How To Connect Game Controller With PC? 6 Superb Ways To Connect It To Your PC

How to connect game controller with pc? If you’re an avid gamer and want to use your newly purchased game controller on your computer, you might be wondering how to go about connecting your controller to your computer. Read this article until the end to know more about how to connect game controller with PC. In this blog, we also have an article about EasySMX ESM-9110 2.4g wireless game controller that you might want to read about it.

What Is A Game Controller

A game controller is a device that is used to control a video game. It is typically held in one hand and has a number of buttons and joysticks that can be used to control the game. The controller is typically connected to the console via a wire or wireless.

The game controller is a device that is designed to help you play games on your computer, TV, mobile phone or other electronic devices that have games played by it. You may use the controller to either play the actual games on the device, or just use it as an input device for another program that does not have any built-in controller support.

How To Connect Game Controller With PC

If you want to use a game controller with your computer, it is possible to do so. Here are the steps for how to connect game controller with PC:

  1. Download the software from the website. (for windows)
  2. Install the software on your computer. (for windows)
  3. Run the setup file installed earlier. (for windows)
  4. Connect the controller to your computer using USB cable.
  5. Click finish button at the start screen after connecting the usb.
  6. Enjoy playing games on your computer!

Why Using Game Controller To Play PC Game

As someone who has played both console and PC games, I can honestly say that using a game controller to play PC games is a much better experience. The game controller makes it easier to play games that require a lot of button presses, because the buttons are in the same place on the controller.  Here are the reasons why I use game controller to play PC game:

1. Ease Of Use:

It takes less time to hit all the buttons when using a game controller than holding a mouse and moving the cursor around. Besides, there’s no need to learn new keyboard shortcuts when playing games with the game controller.

2. Less Fatigue On Hands And Eyes:

Using a game controller means that you don’t have to look down at the keyboard all the time. Instead, you can just keep looking at the game screen without having to watch where you are pointing your mouse cursor. This gives your eyes more rest while you’re playing games.

3. Easier Movement:

You don’t need to move the cursor around when playing games with a game controller. Because the buttons are right next to each other, you simply push them to perform different actions. For example, pressing X will fire the weapon in FPS games – instead of having to point your mouse cursor to the left side of the screen, press the X key to do this.

4. Better Accuracy:

When using a game controller, your finger is closer to the button than your mouse is, which increases accuracy and precision.

5. No Need To Learn New Keyboard Shortcuts:

I personally find that learning new keyboard shortcuts is much harder when using a game controller, since the keys are always in the same position. If you already know some keyboard shortcuts, then you might find yourself struggling to remember what they were as you try to switch over to the game controller.


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