Why Does Computer Mouse Freeze? Superb 8 Reasons That Can Cause Your Mouse Freezing So Bad

Are you facing mouse freeze issue? why does computer mouse freeze? There the reasons behind it., why the mouse might freeze. Read this article until the end to know the reasons behind computer mouse freeze. In this blog, we also have an article about a review of the tonor comfort mouse that you might want to read about it.

A computer mouse is a hand-held pointing device that detects two-dimensional motion relative to a surface. This motion is typically translated into the motion of a pointer on a display, which allows a smooth control of the graphical user interface of a computer.”


What is Computer Mouse

A computer mouse is a pointing device that allows the user to control the movement of a cursor on a display screen, or any other input device. A computer mouse consists of a base, one or more buttons, and an optical sensor which detects the motion of the mouse. The most common type of mouse has two buttons, but there are other configurations, such as a touchpad or touchscreen, that may also be used. Other mice can use a trackball instead of a button.

A computer mouse is a handheld hardware input device that controls a cursor in a GUI (graphical user interface) for pointing, moving and selecting text, icons, files, and folders on your computer.”


History of mouse

The mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart at Augmentation Research Center in Menlo Park, California in 1967, although he had been thinking about it for many years prior to that date. He named the mouse “the Augmenting Factor” because it would allow people to work more comfortably with computers. Engelbart’s first mouse was a crude version consisting of a ball with holes through which his fingers could move. It was connected via telephone wire to a PDP-1 minicomputer running NLS (now called HyperTalk).

Later versions were more advanced, using a rotating wheel encased within a housing attached to a cordless phone. The mouse evolved from the 1970s until it became ubiquitous in everyday computing. In 1973, Engelbart gave a presentation describing the mouse and its role in augmenting human intellect. His ideas were incorporated into the original Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) research lab where the mouse was developed.

Mouse anatomy

The mouse is held in place via friction between the top surface of the bottom shell (which holds the mouse), the bottom surface of the palm rest (which supports the user’s hand during operation), and the underside of the front edge of the mouse pad.

The mouse is supported by the weight of the user’s hand and wrist, and moves forward when the user presses the left or right buttons. The user uses their finger to rotate the ball (used for scrolling up/down or moving around the desktop), and then moves the mouse itself to point at objects on the screen.

Why Does Computer Mouse Freeze

The PC mouse freezes and doesn’t respond when you press the left or right buttons. This problem can occur due to a few reasons.

  1. A virus infection is the most common reason for computer mouse freezing and it can be cured by deleting all the files in the system and running a full scan.
  2. The computer mouse may freeze due to a hardware failure. To fix this problem, you have to remove the mouse from the system and then reconnect it. If that doesn’t help, contact your computer repair technician.
  3. There might be a software conflict that needs to be fixed. You need to reinstall the latest drivers and reboot once again to see if the issue gets resolved.
  4. Your computer may not have enough memory space available to run the programs smoothly. Make sure that your RAM size matches the number of programs installed in your computer. If not, free some unneeded folders and documents.
  5. Some issues may arise due to registry errors. When these problems happen, they will not let you do anything. So, you need to find out what causes them, delete all the unwanted entries and make changes into the Windows Registry editor. Then restart the PC.
  6. Another possible cause of computer mouse freezing is the presence of an anti-virus program. To avoid this type of error, you need to disable any security measures while you are working on the computer.
  7. Sometimes there is a physical damage to the motherboard causing the problem. To fix this problem you need to take off the motherboard and check whether the wires inside the motherboard are damaged.
  8. There may also be a problem with the power supply unit. In order to identify how to solve this sort of technical glitch, you should turn off the computer and open the case so that you can inspect it properly. Once you identify the fault, you should replace the faulty part immediately.

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