of hardware testers.

The XIDU is still a Best Gaming Laptop For Tweens, especially now that the XIDU is available in that…

…clever chassis. Despite being loud, the XIDU is a dependable with high-end graphics that…

…can compete with certain gaming desktops.

How to Set Up Gaming Laptop: Turn Off Mouse Acceleration

Windows 10 comes pre-optimised with all manner of features…

…but most of them aren’t useful when playing games.

Mouse acceleration can affect the sensitivity of the mouse in-game…

…which means that you’ll need to adjust how sensitive your controller is.

Play smart and disable mouse acceleration before starting any game.

You can now adjust the speed and sensitivity of your mouse movement in each game’s respective menu.

Your gaming laptop will boot up with factory settings in place as defaults.

Those include the standard drivers that ship along with your GPU, and they will usually be outdated…

…and in need of updating. Because if you try playing a game without them…

…your GPU won’t perform anywhere close to what it should.

You should always use the latest version of your operating system.

For example, if you’re using Windows 10, make sure you’ve downloaded the most recent updates.

Also, make sure you install any available patches for your device.

Finally, make sure your device is up-to-date by downloading the newest drivers for your graphics card.

How to Set up Gaming Laptop: Switch off Windows 10 Visual Effects

Windows 10 is a huge step forward for Microsoft’s long history.

There are some things that are still a drain on processing power, though…

…the visual effects that are active when you start up your computer are one such thing.

You’ll need to disable those if you want to avoid unnecessary slowdowns and frame rate drops.

Click ‘Windows’, then press ‘Q’, and enter ‘Advanced Settings’.

Select ‘Performance Options’ and ‘Visual Effects’ and ‘Custom’. Uncheck everything…

…from removing thumbnail previews to smoothing window edges.

Save all that unnecessary UI window dressings.

How to Set Up Gaming Laptop: Turn off Wi-Fi Sense

You should be careful when connecting to public networks.

Don’t use them unless you know what you’re doing.

A better option to play games is using an external hard drive connected via USB 3.0.

This will allow you to enjoy longer sessions without worrying about losing connection.

Wi-Fi Sense is a new feature introduced by Windows 10.

To disable it, go into Network & Internet settings and uncheck all the boxes under Wi-Fi Sense.

How to Set Up Gaming Laptop: Download and Sign Up to Steam

While there are many game platforms available, Steam remains the largest and most used.

There are thousands of titles available, ranging from indie hopeful to big triple A games.

Your gaming laptop should be able to run any title you want.

Go to the main Steam page, and install the Steam client to your computer.

This ensures that the platform is always up-to-date, and allows you to access all your games in one location.

You can sign up here. Free! Well worth the short questionnaire it took to do so.

How to Set Up Gaming Laptop: Set up Steam Guard

Steam Guard is a security feature that protects your Steam Library. In order to access your library…

…you must first authenticate yourself using Steam Guard. Once you’ve done this…

…you will be prompted to enter a PIN code every time you log into Steam.

This PIN code is different than your password, and is used to verify your identity whenever you sign into Steam.

Sum Up

This article shows you how to setup gaming laptop without any hassle.

You can use this tutorial to set up anything from a basic Windows 10 computer to a high-end gaming rig.

Laptops don’t have many parts inside.

Unboxed laptops are fairly easy to open up.

Your new computer will come with preinstalled apps such as Microsoft Edge, OneDrive, and others.

You should delete any unwanted programs before installing your operating system.

Windows 10 lets you sync your settings between different machines.

You can find the instructions here.


And, that is for how to set up gaming laptop.

How do you choose your gaming laptop?

Let us know your experience on the comment section!

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