Do You Need A Wired Mouse For Gaming? 3 Fascinating Reasons Why You Need It For Gaming

Do you need a wired mouse for gaming? If you’re a gamer, you know that a wired mouse is the way to go. Wireless mice have a tendency to lose connection and can be frustrating when you’re in the middle of a game. Plus, wired mice are much cheaper and you don’t have to worry about batteries. So, do you need a wired mouse for gaming? Read this article until end to know more about it. In this blog, we also have an article about iMice X7 5500DPI wired gaming mouse review that you might want to read about it.

Do You Need A Wired Mouse For Gaming

So, do you need a wired mouse for gaming? Yes it is! Most gamers prefer wired mice over wireless ones because they are more reliable and convenient. Despite their age, some wired mice have functions that wireless mice do not have as of the time of writing. Even if wireless mice are the wave of the future, wired mice have a leg up on their cable-free counterparts in terms of technological advances. You need a wired mouse for gaming for the following reasons:

The Convenience

The plug-and-play nature of wired mice makes them easy to operate. Your mouse will work as soon as you connect the cable to a USB port on your computer. Wired mouse are an excellent option for individuals who don’t want to deal with the trouble of replacing batteries or losing the wireless transmitter.

The Price

When it comes to cost, there is no comparison. Because they require less hardware to function, wired mice are always less expensive than their wireless counterparts. Although wireless mice are now more expensive than wired ones, they are expected to fall in price as the technology becomes more widely available.

Full Speed Reaction!

For the most part, there is little difference in performance between wired and wireless mice. Both the wired G Pro and the wireless G Pro from Logitech use the same 25,600 DPI sensor and have a response time of one millisecond.

SteelSeries’ Aerox and Rival 3 headsets are available in both wired and wireless variants. The response time of each of these mice is one millisecond. Sensors are the main difference between these two mice. Sensors on the wired model are 18,000 CPI, but the wireless models can only reach 8,500 CPI. As with both scenarios, the wired version is significantly less expensive than the wireless counterpart in both cases.

Early in 2021, Razer released the wired Viper 8KHz. It’s the first mouse in the world with a polling rate of 8,000Hz. To put it into perspective, a mouse with a polling rate of 8,000 times per second has a response time of 0.125 milliseconds. The Viper Ultimate, its wireless cousin, has a response time of one millisecond and a polling rate of 1,000Hz. Even while the Viper Ultimate is technically slower than the 8KHz, it is still on par with other top-of-the-range gaming mouse. These samples show that the response time of wired and wireless mice is nearly identical. Wired mice may be able to cling on to their crown for a while longer if more enterprises implement an 8,000Hz polling rate.

Consideration Before Buying Wired Gaming Mouse

If you’re considering buying a wired gaming mouse, there are a few things you should know before you make that purchase. Here are some consideration before buying wired gaming mouse:

  1. A wired mouse is more reliable than a wireless mouse. When it comes to reliability, wired mice are superior to their wireless cousins. If you rely on a wireless mouse, there is a chance that something could go wrong at any moment. In order to ensure that your mouse works at all times, you must constantly monitor it. Wireless mice are also subject to interference so you might find yourself having to replace your mouse frequently.
  2. Wired gaming mice offer better ergonomics. Since wired mice don’t require batteries, they are easier to carry around compared to wireless ones. They allow you to move freely without worrying about running out of power. This allows you to play games comfortably even when moving from spot to spot. You will feel relaxed playing games using a wired mouse.
  3. Wired gaming mice are more durable. They are usually built like tanks which makes them resistant to drops, shocks, and bumps.
  4. Wired mice tend to last longer. While wireless mice do not take up much space inside your computer, they can easily get lost or misplaced. This means you’ll have to replace them often. However, since wired mice don’t need charging stations, they last longer.
  5. Wired mice are cheaper and more affordable. Compared to wireless mice, wired mice are much cheaper. They can be purchased for as low as $15.00 whereas wireless mice start at $30.00.

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