Why Gaming Laptop Are Heavy? Superb 6 Reasons Behind It About This Gaming Laptop

Why Gaming Laptop Are Heavy?

So, why gaming laptop are heavy than regular laptops? The key difference is that gaming laptops are larger in size than standard laptops. This is mostly due to the size of the cooling systems built inside the laptop.

Carrying a gaming laptop everywhere you go, on the other hand, may not be as simple as it seems. Aside from the inconvenience of carrying a large backpack or laptop bag, depending on how you carry it, it might cause moderate shoulder or back discomfort.

Although the soreness or pain may be acceptable, it will undoubtedly disturb you, particularly if you will be carrying it for many hours. In this blog, we also have an article about choosing the best hasee gaming laptops.

The best gaming laptop used to mean picking a hulking brute of a notebook, one that could barely be described as portable, because only chunky desktop replacements could house a worthwhile GPU.”


What Is Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops are designed for maximum performance. They have specialized graphics cards, faster CPUs, more RAM, and better cooling systems. Normal laptops, on the other hand, feature ordinary performance hardware that is designed with efficiency rather than performance in mind. Gaming laptops are often huge and heavy due to the necessity to contain a large number of power demanding components.

Gaming laptops are larger, heavier, and burn through battery power faster compared to other options, so are they any good for everyday use? Yes, however you will need to make some sacrifices to battery life and portability.”

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The Reasons Behind It

Cooling Techniques

So the major reason gaming laptops are so hefty is because of their cooling system. Because gaming laptops are more powerful and work harder, they will use more power and create more heat, necessitating larger heatsinks to keep them cool.

In our previous article, “Why Gaming Laptops Are Expensive,” we highlighted that cooling solutions are an important consideration when purchasing a gaming laptop.

Many gamers who are seeking to purchase a laptop are now evaluating the thermal design of each laptop before purchasing it. This is to guarantee that it will operate at its peak speed even after extended periods of intense use.

The ALIENWARE AREA-51M R2 gaming laptop is one example. This heavyweight gaming laptop weighs 9.04 pounds and is outfitted with high-powered components, yet with highly efficient cooling, providing optimal performance for extended periods of time. All of these benefits, however, come at a high cost.


Aside from cooling, the battery has a role in the total weight of a gaming laptop. Gaming laptop batteries are often larger and heavier than standard laptop batteries.

Furthermore, a gaming laptop on a full charge typically lasts 4-6 hours for ordinary use, depending on the quality, and roughly 1-3 hours for light gaming. These periods vary greatly depending on the size and condition of the battery.

These batteries will deteriorate quicker if they are fitted with high-power components and are constantly used.

Although most users plug in their gaming laptops while playing, there are occasions when you simply can’t stop yourself from playing even if there are no power outlets around.

You don’t want your gaming laptop to shut down in the midst of a game, which is why gaming laptop makers have begun to focus in providing the greatest batteries they can provide.


Displays for gaming laptops have gone a long way. There are now gaming laptops with 144Hz and 240Hz refresh rates, as well as FHD and 4K UHD screens. However, it is the size of the display that accounts for the majority of its weight.

Although there are gaming laptops and regular laptops with 15.6″ displays, the majority of gaming laptops nowadays have 17.3″ screens. These displays are usually mounted in metal covers, which contribute to the overall weight of the laptop.

However, 15-inch gaming laptops are often less expensive than 17-inch models. When I’m traveling, I game on a 15-inch gaming laptop, which I like. If you believe this is a size you’d like, check out these great 15-inch gaming laptops. Ports

Gaming and standard laptops have comparable ports, although gaming laptops often feature more than the standard HDMI/VGA, USB, and audio connections.

They include several display outputs and many USB ports, which in some instances are twice what a standard laptop has. These new ports would add a little amount to the overall weight of the laptop.


The size and kind of keyboard can contribute to the total weight of a gaming laptop. The majority of gaming laptops now offer customizable keyboards. Because of the growing popularity of RGB-backlit keyboards, gaming laptop manufacturers are beginning to include them into their devices. Buying an expensive laptop without a nice RGB keyboard is pointless.

There are also gaming laptops with built-in mechanical keyboards, which are generally broader due to specific gaming keys, as well as Numpad keys, which are not normally present in entry-level laptops.


The casing houses and protects all of the expensive electronics put within a gaming laptop. A gaming laptop chassis is often large in order to accommodate all of the components while also allowing for enough ventilation. If the components within are large, the case will be large as well.

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