Why Are Gaming Mouse So Expensive? Superb 7 Reasons That You Need To Know Before Buying This Gaming Gear

Why Are Gaming Mouse So Expensive

Gaming mouses are more costly since they are often composed of higher-quality materials and have more sensitive sensors. Furthermore, firms like as Razer or Roccat engage in marketing, which causes them to raise the final sales price in order to make a profit. In this blog, we also have zuoya usb wired gaming mouse review that you might want to read about it.

A gaming mouse is essentially, from one angle, just a desktop mouse with a few additional functions which make it suited to computer gaming or high intensity programming. From another angle it’s an essential piece of cleverly designed bespoke gaming kit!”


What Is Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is more sensitive, responsive, and more ergonomically designed than a regular computer mouse. Its features include the ability to customize buttons for different games, tracking speed of up to 1000 inches per second , programmable buttons, ambidextrous design, etc. A typical cost of a gaming mouse ranges between $30 to $100.

If you want to get the most out of your gaming setup, you need the best gaming mouse you can get your hands on. No matter how powerful your gaming PC, you’ll be limited by your peripherals if they can’t keep up. So, start by upgrading to a better mouse.”

Jackie Thomas, author from techradar.com

What should I look for in a gaming mouse?

Well, firstly, it has got to have high DPI setting which will allow you to move a smaller cursor on your screen or monitor with greater accuracy. The sensitivity of this mouse also depends on how fast the sensor reacts when you click it.

If it takes too long for the signal to be sent to the computer, then you might not be able to use all the buttons properly. Most importantly, the weight of the mouse should be comfortable to hold. It shouldn’t feel like an alien creature in your hand. You can look at its shape as well. For example, most of the gaming mice come in black color; however, if you want a white one, you can get it.

How To Choose A Gaming Mouse That Fits My Needs

Gaming mice are basically divided into two categories – optical and laser. Optical mice are used for PC gaming whereas laser ones are generally used for console play. However, both these types can be used for either game platform. When choosing a gaming mouse, there are many things that you need to consider before buying. Let’s discuss some of them here:


This is important because heavy mice are uncomfortable to carry around for extended periods. They become tiresome to use quickly. So, do keep this in mind while choosing a mouse. A heavier mouse may weigh about 2-3 ounces.


Optical mice usually provide better performance, but they lack durability. Therefore, make sure that the mouse optics that you are using are durable enough to last longer.

Tracking Speed

As mentioned earlier, the faster the sensor is, the better. Generally speaking, 500 IPS or above is considered pretty decent. But, this will depend upon what kind of games you plan to play.


You don’t want your mouse to break down after just a few uses. Make sure that it looks sturdy enough to withstand daily usage. Also, check out the materials from which it is made. For instance, aluminum alloy is quite strong and light-weight. Steel is another option.

Programmable Buttons

Some mice offer the facility to control each button separately. This means that you can assign different functions to different buttons. This way, you can change the function of each button depending on the game you are playing. For instance, you can map the scroll wheel to zoom in and out during a FPS game.


The next thing that you must think about is the sensitivity settings. Here, you need to set the DPI of the mouse. Higher DPI usually results in higher resolution. As said earlier, even though you can go low with your DPI, lower DPI will result in higher movement speed.

Button Placement

Make sure that you know exactly where all the buttons are located before purchasing a gaming mouse. Usually, you would find four buttons along with the scroll wheel. Some advanced mice also have extra buttons such as “secondary” and “tertiary”. These are great additions to any gaming mouse, especially for MMO players who enjoy a lot of clicking. However, remember that by increasing the number of buttons, you might end up having trouble finding them all.

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