How Is A Gaming Keyboard Different? 3 Superb Reasons Why Makes It Different

How is a gaming keyboard different? A gaming keyboard is essentially a standard keyboard designed to be used while playing video games. A good gaming keyboard allows you to play your favorite game with more accuracy and the best gaming keyboards are usually very well built with high quality materials. Read this article until the end to know about how is a gaming keyboard different. In this blog, we also have an article about review of the leaven k550 gaming keyboard that you might want to read about it.

Gaming keyboards are built with gamers in mind and come with extra features that are rare in normal keyboards.”

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What is Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboard is a special kind of keyboard used by gamers. Gaming keyboards are specially designed to be used for gaming purpose. Gaming keyboards have a special layout with extra keys that are not present in the normal keyboard. These extra keys are commonly known as the macro keys. Let’s see what these macros keys do and why you need them.

Aside from your gaming mouse, you’ll interact with your gaming keyboard more than any other piece of hardware on your desk, so it pays to get it right.”

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Gaming Keyboard Switch

  • There are a lot of different types of switches. The first one we’re going to talk about is the mechanical switch. This is the most popular switch. This switch is the one that’s used on a lot of keyboards for typing, because it’s reliable. But if you want to play games, you don’t want the keys to move. The Cherry MX Red switch doesn’t allow the key to move.
  • The next type of switch is the membrane switch. This switch is very similar to the Cherry MX Red switch, because the key doesn’t move, but it has a very different feel to it. It has a different sound, and it feels different to the fingers. It’s not as reliable as the mechanical switch. The last switch is the rubber dome switch. It’s used in high-end gaming keyboards.

All of these switches are reliable, and the rubber dome switch is the most reliable of them all. It doesn’t require much force to push the key, so you don’t have to worry about the keys moving. It’s great for gaming.

How Is A Gaming Keyboard Different

A gaming keyboard is different from a regular keyboard. Gaming keyboards have a lot of extra buttons and features, which can be used to control the gameplay. A gaming keyboard has a lot of buttons which are not present in a normal keyboard. Gaming keyboards are designed to enhance the gameplay, and they are very handy while playing games. Here are the reasons how is a gaming keyboard different:

1) Extra Shortcuts Keys

The most important feature of a game keyboard is it has shortcuts keys. The shortcut keys enable the user to access various commands easily without going through cumbersome menus or complex dialog boxes. Some of the common shortcuts key functions include map, chat, inventory, crosshair, zoom, etc. There are many more other function keys like quick save, fast travel, pause, exit, etc. You can customize your own shortcuts keys if you want to use them frequently.

2) Dedicated Game Mode Key

If you play first-person shooters (FPS), then you must know about the dedicated game mode key. A dedicated game mode key allows you to quickly switch between your favorite modes. It will change the default settings of the game to your preferred ones. For example, if you play Call of Duty Black Ops 4 online multiplayer, then press “Y” on your keyboard and select the option to toggle the dedicated game mode key, so that when you start playing any online multiplayer matches, the default settings will be changed to the ‘Hardcore’ difficulty level. This helps improve your game experience and gives you an edge over other players. All popular FPS games come with this dedicated game mode key.

3) Macro Keys

Macro keys are basically those keys that behave as if they are programmed using software. They allow users to perform multiple tasks at once. The number of available macros depends upon the type of programmable button. There are two types of macros – one is hardware based and another is software based. In case of hardware based, there are four different options including function, text, voice recording and camera recording. On the other hand, in case of software based, there are three different options. The most common macro is the Function Button Macro because it is easy to implement.

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