Are Office Mouses Good For Gaming? 7 Superb Reasons Why It’s Not Suitable For Gaming

Are office mouses good for gaming? The office mouse typically has a more compact and lighter design, making it easier to carry around in a bag or carry-on. But is it really good for gaming? Read this article until end to know more about it. In this blog, we also have an article about robotsky m20 wired office mouse review that you might want to read about it.

Are Office Mouses Good For Gaming

Some people might think that the mouse is only for office work and not for gaming. Gaming mice are typically larger and have more buttons, which makes them more ergonomic for gaming. The mouse is also a lot more accurate and responsive. Here are the reasons why office mouse is not suitable for gaming:

1) Lighter Mouse Body

The first thing that you will notice when you buy an office mouse is its lighter body compared with the average gaming mouse. This allows the user to move the mouse freely without having to hold onto the mouse too much.

2) Size of the Mouse

Another reason why the office mouse is not as good as your typical gaming mouse is that it’s size. As mentioned earlier, most gaming mice are bigger and heavier than the usual office mouse. However, if you want something smaller, then the office mouse can do it as well.

3) Lesser Number of Buttons

When buying a gaming mouse, there are usually at least 8 buttons on it. These buttons allow you to control various functions such as scrolling, clicking, selecting text, changing volume, etc. While some office mouses may have fewer number of buttons, they still provide all the basic features that you would need in a regular day-to-day use.

4) Not as Responsive

When comparing gaming versus office mouses, one major difference between the two is that the gaming mouse is very responsive and responds quickly to any movement. You don’t have to wait long before the mouse reacts, whereas the response time of a normal office computer mouse is relatively slower.

5) No Tracking Capability

Gaming mice have tracking capability which allows their cursor to follow your movements on screen within certain limits. It means that your mouse stays centered on your target even while moving across different positions on the screen. In contrast, office mouses do not have tracking capabilities, so you cannot track your cursor accurately.

6) Ergonomics

Most gamers prefer using gaming mice because they are designed specifically for gaming purposes. Most gaming mice offer better ergonomics and comfort due to their weightier bodies compared to office mouses.

7) Different Functions

In addition to being great for gaming, gaming mice also come with other features like customizable buttons, DPI adjustments, programmable keys, and wireless connectivity options. On the other hand, office mouses do lack these extra features.

What Can a Gaming Mouse Do Different?

A gaming mouse is similar to a regular mouse except for its appearance. Gaming mice are designed to work well while you’re playing video games. Their design may differ slightly from a regular mouse.

Wireless mice are great because you can move them around without any wires getting tangled up or breaking. You can also use these mice while you sleep, since they do not require batteries. But if you want something more powerful, you should go with wired mice.


Mouse sensitivity is measured in dots per inch (DPI). A higher number indicates more sensitive. Your mouse should have a DPI of at least 200. Anything less than that makes it impossible to play games without moving the mouse around too much.

You’ll feel more responsive and sensitive as you play this game. Your movements will be much more accurate, and you’ll notice things that you wouldn’t normally see.


Most gaming mice come with a few extra buttons. You can map these extra buttons to do different things. For example, if you want to use the mouse as a joystick, you could map the left button to ‘up’ and the right button to ‘down’. This allows you to control games using the mouse alone.

There are many different types of mice available, but most people use a standard mouse. A standard mouse is usually black, and comes with two buttons. Most mice come with a scroll wheel as well.

Polling Rate

Your polling rate should be set as high as possible. A lower polling rate means less sensitivity. Gaming mice usually come in black or white colors. Some gaming mice also feature a red LED light to indicate when the mouse button is pressed.


Gaming mice are designed to be used by gamers. They usually come with extra buttons that can be used as shortcuts or keybinds. You can use these buttons to customize your keybinds. Your operating system may also offer some kind of software that allows you to change your keybinds.

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