GMOLO 16GB DDR4 Gaming Laptop Review – One of the Best Metal Gaming Laptop You Must Have!

Gmolo 16gb ddr4 gaming laptop

This article will provide you with a GMOLO 16GB DDR4 Gaming Laptop review.

With the rising demand for more and more powerful laptops…

…it becomes important to find a laptop that can meet your demands.

The GMOLO 16GB DDR4 Gaming Laptop does exactly that.

While its processor is not very powerful…

…it comes with a high amount of RAM for the money. Its display is also really good.

The latest laptops in the market are made of premium components…

…which makes them more expensive than normal laptops.

The gaming laptop has become the norm nowadays…

…and they are equipped with a wide range of gaming features.

In this article, we review 16GB DDR4 Gaming Laptop to help you make an informed decision.

The laptop is still an important aspect of the gaming world…

…and it is always one of the most talked about topics among gamers.

It is not just about how powerful it can be, but also how lightweight it can be.

There are some problems that have to be solved when you want to take a laptop with you on the go.

Things like carrying a bag for the laptop and its accessories, or keeping all the cables and wires together.

The laptop market is huge and there are a lot of manufacturers.

What makes a difference is the overall performance.

However, if you’re not looking for a top-notch gaming experience or something with high resolution…

…then don’t worry too much about the laptop’s specifications.

Instead, focus on how it performs in daily use and whether it meets your expectations in this respect.

Here are a few words from Truman…

For the past three years, I’ve been using a GMOLO laptop as my go-to travel laptop.

This laptop is perfect for traveling. It has a great battery life, it’s lightweight and thin…

…and it has all the ports and connections you could want.

Now let’s jump right in!

 GMOLO 16GB DDR4 Gaming Laptop Review

Gmolo 16gb ddr4 gaming laptop

This is a review of the GMOLO 16GB DDR4 Gaming Laptop, which is one of the best laptops for gaming.

This laptop has been reviewed by many experts and users and has received a very good rating.

The performance of this laptop is really good, and it is easy to use as well.

The features of this laptop are also great, and you can play games without any problem.

The GMOLO 16GB DDR4 Gaming Laptop is a pretty decent gaming laptop.

This is a pretty cheap gaming laptop, but it doesn’t compromise on performance.

This makes it perfect for gaming and multimedia purposes.

If you are looking for a budget gaming laptop, then this is one of the best gaming laptops in the market.

Gaming Laptop is one of the most expensive devices that can be used to play games on.

The laptops provide excellent graphics and sound, but they are not just for gaming.

Laptops can be used for office work, music and movies.

As we all know, gaming laptops are very expensive.

But GMOLO is one of the best gaming laptop brands…

…that offers you a high-end gaming laptop at a very affordable price.

GMOLO laptops have been in the market for quite some time now…

…and they have gained a lot of popularity among gamers.

Keep reading…


The GMOLO 16GB DDR4 Gaming Laptop is one of the best laptops in the market.

It has an amazing specification and features.

This laptop is perfect for gamers who want to play games on their laptops.

It has a great battery life, and also offers a very good performance.

The RAM is also great and can run heavy games without any problem.

Gaming laptops are ideal for playing the latest games at the highest graphics settings.

They provide you with a smooth and seamless gaming experience…

…thanks to the high-end graphics cards that have been incorporated in them.

Gaming laptops have been designed to be compact and lightweight, so they are easy to carry around.

Some of the best gaming laptops come with large storage capacities that can be expanded using an external hard drive.

The best thing about this laptop is that it is affordable and light weight.

You can also adjust the settings to your liking and enjoy high-end gaming experience on this laptop.

The GMOLO 16GB DDR4 Gaming Laptop is a powerful gaming laptop that is perfect for any hardcore gamer.

It has a sleek and stylish design with a large 15.6 inch screen…

…and a powerful Intel Core i7 processor to give you amazing gaming performance.

check price on work rift

Perhaps you are wondering…

Things to Consider When Buying a Gaming Laptops



Graphics cards, or GPUs, are the most important…

…component of a high-quality gaming laptop.

The better your graphics card, the better your game performance…

…and the higher your graphics setting can be.

However, you can’t deny how amazing it is…

…to view high detailed graphics when you are playing a game.

You should also consider how much memory the card has in addition to a higher-quality GPU.

Although the amount of memory doesn’t affect performance…

…it has an impact on how much detail your card can render.

To get the best performance, you need the best video card and the most RAM you can find.

Currently, GeForce 1080 graphics cards…

…from NVIDIA are the industry standard…

…and there are many different options available.

“While some games use the CPU, the majority of games are still GPU-bound, so this is one of the biggest decisions you make when buying a gaming notebook.”

Andrew E. Freedman  – Senior Editor at Tom’s Hardware


After choosing your video card, it’s time to think about the second major piece of the gaming laptop puzzle…

…the CPU and RAM. The CPU is the brain of your laptop.

This includes all of its functions, including gaming.

Despite the fact that video games offload the majority of graphic work to your graphics card…

…your CPU will still be doing some processing while you play.

In contrast, RAM determines how much can be loaded into memory for processing.

Consequently, the more you have, the faster your CPU will be able to access it.

To get the most out of your gaming laptop, look for a processor that’s up to the task…

…as well as enough memory to give your CPU the edge it needs.

Today, Intel processors are the only ones that can compete.

The Intel i7 eight generation series of processors is recommended for gaming.

Be sure to pay attention to the letters at the end of your processor model number…

…as not all i7 processors are created equal.

I recommend investing in one of the K line of processors for gaming…

…since it will be more powerful than other i7 processors.

Never go lower than 8GB of RAM, and that is the absolute minimum I would recommend for gaming.

If you want to know how to improve gaming performance on a laptop…

…you should buy a gaming laptop with at least 16GB of RAM.

Anything more than 16GB is not necessary for a dedicated gaming laptop.


Storage can always be a challenge for gamers.

You can store a lot of games on your hard drive, but larger hard drives tend to be slower.

There are two basic types of hard drives today: HDDs and SSDs.

As SSDs are much faster with their read and write times…

…they are ideal for installing your operating system and playing games.

They tend to be smaller, though.

A hard disk drive, or HDD, is a traditional hard drive that has been around for decades.

In addition to being larger, these drives spin slower…

…so they aren’t even on par with SDDs when it comes to read and write speeds.

If you can, I recommend getting both types of laptop.

512GB SSDs are ideal in the market today with a 7200 rpm HDD installed alongside it…

…to give you plenty of storage for your files and maybe a few games…

…that you don’t play often or don’t require frequent load times to work.

The biggest SSD you can get is what I recommend if you have to make a sacrifice.

Having both storage and speed will give you…

…the best of both worlds without spending quite as much money on it.

Fortunately, times are changing, but as of this writing, I believe this is the best option for you.

Other Accessories

After you have figured out the most important aspects of your gaming laptop…

…it is time to consider some of the other accessories…

…or added features you will be able to get.

Not every laptop will have every option, but the more options you have…

…the better your laptop gaming experience will be.

A DVD drive is the first accessory you should look for.

Despite it being easy to find laptops without them today…

…many gaming laptops still come with them, but not all of them.

Some games, however, may need to be installed with a DVD before you can play them.

It won’t always be the case, but it’s definitely something to consider when choosing a gaming laptop.

There are many types of accessories available after the DVD drive.

SD Card readers, for example, make it easy for you to plug…

…in your storage for a digital camera or other device.

Even though these features aren’t critical to gaming performance…

…they make your laptop much more useful for tasks other than gaming.

Sum Up!

After researching and testing some of the best gaming laptops available on the market…

…we found that this laptop by GMOLO is one of the best ones to buy.

We have tested many laptops before but none has been able to compare with this one.

The specs are amazing and it also comes with a great price.

The laptop also comes with a sleek design and it is very lightweight which makes it easy to carry around.

If you are looking for a laptop that will be able to provide you…

…with everything you need then this is definitely the right choice for you.


The GMOLO gaming laptop is perfect for anyone who wants to game on the go.

With its powerful hardware and 16GB of RAM, it can handle just about any game you throw at it.

If you’re looking for a gaming laptop that will last a long time without breaking the bank, this is definitely one to consider.

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