Why Are Gaming Controllers So Expensive? Impressive Facts 2022

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Why are gaming controllers so expensive? 

We thought it was just some small accessories to make our gameplay better…

…but what is exactly going on behind the productions?

This is Michael story.

I was playing my favorite games one day, when I watched a youtuber play using a gaming controller. I thought that was an interesting thing to change up my play. So I tried to browse them, thinking that I’d like to own one too. But it was super expensive! I decided to do some research first before buying, and after I learned, I understood that it was worth the price. 

Do you want to know what’s going on behind the productions? 

Here we are.

We’re going to share the facts with you.

Why Are Gaming Controllers So Expensive?

Due to the intuitive components contained in modern game controllers, they are highly pricey. LED lights, speakers, and a touchpad are all included in the PlayStation 4 controller. With new and more expensive components, this new generation of controllers aims to improve on its predecessor.
Every new generation of gaming consoles arrives with a new controller, but this does not imply there is only one version. Limited edition controllers are quite expensive, as are standard production controllers. Is it worth it to pay more for a controller that is essentially the same?

Unfortunately, Amazon, Currys PC World, and Microsoft did not respond to the inquiry in a useful manner. Trusted Reviews reached out to Amazon and Currys for comment on why the controllers are so pricey and if there is a supply problem. Microsoft had not responded to Trusted Reviews’ request for comment at the time of publication.

“Several industry sources have confirmed there is currently a more restricted supply of Xbox controllers. A reason for this has not yet been confirmed, however it is likely the shortages are due lower than normal manufacturing capacity in China, and manufacturing pivoting to the Xbox Series X, ensuring there is ample supply for its Q4 launch. With controllers in short supply, it is likely that we will see some opportunist retailers increase prices until supply is normalised.” – Morris Garrard, Futuresource research analyst.

The shortfall will most certainly last for a long time, according to Garrad, because the lockout has prompted a surge in demand for gaming hardware.
“Because the epidemic has resulted in a significant increase in gaming and the purchasing of gaming equipment, another contributing element to this trend could be an oversupply of Xbox controllers.”
“As corporations and individuals dump stock to capitalize on inflated pricing generated by this surplus demand,” he continued, “this may result in increased prices on platforms such as eBay and possibly Amazon.”
Microsoft’s next-generation gaming system is the Xbox Series X. It’ll be released near the end of the year, around the same time as Sony’s new PS5 platform. In our PS5 vs Xbox Series X comparison, you can see how the two consoles stack up. Many organizations are apparently experiencing supply chain challenges as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, including Microsoft. According to reports, the epidemic has prompted Apple to change its iPhone 12 launch plans, pushing the phone’s release date back by at least a month.

Xbox VS PS4 Controllers

Controllers for Xbox The cost of an Xbox controller varies depending on whether you want a standard controller or a Limited edition controller. We’ll compare the baseline controllers of each gaming system for the purpose of fairness.

The usual D-pad, joysticks, bumpers, action buttons, and home buttons are all included on the Xbox controller. This is a little more polished version of the Xbox game that users have come to enjoy. On sites like Amazon, you may anticipate paying anywhere from $49,99 to $72,99.

The Xbox controller still has the familiar battery pack on the back that can be swapped or replaced as needed.

Controllers for the PlayStation 4 The PS4 controllers have vastly improved over their predecessors. The usual joysticks, d-pad, option buttons, and action buttons are all included on the PS4 controller.
It also has a new interactive touchpad in the middle of the controller, as well as speakers that generate game sounds directly from the controller. The PlayStation 4 controller ranges in price from $29,99 to $64,99.

The PS4 controller’s hits and misses:

  • New touchpad that is interactive
  • Battery life is longer than the previous.
  • Bluetooth built-in
  • It lasts for 3 to 4 years.
  • Better models are extremely costly.
Xbox One Controller Hits and Misses:
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Joystick response has been improved.
  • Bumper triggers that are more fluid
  • Smaller hands will find it more comfortable.
  • There are no significant enhancements over the predecessor.
  • Larger hands may find it uncomfortable.

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Why are gaming controllers so expensive

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Why are gaming controllers so expensive 2

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The Costs Behind the Curtain

Building and designing a new gaming controller can be highly expensive. To begin, you must spend a significant amount of money merely designing and developing a new and improved controller.
One of the most difficult issues firms have when developing new gaming controllers is determining what is aesthetically beautiful while also being functional.
Second, corporations will have to rely on focus groups to gather input and opinions on their new controllers. This may necessitate dramatic adjustments in order to satisfy and accommodate their users.
These modifications imply that additional money will be spent redesigning and tweaking the controller until the users are satisfied with the final result and it performs as planned.
But there are some of the best wireless gaming PC controllers under $50 that you can buy.
Components of controllers:
  • Most controllers have the following components:
  • There are two joysticks.
  • The d-pad
  • The front of the controller has four trigger bumpers.
  • There are four action buttons.
  • Buttons on the menu
  • Battery
  • Port for charging
  • Printed circuit board
  • On/Off switch
  • Speakers (optional)

First Party VS Third Party Controllers

Controllers created by the same firm as the system you’re playing on are known as first-party controllers. A different firm manufactures third-party controllers.
When it comes to third-party controllers, the terms Scuff and Logitec may come to mind.
Although many third-party controllers have poor reviews and few recommendations, this does not mean you should disregard them entirely.
Controllers from third parties Scuff controllers are one of the most popular gaming controllers on the market right now.
Scuff controllers can cost anything between $139 and $179. The exorbitant prices are due to the fact that these controllers are designed to help you enhance your gaming skills.
Scuff controller owners are generally competitive gamers.
Scuff controllers have a typical layout with the addition of additional action bumpers at the bottom. You won’t have to take your thumbs off the joysticks with these extra bumpers.
Because their thumbs never have to move, competitive gamers can be at the top of their game and ready for anything.
Controllers created by third parties Our regular Xbox and Sony controllers are first-party controllers.
These controllers may lack particular features or add-ons, but they perform admirably on their respective consoles. Sony’s PS4 controller includes a speaker, as we all know.
While some third-party controllers do not contain a speaker, this enables a far more immersive gaming experience. First-party controllers are compatible with their respective consoles and are less expensive than third-party controllers.
Third-party controllers, such as the Scuff controller, will provide you with the competitive edge you need if you want to be at the top of your game and better than everyone else.
If you only want to play casually, a normal third-party controller is the best option for you.


Scuff controllers work with more devices than Logitech controllers, although the Logitech controller is less expensive and has longer battery life. The Logitech controller is just for PCs, whereas the Scuf controller is for any device.
The most effective The two best controllers, in terms of battery life, interoperability, and cost, are the first-party controllers.
The Xbox One controller is less expensive than the Scuf controller and works with a wider range of devices than the PS4 and Scuf controllers. As a result, it is a winner.
The PlayStation 4 controller is another winner; what it lacks in battery life, it more than makes up for in price and device compatibility.


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Source: pexels
A game controller of the late 1900s was essentially a joystick with one or two action buttons. Typically, these controllers were found on an arcade game.
Then there was the PlayStation. There were no joysticks on the early PlayStation controller, which just featured four action buttons, a d-pad, and two front bumpers. It was groundbreaking at the time.
After a few years, the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 were released, each with two joysticks, four front bumpers, and a fresh and natural method to enjoy gaming.
The game controller hasn’t changed much in look since the release of the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360. The controller’s looks and smoothness have been improved thanks to the software. They even have a gaming controller holder to place them.
Who knows what gaming controllers will look like in the future. Artificial reality and headgear may eventually replace controllers as we know them. Until then, we’ll have to make do with the controls we’re used to.

Sum Up

The bottom line is,

Gaming controllers have gone a long way in recent years, but with all of these advancements and adjustments comes a steep price tag for a modern controller.

It’ll only get more expensive from here, but I’ll always be willing to pay the money for something I enjoy doing, just like everybody else who enjoys and is passionate about gaming.


That’s everything from us!

Tell us what you think in the comment down below.

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