Review of Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop 3 Update – Excellent Gaming Laptop Worth Buying!

Review of xiaomi mi gaming laptop 3 update

We will now provide a review of Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop 3 Update, the 2019 version of the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop, which is the second generation of Xiaomi Gaming Laptops.

The author has long been of the opinion that the time node of the step is a little behind the forefront of the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 has no 144hz gaming screen, for example, the first game in the original game is equipped with 7 generations of U. The configuration and specifications have been relatively conservative and convergent.

Xiaomi updated its second-generation Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 a few months after some of the leading brands in the notebook market.

Review of xiaomi mi gaming laptop 3 update
Credits: workrift. Com

Meanwhile, the slow-worked craftsmen and workers are working hard, and the long-term preparation is also brewing a step-by-step upgrade.

After the release of the 2019 version of Xiaomi Gaming Laptop, we discovered that the start of the video card is GTX 1660 Ti, and the highest optional RTX 2060, and the display refresh rate is also increased from 60Hz to 144Hz.

Additionally, it uses Intel’s ninth-generation Core i7-9750 standard voltage processor, which features six cores and 12 threads, with a core frequency up to 4.5 GHz.

The system can play mainstream game masterpieces and upgrade all 512GB PCIe SSDs.

According to this, the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 is considered to be the upstream level of the current game in terms of hardware performance.

Addition of the 9th generation U is mainly a routine upgrade, which means the graphics card and the screen will need to be adjusted.

Review of Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop 3 Update

Review of xiaomi mi gaming laptop 3 update
Credits: workrift. Com

Design & Appearance

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019’s product line has been developed for two generations.

Since the first generation, the appearance has not changed much and the family face still follows the same line.

The front is still Xiaomi Style, there is no logo or other pattern.

A lot of avid gamers may not understand how this look fits both business and gaming needs.

A-side is made of frosted metal, matte particles are fine and smooth, the deep space is gray and steady, and the logo is designed without the front and minimally so that it can easily be integrated into any scene.

The appearance of an ordinary workstation is exactly that of a PPT, turn off the colorful keyboard lights, compared to the light and thin, this work is also more convenient.

However, unlike most other games that are violent, unassuming, and impossible to fit into an office environment, the second-generation Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 is still able to be used at work.

It is not necessary to look at the appearance of the value of the game in its entirety with the eyes of the game, due to the extension of the use of the scene.

After you open the computer, Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 Ben 2019 side B and pre-installed wallpaper appear.

The screen is 15.6 inches, with 1920*1080 resolution, 72% NTSC color gamut, and the first time its refresh rate reached 144Hz.

Using Starscream 5, we test the color gamut of the screen and the brightness contrast.

Color gamuts of 95% sRGB, 73% ARGB, and 72% NTSC can be converted to each other.

This is the brightness and contrast we measured.

There are many thin and light designs on the market that have popularized the three-sided narrow frame design.

The game product has also been covered.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 still has a 9.9mm screen border, the frame is not too narrow, and the visual perception is acceptable.

The bottom border of the B side is the only place with a Mi logo in the whole body, with a hidden tendency that’s not too obvious.

The Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 still uses a curved shaft-hanging screen design, which adds some warmth and softness to the overall appearance of the game, which is usually rough and rough.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 has a full-size keyboard on the C-face.

It is worth noting that the keypad has not been reinstated. It is not “Esc” but a “one-click tornado” in the upper left corner, and it is not Ctrl but a macro button in the lower left corner.

As a result, users who are accustomed to a traditional keyboard may need to get used to an external keyboard or get used to it over time. After getting started, playing blindly is not easy.

You may not be used to the power button on the right side of the keyboard when you first start using it.

The SD card socket, USB3.0 interface, and exhaust vent are located on the right side of the fuselage.

The left side has an exhaust vent, a dual USB3.0 interface, a headphone microphone interface, and a microphone interface.

On the back, there are two air vents on each side, and the RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port, USB 3.0 interface, and HDMI 2.0 interface are arranged in the middle.

However, this time there is no Type-C interface.

Look at the huge double fan air inlet on the D side of the notebook. Because the dustproof plate is hollow, the exposed fan body can be seen directly.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019’s fan layout is designed to support the tornado mode.

The ambiance light strips arranged on both sides of the fuselage were not present on the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019.

As a result, Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 gradually removes and suppresses the propensity of e-sports.

This is quite obvious.

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Hardware & Performance

Review of xiaomi mi gaming laptop 3 update
Credits: workrift. Com

Combinations of 1660Ti, i5-9300H+GTX 1660 Ti, highest score belongs to the author.

The next performance test is based on the combination of the i7-9750H and the RTX 2060.


The Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 Ben 2019 is equipped with an Intel Core i7-9750H processor, which has almost ruled the new market.

As part of the 14nm Coffee Lake process, the CPU reference frequency is 2.6GHz and the Turbo frequency is 4.5GHz.

The speed has increased by 400MHz compared to the previous generation Core i7-8750H.

In addition, the i7-9750H has a larger 12MB L3 cache, and memory support has been doubled to 128GB.

The thermal design power remains at 45W, but can be reduced to 35W if necessary.

Performance Test

As compared with desktop PCs, notebooks have more heat dissipation requirements.

After all, the fuselage space is limited. If the powerful configuration is not matched with heat dissipation capability, the CPU and graphics card will overheat.

This will reduce overall machine performance.

The appearance of the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 is basically the same as the previous two models.

Three sides of the wind are used, and the D side is built with a large-area stainless steel grid; the large diameter thick heat pipe is built in.

The heat generated by the device and graphics card is quickly transferred to the fan area.

The fan then releases the heat directly outside of the body.

Battery & Keyboard

Review of xiaomi mi gaming laptop 3 update
Credits: workrift. Com

Xiaomi’s Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 has a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 55Wh, which is not very large for gaming.

But considering the power consumption of the game, the significance of the large-capacity battery in the game is not that great.

Most of the time when playing games, especially masterpieces, the power supply must be plugged in, and the battery is primarily used as a backup.

For testing endurance, we use PCMark8. During the test, all other processes are closed and the screen brightness is set to 100%.

The battery life of PCmark8 was measured in the Wordmark mode at 3 hours and 33 minutes.

After the screen brightness is lowered a bit, in the actual working environment, the daily use of text input, browsing the web, editing pictures, and so on, the daily use environment should be able to sustain 5 to 6 hours.

“A few words about the battery. Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop 2019 is equipped with a 55 W battery. If you watch movies or just surf the Internet, the single charge is enough for about 4.5 hours Of course, during the game the battery runs out much faster.”  Sigismondo Eisenhower – Author at Gearbest

The Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 box contains the software that comes with the original Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019.

This includes a macro button setting software and RGB light setting software.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 continues to use it in its 2019 model.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 box has three functions: monitor, macro button, and theme.

It is similar to the performance monitor. You can keep an eye on the CPU, graphics card, and memory at any time.

You can also view the current process and network downloads and uploads.

The macro button allows you to set five independent buttons on the left side of the keyboard.

Setting the assembly, recording the script, and altering the effect of the macro button is convenient.

Setting the keyboard and both sides of the fuselage with the theme light is the function of the theme light.

It is possible to adjust the color, the special effect and the brightness of the keyboard light.

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Sum Up!

In most cases, consumers are most likely to intuitively feel the mold part, that is, how it looks.

In the second generation of Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019, the “technology to change the shell-based” did not happen, only two generations of three do the same thing, and will pay attention to the internal power and the performance of the configuration is improved.

With the entry-level i5-9300H/GTX 1660 Ti, the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 offers entry-level performance.

It features a 72% NTSC color gamut screen and a standard 512GB PCIe SSD, so the second-generation Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop 2019 is priced at 7499 yuan, which is far cheaper than the first-generation Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 is also impossible to extend the accumulation of two generations of three works if there is only a price-performance advantage.

The cooling system is still one of the traditional highlights of the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019.

Through the double baking test, we also experienced its powerful heat dissipation capabilities.

The CPU of the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 can maintain a frequency above 2.7GHz and the GPU can maintain a high-frequency operation above 1335MHz during the baking machine test; at the same time, the temperature of the CPU and GPU is suppressed.

Having the ability to coexist with high performance and low temperature is uncommon in today’s gaming products.

Performance-wise, we tested several mainstream online games and stand-alone masterpieces.

In general, all games can run at a speed of more than 60 frames in the highest quality of 1080P.

We can say that the 2019 model of Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 didn’t disappoint in terms of stacking.

Xiaomi’s current two generations of three works will be noticed by consumers in a more special place – as we showed in the appearance part, as a game, but the shell is partial business style, this time the light strip is removed and only the color keyboard light remains.

In the author’s opinion, it is the player market that further grows the extension, absorbs and needs an office and needs to play games on the basis of satisfying the mainstream e-sports users of the game.

The appearance of this is further “de-sporting”.

Focus on users who do software development, 3D design, and video editing.


For today’s highly homogeneous Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019, the final decision on the consumer’s willingness to purchase depends on whether the configuration and price are credible enough.

From this perspective, the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 does a good job.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 is a new generation of the brand’s second generation work and the configuration of the stacking material has also become the mainstream of the market.

As compared to the first two, especially the initial one is a bit conservative.

It is enough to be radical, playing games in life and leisure, and working as a productivity tool.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Lapbook 2019 is a great option for those looking for a gaming laptop.

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